Yes, I said CRAZE. omgosh I didn't want to like these things but I have always loved to color so I had to have some. This is the spot to discuss, share links, and admit to the addiction.

A few questions to start with...

Which books do you have?

Which books do you want?

What do you use to color (pencils, markers, watercolor, and what brand)?

Do you plan to use these techniques in your scrapbooking?

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first I wanted to share my coloring pinterest board link because I have been collecting inspiration for colors and lots of examples of pages. My mom is about to have 2 knee replacements over the next few months so I got her two books and she wanted to see lots of color inspiration and it just grew from there. Disclaimer : I can not be held responsible for the resulting shopping spree and time loss, caused by looking at these images.


Does anyone here have tips for me about making coloring more comfortable for my mom because she has arthritis? I am getting her the little grips to put over the pencils but also I think I need to get her some of the really thick markers instead. I don't have arthritis so its hard for me to know what exactly will help

This is a great idea! I'm OBSESSED with coloring! I keep buying books because there are so many cool ones out there. My favorites are the books by Johanna Basford. I read online that she is coming out with a new one in August! I currently have 5 books:

Posh Coloring Book...Happy Doodles For Fun & Relaxation by: Flora Chang

Mehndi Designs by: Creative Haven

Lost Ocean, Enchanted Forest & Secret Garden all by Johanna Basford.

I used Crayola pencils on my first few coloring pages. Then I decided to invest in better pencils because I really wanted a better result. I bought the tin of 36 Prismacolor Premier pencils. I really love them so I decided to buy some open stock Prismacolor pencils to round out my color selection. Michaels currently has 40% off with a coupon on all pencils, pens and drawing supplies (the coupon probably excludes coloring books).

I've been relying heavily on Pinterest for inspiration because I need to learn how to shade and how to mix colors to get a better effect. Here are the 2 pages I colored after using Pinterest for inspiration (my other pages are crappy so I won't share them here!):

oh I love that squirrel! so cute and great colors. I am going to have to rely on Pinterest for help shading for awhile. I did some kiwi this morning and they look like crap. Maybe more like avocados. LOL!

The coupon deal is that Michaels won't let you use them on books but you can use them on pencils and sets and they have a little pencil case roll - like the kind that is canvas and you slip each pencil in and roll it up. I think it holds like 24 and its only $4.99 so with the coupon it's cheap! I know its not going to hold all your pencils but it will hold the ones you are using for a certain page if you are working within a color scheme and have pulled out pencils.

Hobby Lobby lets you use the 40 off coupon on books too and they carry alot of good books. They carry zip up pencil cases and have a really nice one that holds 150 pencils. I had to get 2 of them because I wanted to put my Crayola 50, staedtler 24, 24 Kimberly Watercolor pencils, and Prismacolor which are about 75

oh I forgot to say I have alot of books and I am starting to see that they have to be the 10 square ones because they are printed best and they have to be drawn a certain way for me to like them. I found after buying a few online without knowing what was inside, that is not a good idea. I google for a youtube to look thru the whole thing or I need to see them in person now.... no laughing


Lost Ocean , Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden, Magical Jungle, and Johanna's Christmas by Johanna Basford

Tropical World and Animal Kingdom by Millie Marota

Doctor Who

Mandala Meditation

Joyous Blooms to Color 

Jungle Fever from Kaiser Colour - very strange book

Home for the Holidays

Escape to Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Wonderland by amily shen

The Magical City

The Magical Christmas

DayDreams by Hanna Karlzon

Christmas to Color - fantastic book!!!

Thankfulness to Color

Because of Bethleham

Romantic Country : Cocot, Romantic Country : the Second Tale and the 3rd comes out in the US in May so its preordered

I also have one that I think is called One World Disney, it's from Japan and its the ONLY good Disney coloring book. Well they have one also called Disney Girls, but I wanted more than just girl princess stuff. They are not in the US so you have to order from like Etsy and its not cheap but its a very good book.

See - I told you not to laugh. It's a sickness. I will say that my sister and I are going to be sharing books and my husband even colored with me a couple of times.

I color with pencils and I have used a little watercolor, but I am not a big fan of warped pages so I won't do that too much. I do use the Staedtler and Crayola pencils because the shades are a bit different than my good Prismacolor pencils, but they are far superior in rich color and they feel much more comfortable to your hand. You don't have to push hard and you get nice color. I have noticed that the open stock Prismacolor were cheapest at my local art store for $1.50, unless I use a coupon at Michaels and Hob Lob and buy one at a time

I will probably be much more likely to do some shading on scrapbook pages now that I have colored a little and watched how light shading works. I would like to try watercolors on my scrapbook pages so I got some watercolor paper the other day. Bazzil just warps so badly.

I have a separate instagram account for images of coloring. My name is coloringwithsavvy   for obvious reasons. :)

I have the 3 Joanna Basford books - Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean.

I haven't used them yet because I'm not sure which pencils to use. I was very interested in the post on your Pinterest board about colouring pencils Susan. I really need to get some soon otherwise I'll have missed the craze LOL

LOL! yep, who knows how long it will be a thing. Nancy needs to get on here and tell us about the kinds of pencils she has and what she likes best about them because she has ALOT and she really knows about them.

Also I just saw this watercolor resist paper pad from Michaels and I think I need it to use with my watercolor pencils!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTlYroNY8xM

and I have this one from DCWV that is all a white cardstock with embossed designs which is really about the same idea but without the gold so it works with watercolors too and its on sale


Does anyone use a combination of markers and pencils on their pages? What markers are the best? I bought a 4 pack of Faber-Castell PITT artist pens (2 blues & 2 greens, but I haven't used them yet). I also bought a white opaque pen by Ranger. It doesn't seem to have very good coverage. Can anyone recommend a good white gel pen or marker?

My Tropical World coloring book by Millie Marotta arrived today. Barnes and Noble must want me to order another coloring book because I received ANOTHER 20% off coupon in my email today. We have the B&N membership so we get free shipping and the coloring books are cheaper to order online then to buy in their store.

I finished this page last night. I worked on it while my DD was doing her homework. I used color inspiration again from a page that was posted on Pinterest.

ok LOVE that! Beautiful color choices. Don't you love Tropical World?

Well dh ordered 3 books on Amazon for me on Valentines weekend and they are still not here. They weren't on prime. Barnes and Noble isn't exactly fast, but they do have better prices online and get here within like 7-10 days.

I will have nancy come answer those questions. I will tell you that for me, the best gel white pen is Jelly Roll and its a bonus that they are cheap. I colored the bunny tummies here with it.

Susan--Thanks! I love Tropical World. I had to buy a book with pink flamingos. I love them. I also  love your title page. Very pretty. I went to Michaels and bought a white Gelly Roll pen. You're right, it works really well. The coverage is much better than the white opaque pen by Ranger AND the Gelly Roll pens are much cheaper. Thanks for the tip!

Okay, I'm about to feed into everyone's addiction. Johanna Basford has TWO books coming out this year. The first one is called "Magical Jungle" and it comes out on August 9th. It includes monkeys! The second one is a Christmas book. It's called Johanna's Christmas and it comes out on Oct. 25th. I'm willing to bet this one will be gorgeous.

I'm really enjoying this new hobby. I can't explain it, but it's so much fun. My next step is to incorporate some markers on my pages. It's too bad we all don't live closer to one another. This would be a fun thing to do as a get together and it wouldn't require hauling a bunch of supplies. Toss in a few books and pencils in a tote and off you go!

ok that Ranger white pen is crap. I have bought them and thrown them away and then recently I did it again because I forgot. uggh. Yeah I just gave two to Kristin. LOL!

CHRISTMAS!!! Yay!  I will probably get both because they will be everywhere and easy to get my hands on. I do have a couple of Christmas ones and I really like Home for the Holidays, but Magical Christmas came today and it is a weird one. I think it will be fun but it's pretty funky. Not everyone's cup of tea. I seriously have to stop buying without seeing like at least half of the pages.

HUGE spoiler... a big scrappy mfg might be coming out with coloring books... cant say who just yet but when I know details I will tell you. Sounds like a fun thing. :)

Yes, I would love to go color with friends. Way easier than taking scrappy things. I cant scrap without my sewing machine, internet, printer, and cameo. Sux for crops. I need to go thru my totes and decide which works best for coloring book stuff because I will be going to my moms alot over the next month as she has her first knee replacement. I will be glad to have something to do and my new giant tablet will be good to have with me too. Not nearly as bulky as my laptop for places like the hospital.

Beth - love the colours you've used and your shading is beautiful

Susan - lovely title page. Love your shading too. Do the markers not go through the page?

I don't use markers but some of the books have test pages in the back or pages that are like an index so I always test on those. All books have different papers and most take markers very well. The interesting thing is the way they take pencils is not always the same. You can not use permanent markers like Sharpies or like paint pens because they will go thru.

Nancy is going to tell us about all of this. She couldn't earlier because she was busy but said she will try to post tonight.

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