What kinds of fun gifts did you get for Christmas? Scrappy goodies? Disney goodies? Other goodies!

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We haven't actually opened most of our gifts yet as we are celebrating at New Years but I have opened three lovely gifts!

I got this totally cute Han Solo purse!

And these two books:

Love your hand bag Merrick.

I got a couple of Pandora Disney beads -  an Olaf one and a Minnie Head one (one enamel and one glass)

I also got Lindor truffle chocolates :)

That purse is awesome - I love Star Wars bags! There is a Vader mini backpack I really like, but being a larger girl, I wonder if it will look silly...

My big gift this year was a DSLR camera...so I can keep taking pictures to scrap! :) Plus my nephew got me a huge stuffed BB-8...he is so cute!

How did I not see this! I guess I was too busy. You know I love your bag Merrick

Cris, I haven't started a pandora bracelet but I do have alot of the cheap enamel charm bracelets from the parks and I have started collecting for a  sterling charm bracelet with park  charms but so far I only have like 4. Nancy gave me the icon for Calif Adv for Christmas. She also got me this - which I LOVE

Image result for disney parks starbucks christmas tumbler

and my sister got me this mug warmer that I use like every day!!!


I got a few ornaments and things from the disney store, and our Gingerbread Nutcracker, but one fun thing that you may not think of is this coloring book https://www.amazon.com/Disney-Collection-Kinkade-Studios-Coloring/d...

If you click on the images you will see that it shows the painting on one side and then you color on the other side. I haven't don't much, just started a page, but its very pretty and I like it.

Love the mug Susan and the mug warmer is great for when you're scrapping. I'm forever leaving hot drinks for too long and they go cold.

I already have quite a few Chamilia Disney charms and when we were in WDW last summer I bought the Pandora Sorcerers hat charm

Nancy killed it with that mug!!

So we actually did our big celebration at New Years... I got two Lillian and Co. bracelets both in Rose Gold!

and a new set of Prima Watercolors... and the 8x8 pad of Graphic 45 Master Detective (Sherlock Holmes) papers.

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