We had an Ink & Paint Club challenge back in 2015 and I decided that's it's something we should have each NSD! So this challenge is all about, as the title suggests, inks and paints.

Try doing some splatters, sprays, and spritzes!

Don't be afraid! The randomness is a good thing! Embrace it!

And for an added bonus, add a Mickey!

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Would never have splattered on this so I'm glad you inspired me.there's beads in the candy machine -very fiddly !


oh I am totally doing this. I have been wanting to try what you have been doing on your recent pages. Beautiful page and its very minnie. Whats that floral paper?

Rachel that machine is amazing and I love the splatter! Very goofy's candy co!

I am going to go for this one .... looks like a fun challenge!!
Here is my page for this challenge.. thanks for looking!!

What fun! I love the splits and splatters on your page and the mixture of papers.  That Minnie is adorable!

That is soooo cute Laurie, love this page, gotta try this. This might be one I will get done ;-)

The papers on this sample are Authentique.
I created the splotches by spraying the ink on to a small plastic bag. Then rubbing the bag on to the paper. I took photos as I was creating this layout to show how it's done.
Here is my layout for this one - not sure it entirely qualifies as I ended up covering most of the paint! Lol


Here is mine - I used the same plastic packaging technique that Laurie used.

oh man! I love love love this! it looks lighter where the stars are. How did you do that? Oh and we did orange ONE time and decided we never want to do that again. It was cool but Green is just as awesome to me, better because you don't need the barf bag.

Here is one that I did with watercolors and I was just going to splatter mist like normal but I decided to watercolor in some of the squares and triangles in the background paper.


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