You may not realize it, but for Disney Imagineers, the back story to each attraction and even many eateries or places around the parks are vital to the theme of that attraction or area. Many times the back story isn't evident at all from a first glance, but when you start looking carefully at decor, signs, and other details included in the area, you start to piece together the back story.

Sometimes back story is pretty obvious, especially if an area or attraction is based on a Disney movie or animation, but I find the lesser-known back stories to be far more fascinating. The ones that take work to understand. Places like DCA's Buena Vista Street, or Animal Kingdom.

As an aside, if you are on Instagram and love detailed back story, Imagineer Joe Rhode is one you should follow. He is a unique character, and usually loses me with his posts delving deeply into an art piece. Not because it's boring, just because it's over my head! :-). But he posts photos of things from Aulani or Animal Kingdom, or AK Lodge, and then he explains the back story and why they included that detail. Really fascinating!

In the same way, our photos usually have a back story as well. A quick photo snapped shows a moment in time, but the story behind that moment is often much more involved.
This challenge is to tell us the back story to a photo. You can do this through visible or hidden journaling, but tell us more than just what the picture tells us.

My sample is still in progress but this is it so far and the back story is this:
My sample looks like just a happy photo with Cinderella. What you don't see is just what the title (When your HEART is grieving, just keep on believing) hints at, my heart was grieving. It was a Girl's Day at Disneyland with my sister and Mom. We were there to meet a friend of my mom's who was on her make a wish trip with her family and she had stage 4 breast cancer. Just a couple of weeks before, we had gotten CT test results back on my sister that her breast cancer had spread to her lungs. We were devastated to say the least, but were waiting on definitive biopsy results. You can imagine with both of those, it was a tough day to smile. Although it was such a difficult time, as always we did our very best to try and live in the moment, enjoy our time together at Disneyland and to keep on believing that God is always good and always in control.

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This is mine. I added the story when I posted it. Sidenote - I can not tell you how many times the original pull pooh had to have his music removed and then be washed and then it all stitched back in


I shouldn't wait til 5pm to take a photo. The sun is pretty harsh and you cant see the gold foil accents in the papers, but you get the idea.


Oh the soft water color with the more vibrant primary background end up working beautifully with the photos! These are hard photos to scrap for sure! How cute that he took his pull Poohs with him. Awwwww!

Here is my layout for this challenge: http://disneyscrappers.ning.com/photo/challenge-4-nsd-2017-special-...

Thanks, Tami - it helped me do a page that was a tad more difficult to create.

Here's my layout for the challenge. Ever since I saw this challenge, I knew this was the layout I wanted to create. So I set out to find the perfect papers....it took a few months but I absolutely love how this layout turned out. It is the back story of the conversation between Gaston and I during our meet & greet and why I am cracking up in this photo. :)

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