Walt Disney truly believed that details mattered. Minute details set Disney parks apart from any other theme parks in the world.
Chef Oscar Martinez, Disneyland's longest working cast member told me a story once about how as a young man working at Disneyland, he had been on his way to his station and Walt was out walking the park before opening. Well, Walt noticed something was not just right with the table umbrellas at the Carnation Plaza area and was not about to leave it as it was. Oscar said Walt rounded up several employees to promptly get it fixed before the guests arrived.

If you think about it, it really is the tiny little details that can often bring us the most delight. Have you taken any pictures of Disney Details? They are everywhere. It could be the decoration on a cupcake, a detail on a building, the ambiance of a streetmosphere character, background music, landscaping, lighting, or some sort of decoration or decorative element that shows great attention to detail.

For this challenge, scrap a page that focuses on a Disney Detail.

My sample isn't finished, but here is one I did that fits two of my challenges!

This layout focuses on the details in the weathervane at the Jolly Holiday Bakery.The weathervanes are wonderful details in themselves, but, in Mary's carpet bag, the imagineers put two pennies. One is a 1955 penny for the year the park opened and one is a 2012 penny for the year the bakery opened.

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oh you know I have photos for this one. I really love the way you have focused on the detail with the oval frame. Its a very Mary page!

This is a page subject I've been planning for a while and have been gathering photos.  The timing is perfect!

I love Disney detail!!! It's everywhere, one of my favorite things when I am wandering around the park, look at the detail. 

Love this one too!  

Here is my take ,I love the hidden mickey in the sand sculpture at cape may cafe,Beach club

Here is mine, Cupcakes and Chicken and waffles!


Here is my page for this challenge...thanks for looking!!!


Wow! Wendy, Rachel, Donna, Kristen and Natalie, Thanks for doing my challenge! Heading over to the gallery to take a look now!

Here's mine

Great page for details, Jamie!

Here is my page. My favorite Hidden Mickey is the nutcracker in Carousel of Progress, but there is a Mickey plush and a mickey gift under the tree too.

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