These are all part of our Disney experience in some way so let's include them in our scrapbooking!

Make a Disney layout with some of the following either in your photos or as elements on the page.

Tags - paper tags or photos of tags, luggage tags, sales tags, anything with tags.
Ticket - could be a plane ticket, park ticket, or ticket shape or element on the page.
Pass - paper fast pass, or magic bands, or fast pass area, or something you decided to pass on.
Post - light post, sign post, post card, postage stamp, mailbox...

My sample is of Laurie and me on Luigi's Flying Tires. I used the ticket motif over and over throughout the layout.

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Oh man, I cant wait to go! This is the most fun page! How do you guys manage to look good in a selfie! I look frightening, especially on rides.

I may do this challenge today, I have alot of memorabilia that really needs to be scrapped

Awww cute, Luigi's flying tires is gone now...I haven't ridden the new car ride that replaced it. Such a cute layout!!!

Love the ticket shape all over, have never thought of making the large pp pieces that shape too.  Such a happy layout, title looks neat too.

Love your layout!  I'm definitely going to work on this one today!

I chose to focus on the "Post" part of this challenge.

I just so happen to have an old sticker sheet with an awesome lamp post, and so when I saw this challenge I knew I had to use the sticker with these photos! 

Thanks for looking!

That is gorgeous Nancy!  And how perfect to have had a sticker to match! Thats serendipity at work right there.  I always have to take pictures of the light posts too!  

Gorgeous page, Nancy! I love the repetition of the lamp posts.

I went with tickets and tags, saved from our trip home after DW 2016: http://disneyscrappers.ning.com/photo/challenge-2-nsd-2017-best-eve...

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