We all have unhealthy paper obsessions, right? If so then I am not the only one with a bunch of DCWV stacks of papers that need to be used. The people at DCWV have been kind enough to donate 3 prize boxes for our prize drawings at the end of the crop. Thank you to DCWV! love those guys!

For this Challenge create a layout using DCWV and include a hidden mickey on your page.

(At least 50% of the papers on your page need to be from DCWV. When you post tell us which stacks they are from)

***As an added bonus for doing this challenge, you will get your name put into the drawings a 2nd time for completing it. You may do this challenge as many times as you like but your name will only be added one extra time.  

Once you have completed your layout, post it in our gallery with Challenge #14 next to your title, then come back here and share a link or image of your page.

Here are a few of my most recent layouts using DCWV. I believe for these I have used a combination of mostly Flower Shop, Simple Joy, and Joie deVivre

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Can this challenge overlap other challenges on other challenge sites? 

I was wondering the same thing

Of course :) just post there first so that they don't get mad.

Yay! Thanks DCWV!!

I need to go through my paper and see which go with the pics I have!

great thank you!

susan stringfellow said:

Of course :) just post there first so that they don't get mad.
Here is my layout for the challenge!
For this layout I used the sketch from the May challenge. The papers I used were from DCWV Good Eats and DCWV Birthday Wishes
I used only DCWV paper on this . The Shimmer stack and the Juniper Berry stack

I have lots of DCWV layouts! Here are some new ones as well as a couple old ones.

Here is my page from the stack challenge...thanks for looking!!!


This is a layout I did a couple of years ago using the Blue Floral Adhesive Fabric Stack.
It is about a funny time on a Girl's Day when we were stopped and asked to take some photos for the DLR website by pretending to shop in the Crystal d Arts shop in New Orlean's Square.

I'm sharing it again because it's one of my fav layouts using DCWV
Here's mine using DCWV Safari Chic, one of my favorites from them.

Yeah it's one of my faves from them too. Great page!

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