If you played with LOAD (or if you didn't) and you want to keep up or build some momentum -- Calvinball at Get It Scrapped is SO much fun!!

I'm playing, anyone else?

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Day 2 and I have FIFTEEN pages done, including THREE Disneyland pages! WOOHOO!

Merrick, I'm doing an unofficial Calvinball!  My goal is to finish 2012, 2013 and get my Disney printing under control.

nice! I am way too slow a scrapper. I did a remarkably fast page yesterday though using my scraptastic kit for a kitty page. Sometimes the pages just happen and other times it can take me days. I am working on becoming a faster scrapper with pages that are flatter and cleaner so we shall see. Maybe one day I can do fun challenges like this. I love seeing people finish their past trips.

Susan, I'm going on a crop weekend at LSS soon and it couldn't be a worse weekend, we are so busy here at home.  With that in mind I did more prep work than I ever have.  I'm bringing your sketches because I know that give me great starting points. My plan is to socialize minimally, hard to do but I'm finally on a mission.  

My pages flow  wonderfully and then again sometimes they don't at all.  I'm giving myself permission to not "love" everything.  Again, I'm doing the unofficial Calvinball as other peoples challenges have never worked well for me.

The challenges at GIS are very unofficial and the rules are constantly changing :) it's really just whatever you're already doing ...

4 more layouts today. One is a 2 pager and a DLR layout!

I know Calvinball is very fluid, that's why I'm able to say I'm doing it.  I did 10 pages at LSS crop, which in one day  is HUGE for me.  

Good job getting 4 layouts done today Merrick.

way to go you guys! 

I love the idea of Calvinball (and LOAD) and I'll be cheering you on.

Post your pages!!

I've done 40 pages so far since the beginning of Calvinball... I was in FIRST PLACE for week one but I think I might make top ten for week 2.

Christi - I'm posting pages on Instagram (Jumpgate)

I have done 38 pages so far this month!  I did go to two crops so we'll see how the rest of the month goes.   I haven't posted anywhere.  I  put them right in to albums because I even titled and journaled them.  My rule was to finish 100% before I started the next layout!  

Feels good to be this productive.

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