My youngest’s son’s favorite Disney Character is Wall E… so here’s a Wall E fun fact for today!

Wall E’s sound effects supervisor was the legendary Ben Burtt! So both Wall E and R2D2 share the same voice!!

Speaking of voices in Wall E – the main computer of the Starline Axiom is voiced by Sigourney Weaver! (creepy Alien connection!)

Check out this AMAZING Wall E page from Laurie!

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My youngest son loves Wall-E as well.  Love that LO...SO wish he was at WDW as my little guy keeps telling me he wants to see Wall-E, Eva and Moe!  LOL!

Love Wall-E! It is such an underrated movie!

Wall-E is one of my favorite movies of all time! I wish there was some representation of him at the parks...

We were at a Disney Store on the weekend - there are new Wall-E and Eve mugs out! 

Also, if you are looking for merch, check out Box Lunch - they have a ton! Mugs, bags, shirts, etc. Their overall Disney stuff is actually pretty awesome - I got a Maleficent purse there on the weekend that I love, and it was half price with their Box Lunch money that you can earn.

Tanya - thanks for the heads up about Box Lunch! Or maybe not, I think I will spend too much, lol...

Have you seen the new Wall E and Eve ears for pixar fest?

I had not - but now I've googled and they are so cute!!

We'll be at DL later this month, if anyone wants anything shipped to them. :)

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