I am making a note in the general discussion area so that anyone who was deleted by mistake will see it.

If you can no longer log in, please re-apply for membership.

I am so sorry that your profile was deleted. This was not intentional. 50 members were deleted by mistake yesterday.

You may add your gallery layouts without restriction on numbers thru the end of the month if you were deleted. Normally there is a restriction of 6 layouts at a time.

Thanks for understanding.


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No worries! Things happen!  Glad to be back!

This time I will be sure to add them from my computer and not my phone lol.  Then they won't be distorted.  I don't think I had many since I have been slacking on the scrapping lately.

Yay, I'm back!  No worries, Susan - stuff happens!

Things happen I'm not worried! Just glad to be back!! When my mom first told me to try and log on I thought the whole site just fell into the space time continuum. Glad to hear it wasn't that severe and everything is working!

I'm back and so are my layouts. Luckily, I had them on Pinterest so it was easy to upload them.

I hadn't been here in awhile and just was checking in and I guess I was a deleted member? I don't have a WDW vacation planned for anytime soon but I always love to look at all the talent that's here. Thanks for re-instating me!

Former name/ scrapnatya


oh so glad you came back, Marianne! I don't have one planned either. I just like scrapping disney with you guys. :)

I'm here too and hope to get scrapping soon!

I am back! Flooded the photo feed with all of my Disney pages, sorry  :-) But I do love having them all here, where I can do a quick glance at my albums to see what I need to work on the most. 

oh Margie I loved seeing them again and some I hadn't seen. :)

Glad to be back. I havn't been in a while had a foster baby, but he went back home, so now I have more time to scrap and be on here, I missed this site and all the Beautiful layouts and inspiration. Can't wait to get all my Disney photo's scrapped.

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