Hello and Welcome to Disney Scrappers

- just thought we needed a spot for new members to stop by and say hello

Tell us what brought you here and what you love about disney parks and disney scrapbooking

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Hello new members! Welcome to our little Disney scrapping family where we love to talk about the parks, go to the parks, and scrapbook our wonderful memories from all the amazing fun that Disney provides! :) 

that about sums it up, Janeen :)

Hello all! I 'm not sure who may remember me here, I was somewhat active from Oct. 2014 until Jan. 2016. However, life got in the way and I had to re-sign up this month. Anyway, when I was on here last I was attempting to scrap my son Bear's 1st trip to DL in 13'. I have now finished (where should I post the layouts?) and am beginning to scrap my daughter Olivia's  (born 9/7/14) first trip to DL we took Xmas 16'. It was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to scrap all these photos with two of my favorite things: Disney and Christmas! :) Here are some preview pictures I love from the trip.

Welcome back, Sarah!

Yes, welcome back Sarah!

oh wow, Sarah! So adorable!!! Just hop over to the Photo section because that is our gallery and post your pages! Happy you are back to get some scrapping done.

Then join us in the International Scrapbook Week crop because by tomorrow all of the challenges will be live and they might encourage some layouts!

Good morning!  I just found this site but it seems I may have stumbled across it too late with all these big changes coming up?!  My name is Heather.  I have been scrapbooking for about 18 years or so and Disney layouts are my most favorite to do.  I  am currently an AP at WDW and  and have been off and on over the years so I have been blessed with thousands of photos of my family at the park.  I am excited to have found fellow scrapbookers who share a love of Disney!  I have 3 kiddos, my oldest son is about to graduate from high school, my daughter is about to turn 16 and my youngest son just turned 3.  I am looking forward to making some new Disney scrappy friends!  Still learning my way around the site.  I work full time but hopefully I can share some layouts with you all tonight. 

Have a magical day!

~Heather R

Welcome Heather!

That is so cool that you work at Disney World. I'm looking forward to seeing your layouts!

Hi Heather!!! You are never too late! We are going to be expanding this site and will have room for alot of new content and members. I have been scrapping forever too! :)

Oh so jealous that you are an annual passholder at WDW!!! We have several AP holders at Disneyland but not as many at WDW. That is like a dream to me. Clearly you need to scrap with us.

Welcome Heather and welcome back Sarah! Great to have more fellow Disney scrappers!

Oops. I misread that. I thought you worked at WDW. Being an annual pass holder must be pretty awesome! Again, welcome!

right? I want to be one!!!

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