Lets keep that ball rolling from INSD cropping. We all had so much fun getting pages in our books. I think we should keep going. This is the spot to set goals, be accountable and chat about what we are working on.

The idea of a Layout a Day is very intimidating and realistically I think we all would be thrilled with just getting as many pages finished as possible. Maybe your goal is 3 a week or maybe the goal is to come in your scraproom every weekend to scrap or every week day. For me sometimes that means getting a little bit done on my page each day til its finished.

***Sidenote - if you want to hang out and play along but you will be working on disney and also non disney - thats fine. Just post it in your blog or instagram or wherever, and then come back here and share a link to your page in the thread so we can all see it.

Please join us and lets see how many pages we can finish!
Who's in?

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I would love to go to an actual crop someday! That would be so hard to park for though lol.
I have been back on track the last couple weeks with having 7 layouts done this month so far. Hoping to keep that momentum going! I do need to finish my Halloween album though so I think im going to switch to that this weekend.

I was able to go to a crop this past weekend and I got 5 layouts done...plus another one this week, which adds 6 layouts to my total. I posted them all in the gallery tonight...sorry for the bomb!

Great job! I wish I had gotten alot done this month but its slow going for me. I am working on a page now. I am hoping with Sav having surgery and me watching him for a couple of weeks, he will nap in my scraproom but that may be asking a bit much. I suspect it will be more difficult than I think

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