Lets keep that ball rolling from INSD cropping. We all had so much fun getting pages in our books. I think we should keep going. This is the spot to set goals, be accountable and chat about what we are working on.

The idea of a Layout a Day is very intimidating and realistically I think we all would be thrilled with just getting as many pages finished as possible. Maybe your goal is 3 a week or maybe the goal is to come in your scraproom every weekend to scrap or every week day. For me sometimes that means getting a little bit done on my page each day til its finished.

***Sidenote - if you want to hang out and play along but you will be working on disney and also non disney - thats fine. Just post it in your blog or instagram or wherever, and then come back here and share a link to your page in the thread so we can all see it.

Please join us and lets see how many pages we can finish!
Who's in?

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Susan, I love this one...your paper choices and especially the title...it looks great!

Thanks. I feel like I just need to speed up the last few pages from this trip and call it done

Great journaling and the papers work well with the colours in your photos. Also love the font you've used

I've got similar photos and just don't know what to do with them

how is everyone doing fitting some scrapping time in???

I keep coming up to this room with good intentions and then I get on the PC too long. Yesterday I started a HM page with 02 photos and it is just ugly. I am using old EP Chillingsworth papers and I feel like I have forgotten how to scrap with dark papers. I am about to attempt to start over and see if that helps.

I scrapped for the first time in a few weeks! It's a double page layout with Morocco photos - I've done a video so I'll post a photo when I'm done editing the video. It felt good to scrap again :o)

oh I am so glad to hear it! Looking forward to your video

We had started a LOAD thread this time last year, and I was keeping track on my phone for the month, which turned into several months, which then just continued through the year. 

So, here are my June 13, 2016 to end of day June 12, 2017 stats:

Single page layouts: 189

Double page layouts: 6

Crops of Luv donated layouts: 21

Project Life pages (double-sided): 239

Cards: 63

I find this exciting, and then I look at my bin of photos and realize I have about 1,000 more layouts to get done! :O ;)

Way to go Tanya! I love keeping track of how many layouts I complete each year...it makes me feel more accomplished and motivated to scrap and get my totals up. :) I'm at 58 for the year since January 1st and I made a goal of 160 layouts for the year...I'm a bit behind but catching up with all this time to scrap in the summer. :)

WOW! That is super cool, Tanya!!! I would be very excited! But yes, looking at those piles of photos is why I mostly scrap disney now.

 Susan I love your Tower of Terror layout from 2002, why don't you like it?

oh it doesn't feel like Tower of Terror at all to me but it is the proper colors I guess.

Here is a link to my latest video - frustratingly, it seems to have uploaded in SD rather than HD....


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