Lets keep that ball rolling from INSD cropping. We all had so much fun getting pages in our books. I think we should keep going. This is the spot to set goals, be accountable and chat about what we are working on.

The idea of a Layout a Day is very intimidating and realistically I think we all would be thrilled with just getting as many pages finished as possible. Maybe your goal is 3 a week or maybe the goal is to come in your scraproom every weekend to scrap or every week day. For me sometimes that means getting a little bit done on my page each day til its finished.

***Sidenote - if you want to hang out and play along but you will be working on disney and also non disney - thats fine. Just post it in your blog or instagram or wherever, and then come back here and share a link to your page in the thread so we can all see it.

Please join us and lets see how many pages we can finish!
Who's in?

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Well done Casey! I just finished my page as well. I am thinking I need to work on drawing a couple more sketches instead of starting another page.

My goal is at least 3 layouts a week. One layout a day isn't realistic for me because I'm a really slow scrapper. I like to leave a layout on my desk overnight before I commit to gluing & taping everything in place. In the past I've come up with other ideas after I glued & taped everything down and I regretted it. This process works for me even though I don't get as many layouts completed, but at least I'm not regretting anything. I'll be working on Danica's high school album for the next 13 months. I may throw in a Disney layout occasionally just to shake things up. Right now I feel like I'm on a roll with her album so I don't want to throw off my momentum by doing a Disney layout. 

I finished this one today using Simple Stories Emoji Love.


That's a great plan, Beth!
That's a great idea Beth! Danica is going to love her book once it is complete. The pages you have done so far are awesome.

 For now, I will be happy with whatever I get completed. :)  But starting the week of Memorial Day, I am going to try for 7 layouts a week. I am off on summer break starting then so I have my summer to scrap, scrap, scrap....I do have a few weeks in there that I won't get as much done but I am hoping to make a huge dent in my stack of 2012 pictures this summer. I have a few more ideas for challenges from NSD and Susan's sketch, but then I am going to take a break from Disney and work on some non-Disney pages. My goal to finish some non-Disney pages each month halted in March so I want to catch up to at least June's pictures before I do more layouts. For me, it's a balance and I still do like to capture my other non-Disney memories as well. :)

Now that is a challenge, Janeen! I am looking forward to seeing them.

Good luck Janeen!! Can't wait to see your layouts!!

Last night I completed my goal of 2 layouts for this week! I might even be an overachiever tonight and get a couple nondisney layouts done from my Halloween album.
Go Casey!

Janeen - that is quite a challenge! I wish you the best of scrappy luck!

here is a page that I am not putting in the gallery because I am not fond of it. Its in the album and that's what matters. Alot of the rest of the pages for my 02 albums will be just fast pages. The pages I didn't really want to do.

Also I found an image online for the Earful Tower, it was clip art and I didn't want to have a problem with copyright so I changed it a bit before cutting. I thought if I just showed it here, its less likely to be a problem. :)

Love the page, Susan! MGM/HS is hard to scrap because it has such a variety of themes, and is a tad dull when you first get in the park. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it doesn't inspire me like the other park entrances do!

That Ear Tower is great! I have this paper too - never thought of using it for HS, but it matches very well!

Yeah, its a pretty boring park with only a couple of rides. I am so glad StarWars land and Toy Story land will fix that. Might take some people out of MK :)They could use a character spot or something at the front of the park to keep people around.

Yesterday I finished a layout. Haven't taken a photo yet, but it was nice to finish a page. It was 2 topiary photos from MGM in 02. I am going to try to use photoshop to get a few sketches made. I have them drawn, just have to make them digital. Then maybe I can do another layout.  This LOAD thing is working pretty well this week.

yay, got a sketch and example done. Its kind of a lame example with old old paper but it's done.

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