*This is for anyone who is getting excited and would like to go ahead and start on a challenge. This challenge is part of the NSD crop but will be moved to the regular challenge section after the crop is over

MAY Inspiration Challenge

Get inspired to start a layout and use at least 2 elements from these images

This could be the themes in the photos, colors, shapes, words, characters...

*these images are either my own or from pinterest

When you finish your page, post it in our gallery and then come back here and share a link or image and tell us the 2 or more things that inspired you.

LOTS OF COLOR and Fun in this months inspiration. I looked at it and immediately thought I should scrap my Imagination pavilion photo because that is my photo. So I did this page using papers from DCWV Sweet and Sassy Stack (the background paper is from my stash) and now that I look at it, I didn't even use that photo. LOL!  I also wanted to incorporate that triangle design and I ended up using triangle paper and doing some cutting. Next I wanted to add flowers because of the Tink image so I fussy cut flowers from a paper by American Crafts. I HAD to find an image of Figment to add to my title



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Awesome page, Susan! Figment is the perfect touch!

Thanks I am thinking I want to scrap that Dinorama photo next, or maybe some photos of Triceratops Spin. We rode it one morning as soon as the park opened because the other rides were too cold to run or something like that. Had to do with the hydrolics.

Hi the inspiration came from seeing Tinkerbell and Toy Story Mania. I had these two photos that don't really go together other than they are from the Flower and Garden show. So this was one way to scrap them. Actually I have a few more, maybe there will be another challenge and it will get me to finish the Flower and Garden pics.

oh this is perfect Donna! I just love the topiaries. I don't think I have ever seen a photo of Woody, that is so cute. I love your path card and title block

Thank you Susan. I forget where we saw him. So I went back to see in my photos which other pics I took  that were around him. It was at the American pavallion.

Love Figment!!!

Lovely page Donna - I don't think I've seen Woody before either! I'm hoping to get some of my topiary photos scrapped during NSD as well!

I drew inspiration from the bright colours, multiple words, trees, etc. for my layout: http://disneyscrappers.ning.com/photo/my-kind-of-day-may-inspiratio...

Thanks everyone! I was worried that that inspiration was too crazy but I love the resulting pages

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