It's a beautiful day and we are ready to scrap, right???

Welcome to all the new members. This is the spot where we just chat because we do not have a chat box...yet! hopefully soon we will.  Stop in and say hello

Ok who is planning a trip this month?

Who's ready for International Scrapbook week????

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I love the Behind the Seeds tour!!!!  I want to do that tour again this coming April.  I'll have my food science major son with me and I keep thinking he will really enjoy it.  :)  We also may do an animal tour.  I'll see what they have at the time.  Ben's got a real thing for the big cats.  He often talks of switching to Zoology but he's dawdled enough as it is.  

Susan, when you see this layout...when Its done...you may understand why I questioned scrapping thee particular photos.  But I did.  LOL!  

Beth-The storms missed us.  Thanks!

I'm in my room and need to get crafty, but I'm just annoyed at family right now.  Maybe I just need to put on some Disney music!

Behind the Seeds tour was amazing and I did get a ton of great photos that I can't wait to scrap. I think all of the animal tours we have to wait until Sebastian is a little older but I really want to do one of those and Keys to the Kingdom.

I have to tidy up Sebastian's toy corner since he has therapy tomorrow but then im going to work on my Halloween album. Yay for scrapping!

The behind the seeds tour was fantastic the time we went because it was a sunday afternoon and we were the only two. The guy had gone to school about an hour from where we live at TX A&M univ. It was alot of fun and very interesting to basically have the place to ourselves.

yes, Sally, disney music or WDW youtube :)

Casey - I want to do keys to the Kingdom too. My brother loved it.

We went out to eat with a friend and I did very well at resisting the margarita and chips. I just had chicken and grilled veggies and a sort of salad side thing.

I have most of my layout done and I just realized that I am doing those pieced pie chart shapes again and its on a duck page AGAIN. LOL! Donald at Chef Mickeys. He had just taken credit for our meal because of course he feels like he is the chef.  I will have to journal about that. I am just stuck with the page so I am stopping til tomorrow.

Keys of the Kingdom is AWESOME!!!  My favorite is probably Holiday D-Lights!

I went on an insane trip. It was good. It's finally over. I have a week of school to get through and then... I don't know exactly. We're still going to do a little school in the summer.

Merrick, your photos have been amazing!

Yes!  I loved seeing your photos!

I just watched the trailer for Cars 3.  Ka-Chow!  Looks good! Hubby and boys will want to go see that with me in theaters.  I still haven't seen the live action Beauty and the Beast.  At this point I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.  

Did anyone else get a Disney survey about Pirates of the Caribbean ride?  I got it yesterday.  Started out by asking which Disney parks I've visited in the past couple of years and then went on to a very thorough survey about every single aspect of the ride.  I mean it was unlike any survey I've ever taken before. It went through every scene of the ride and asked how I felt about them, what and what more I'd like to see...including TV shows based on the ride.  Then it went on about what kinds of Pirates branded merchandise I'd buy...including pet food!  My boys say it was probably because the movie comes out on Friday.  

I do have a funny Pirates ride story.  We were on the ride late at night and over the loud speaker a couple in the boat in front of us was told to stop what they were doing and they would be escorted out of the park at the conclusion of the ride.  Then the rest of us were apologized to.  I was busy looking at the ride so I had no idea what was going on but someone in the front seat said there was a couple in the boat ahead of us engaging in sex.  SERIOUSLY?????  At Disneyland???!!!!  Some people are just weird!   Don't they know there are cameras EVERYWHERE????  

Wendy that made me laugh

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