It's a beautiful day and we are ready to scrap, right???

Welcome to all the new members. This is the spot where we just chat because we do not have a chat box...yet! hopefully soon we will.  Stop in and say hello

Ok who is planning a trip this month?

Who's ready for International Scrapbook week????

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Hello to all the new members!

We had a bank holiday here in the U.K., so no work or school - we ended up at the local trampoline park with Matthew and four of his friends. What with all the siblings and parents, we made quite a crowd! It was good fun though and most of the adults jumped as well - I had a good half hour on the trampolines which is the most post-pregnancy exercise I've done! We ended up in McDonalds afterwards, much to the kids' delight.

Not scrapping tonight as it's a 'good tv' night! I'll be back on the case tomorrow!

Natalie--that sounds like fun. Maybe they need to have an adults only night!

I can't believe school will be out in 5 weeks! This year has flown by so quickly. Danica will be a high school senior in the fall and I'm already sad! I sometimes tear up when I'm scrapping old photos of her. I can't believe she's almost 17!

I'm in my scrap room trying to decide the next non-Disney photo to scrap. I'm considering scrapping 3 photos from the Macy's parade. I purchased some 4x6 professional photos of Danica marching in the parade. They were $10 each so I'm scanning the originals and printing off copies to use on the layouts. The originals will probably end up in a regular photo album.

Anyone else scrapping today?

You know how I complain about Danica not taking photos? I had to get a photo from the Tour Guide's Facebook page of Danica & a group of band kids in front of the Statue of Liberty! It's not the best quality, but it's better than nothing!

omg I haven't even read what you guys just wrote but go to the WDW news thread HERE and read this latest rumor/news

I squeeled seriously like a girl!!! I hope they start right now

ok, ... now I read your responses. LOL!

Natalie - that sounds really fun! I clearly need a kid to take me jumping :)

Beth - I remember those days. Enjoy because there were alot of teary moments but it was fun. I miss them now but like today two have been texting me all day. One has a new phone that is being delivered here tomorrow so he wanted to let me know that I cant leave the house. LOL! The other is moving home soon so he is shipping boxes home soon and told me not to leave them outside if I see them delivered. What?! sheesh.

thats pretty funny about the photos. Been there. I am scrapping today. Struggling big time with this Space Academy collection. Its so darn cute and SO DARK! Its hard to use.

No trips to Disney this month but Sebastian and I are going to my parents next week's for my sister's college graduation! It will be Sebastian's first plane flight so hopefully it goes well. Our flights home are completely booked and our way there our row is filled so fingers crossed. I opted not to get him his own seat since they are $300 tickets so hoping looking at the window and playing with the toys and books will be enough.

Once Sebastian goes to bed I plan to work on my Halloween album. My photos I printed for NSD shipped today so they should here in time! Unfortunately hubby is going to be gone this weekend now but hopefully I am able to get in some Disney scrapping this weekend!

Susan--That's exciting news!

Susan- that is awesome news! With Moana moving to Adventureland hopefully it really happens!

It is FREEZING here!  I want spring back!  I had my hematologist appointment this morning and am cleared for another year, but she wants me to follow up with my regular doctor for some abnormal blood results.  While I was there, my mom texted that they took my Grandma by ambulance for chest pains.  She is ok, but her bp is too high to be released.  I can't visit her today because while at the doctor she told me I had a low grade fever and should go home in case I'm catching something and drink plenty of fluids.  We were supposed to go out of town tonight, but cancelled so Drew went to get the pups from the kennel.  We had taken them this morning so they were only there a couple hours.  I missed them though lol.

Sally - I hope your tests have good results and I will keep your grandmother in my prayers. I hope its easily resolved. Take care!

MORE awesome rumors today: http://www.disneydining.com/haunted-mansion-themed-restaurant-possi...

How cool would that be! but how the heck can we eat in all these fun places! I mean if you only go every few years like me, you can only do just so many table service meals when you are there. I would like to say that we would try different ones each time but we HAVE to do Crystal Palace Breakfast and BOG Dinner. And I still haven't eaten in the castle, Tonys, or the Skipper Canteen.

Hey - is anyone having lag on this site like when you try to type? It may be my keyboard but I am not sure. just trying to narrow it down.

Sally--I hope you and your Grandmother are ok.

A haunted mansion themed restaurant would be awesome! I still haven't scrapped any haunted mansion photos. Maybe I'll get to one during NSD.

So I'm struggling with a layout. I really want to use Crate Paper Maggie Holmes 'Bloom' collection. The problem is that I have too many choices. That always happens to me when I hoard so much of one line. Weird. I'm determine to use it because I have a photo of Danica wearing a fancy black dress & it would go perfectly with that line. It may take me a few more days.....

I have a ton of haunted mansion to scrap. Its that darn rusty color that is so hard to scrap.

I LOVE Bloom! I know what you mean, but that collection is gorgeous.

I did finally finish my page and I like it alot more than expected. I have another page to do before the crop so I am pulling a photo now and some papers so I can do it tomorrow.


HEY EVERYONE! Just a note that I will be having a DCWV challenge of some sort so if you have DCWV, please try to play along as they will be donating a couple of prizes for our crop. I want them to see some of our pages. Just a heads up to those of you who have stacks :) THANK YOU!!!


I have to add that just in case someone asked I just looked at JoAnns online to see if they have some of the newer stacks that I have been using lately. Not only do they have them but they are on sale cheap! If you have been looking for any stacks, you might check it out - or try your store but my store is crap


these are some of my current faves. I have used them recently for disney and they are on sale for $8.99




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