Sometimes I feel like there is just something missing on a layout and often if I just add something to the edge it feels more framed and finished off.

For this challenge try to add something fun to the edge of your layout.

Some of the things I like to add:



Mat with patterned paper

Scraped edges



ink or watercolor

small strips of scrap papers


washi tape

Here is a bit of inspiration from a few of my past layouts. I will be adding an example soon

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I love this challenge. I'll definitely be playing along and I want to try several of these techniques...especially the mickey head one! :)

I need to do more than one page for this challenge. But here is my first. I typed on the edge of the paper


Delightful!! I can't believe you typed along the edges and got it to fit!

yeah, that really was the tricky part. I figured I would just go for it.

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