Happy Spring! I hope you like these disney springtime image that I have compiled. Some images are mine and some I borrowed from Pinterest.

Gather inspiration from the images in this mood board and choose 2 elements or more to use in your layout.

For example you might use one or more of these elements:  Beast, Belle, Daisy, Donald, ducks, Flowers, Main Street, Parade, Partners Statue, Disneyland Castle, Yellow, Trading pins, Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Camera, Chip and Dale, Walt, topiaries, stars, triangles, circles, buttons....

Share your layout in the gallery and then come back here and add a link to your layout so we can all be inspired.

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I was inspired by stars and circles!

I was inspired by the flower theme and the yellow to create this layout about DeVine at Animal Kingdom.

Great pages, guys! I just finished one too. Might have to do this one twice because I did a topiary flower and garden layout but now I want to do a donald page.

All three of these pages are wonderful. I love that you picked out the stars and circles in the bottom Donna! I had totally glanced over them. Your DeVine page is just so perfect Janeen. And I wouldn't expect anything but amazing from you Susan! That Simba topiary is a show stopper!

This is another inspiration from me. I used the themes of Main Street, stars and the Green/Yellow combo. I also added in some coral color since the photos all had that in there.

yeah what I like about this is that you thought about scrapping when you took the photos and then the page is perfect for it, right down to the pocket

My submission (5.5 x 8.5 album for my MIL):


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