Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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Ooh.... I like that!

Merrick D said:
Scrap As Dreamers Do
I like this one! Either this or Dream, Live, Scrapbook.

Merrick D said:
Scrap As Dreamers Do

You guys are good!

This morning its actually really cold here for being almost summer. It was 45 degrees! nuts. I am running to get my nails done and then a bit of shopping and then I get to scrap. I almost finished my page yesterday. Its just missing something and I can put it all together. I am on a roll with these DCWV stacks. They are really pretty.

Ha ha... i was thinking it was really warm for March :) 45 overnight, high around 70. March is usuall our snowiest month but it has been warm.

We normally have upper 80s with lows around low 70s so this is very exciting to have highs in the 70s. Beautiful out today. I am about to try to take photos of some layouts. The boy and his gf came by to get a tv because his died so I had to hang with them awhile.

This is exciting if you are near Disneyland. I so wish I was


Sounds fun. Does anyone know what is being celebrated in WDW this year. I know something seems to be celebrated most years. Last time we went is was the 40 years celebration.

DH has just confirmed we're definitely going this year. We're going to be there July/August so hopefully Avatar land will be open.

Do we get to see your nails Susan?

Summer Dreams from Echo Park is up on Steals.com today. :)

Oh, how I wish we had passes so that we could go to the Pirates celebration! It sounds amazing. I love that ride! If I close my eyes, I can almost smell that Disney water. Tom tells me it is chlorine, but I swear it is magic! ;)

We have our tickets for Beauty and the Beast for Saturday morning in 3D! SO EXCITED! 

Oh Cris that is fantastic!!! I am so happy for you and I cant wait for you to tell us everything about Pandora/Avatarland!

Tanya - I can smell it too!!!! Friday is our Imax 3d Beast day and it can not come fast enough :)

Today I am trying to get things outside done like making the number plate for the front of the house and planting things I bought on the back patio. Some have to be planed in the ground and Perry has to help dig but, I want to get the easy stuff planted.

Here are my nails, Cris. I am not thrilled because she didn't speak english well enough to really understand what I meant by scallops like Belles dress. I even showed her someone elses nails online and I got fish scales. LOL! Then the little nail was supposed to be a gold glitter and she didn't have what I wanted. Still she did ok with the enchanted rose. I am just really wishing I could find someone who speaks english at a nail salon and also a tech who can do designs. I guess that is asking alot.

Chris- I believe Disney World will still be celebrating the 45th anniversary at that time. Avatar is opening May 27th.

Jealous of everyone seeing Beauty and the Beast this week! I had planned to go sometime maybe next week during the day so if Sebastian started to get fussy he wouldn't be bothering too many people. But hubby got sad I was going to see a movie without him so I suppose I shall wait.
While here in Virginia i discovered there is an AC Moore just down the street! I convinced hubby to stop there yesterday and pretty much bought every DCWV stack that was there. Lol. There is also a Tuesday Morning a little further down so I want to stop in there and see what I can find. Can't wait to start scrapping my pictures from this trip!
Cris - that is so exciting! There's a new ride at Typhoon Lagoon as well that just opened - I'm very excited for you!

I finished another layout tonight which completes all my pages for Day 3 of our trip. Epcot is next. It's not as bad as it seems because I took less photos on our repeat days at each park and only a few at the water parks. I'm hoping to finish the album before we go back in 2020! Lol

Casey, I can't wait to see your layouts! I loved scrapping Matthew's first trip last year and writing about all his Disney 'firsts'. Right up there with 'first food', 'first smile', 'first steps' etc lol

Susan - I think your nails look great, even with fish scales lol - Disney seem to be making live action movies of all the classics. I saw an article or teaser for another one the other day.... was it Smow White? Can't remember.

There is a live action Little Mermaid coming out soon, but it isn't Disney, and it looks rather terrible from the trailer we saw.

If you haven't seen James Corden's Crosswalk Musical version of B&tB, you need to see it. Too funny!

I have never been to an AC Moore as we don't have them here but I am pretty sure they carry different stacks or stacks that will be released at joAnns later. I know most of the new new stacks I have now are at JoAnns but not sure if they are anywhere else. I love several of them more than I usually like the stacks. Like every paper is good. So if you are ever at JoAnns thumb thru some. I would swear they have a new paper designer and some papers look better than Maggie Holmes papers which is saying something.

I just realized that Guardians of the Galaxy will be opening this summer at Disneyland so I will get to ride that in the fall. I am pretty excited because I am pretty sure the Epcot ride will be very different and won't open any time soon.

oh Natalie - I tend to scrap Epcot more than any park but I take sooooo many photos that it takes forever! I cant wait to see yours.

Tanya - I have to say that there is NOT even a chance of me going to see a non disney version of mermaid. How dare they!!! And I LOVE James Corden. Thanks for the link.

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