Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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Merrick - I believe it was Ali Edwards who posted about going to Great Wolf Lodge on her blog - you might want to check that out, as she had good things to say about it.

So, our weekend was chaos. Absolute chaos and so many things to do. It was fun at the time, but I am seriously dragging my butt today. I came to work early and have been going 100 miles an hour since, so took a short break to catch up here. I think I'll skip lunch and go home to scrap a bit! I am almost done my Ariel themed pages!

I went to a local crop (store now closed), but I found the women there to be very shallow, materialistic, and, frankly, annoying! I prefer to spend time with supportive scrappers, as opposed to those who try and outdo themselves with how much they spend on pages, or how others' pages are ugly, etc. Not nice. Not for me. I would love a scrappy friend to spend time with here, but mine are all in Canada. We need to do a scrap over Skype!

Tanya, I find it odd for crafters to be unsupportive, I thought we were all a friendly lot:-). Scrapping over Skype would be so much fun!!

Casey, I'm so glad you're having a magical Disney trip! And those pics of Sebastian with Daisy and Donald are soooooooooo cute.

As far as scrapping or Disney trips for us this month... NOPE! I'm in the thick of tax season right now and being on the corporate tax team, the March 15th deadline is huge so I've been working Mon-Sat (even going back in to the office after I get the kids from school and take them home - yay for overtime pay!) and will be crazed like that this week too. 

However, next month, we are going to DL for Spring Dapper Day. I am super excited for this trip because we're staying at the Disneyland hotel (last time we did that was before Jaimee & Bennett were born!) and because... DAPPER DAY! It will be our first and I have about 80% of the shopping done for our outfits. I'm hoping the weather is warm enough to swim since I'm planning on the the DL hotel pool being a big part of the trip (including doing a cabana on one of the afternoons). 

Tanya - I had the problem at the crop where , most did cards and were looking at me weird for taking so much time on a page and kind of rolled their eyes at me so I get what you are saying. I love seeing everyones pages no matter the style because I get ideas for everything from embellishment, paper, and titles, to what photos to take at Disney! I borrow tons of ideas here from everyone. I would think people would want to be nicer in a situation like scrapping or crafting. I have seen them act ugly at CHA and CKU too so I am used to it. That being said, some of my fave people I met at CHA, like Kathleen, Tami, and Nancy.

I love the idea of skype scrapping with you guys. I will make a thread so we can share names if we are up for it. I will say that connectivity is key, some people have faster up and down rates with their carrier and it effects skype big time.  What I do is that I have a PC and I connect an external camera that I position above my desk and it points directly at my layout. I usually scrap with friends where we can see the layout and just chat while doing that. Its still ok with a bad connection if you can at least see ok. Nancy and I don't get clear images, but Kristin and I do.  Anyway, I would love to skype with you guys. Multiple connections aren't really possible or we could do a group crop. I have tried it with 3 and it didn't do well at all. Yes I know that sounded nasty... lets just pretend it didn't. ;) 

Kathleen - that sounds AMAZING!!! I can not wait til you scrap that trip! I know its driving you crazy that you cant scrap.  But making money for Disney is fun too. I have been saving for spending money. I have lots of shopping planned already! I have to get the new Alex and Ani bracelets for the 2 parks. I also need the halloween Minnie mouse tall witches hat to use as a topper for my halloween tree. I want mouse ears to wear while we are there and probably a shirt from each park. Perry is already making suggestions too. He had Nancy buying him hawaiian shirts at Aulani!

Rough morning here. Thanks to all of you who were sending happy thoughts after I posted on Instagram. My black and white kitty, Savvy tried to jump on the counter and missed and hurt his hip region. I was terrified it was broken or something terrible like that. He is going to be 11 in a couple of weeks and has a history of arthritis and ACL tears. The xrays ruled out anything being broken and because of the swelling and look of the soft tissue, its probably just soft tissue damage. He got an anti inflammatory shot and then some pills for a week, and suppliments for arthritis. I have to contain him as much as I can for at least a week with no jumping...well he cant walk really right now so its a matter of keeping him from trying. Not going to be easy. He is an " up high" cat. Anyway, I was so worried because he is my baby.  Figaro only bonds with me and wants to be my main cat so hes with me most of the time but its savvy. I know I won't do well as he ages. So thanks for understanding and being so sweet when I freak out. :) He is resting pretty well so I came upstairs to see if I could take some scrapping down to the coffee table by him.

I finished a tricky page yesterday and I want to start another

ok so I was wanting to scrap the rest of my topiaries from the flower and garden festival because Madeline just posted a topiary page. I went to see what is scrapped by actually looking in the album and one is missing. How annoying.  Here is my saved image and I know it is somewhere but I can not find it. All of my layouts are put away so I just don't get it.  Does this happen to you guys? now I am going thru one album at a time.

update: ok I found it in magic kingdom. sheesh. Then I realized that I gave 2 of my topiary pages to my sister for her album since she was there. I have more flower and garden to scrap than I thought


Julia and Susan, so sorry to hear about Abby and Alex.  I also think things are so much different than when we were kids.  My boys don't have a large abundance of friends but the few they have are close and loyal so that's nice.  My 2 youngest have each other which is a blessing.   I'm still hoping those 2 (ages 28 & 25) will find wives!  Their wives will have to like one another because they intend on living near each other.  We'll see how that goes.  

I think anxiety and depression are a real BIG thing these days.   I know so many women on anxiety and depression meds...some on both.  I have 2 friends here who are afraid to leave their homes.   We live in a crazy world.  

Hi all and happy Spring - the sun is shining here in London and the sky is blue - woo hoo! Charlie is now four months old and definitely changing by the day - he is happy and smiling, trying to roll over and when he gets there (with a little help), he buries his face in the blanket and spends the next five minutes trying to get his legs up into a crawling position! I keep telling him to slow down, but he seems to think he's six months old already!

Casey - it looks like you had a fantastic time at Disney and so did Sebastian. I loved all the photos - he's such a cute little one! I totally agree about taking little ones to places - when we took Matthew to somewhere when he was just a year old, someone made a comment about how he won't remember it, and I asked them if I should just not bother doing anything with him until he was about six just so he could remember it? It's not always about the remembering, it's about the enjoyment of the moment. I don't remember specifics about things I did as a child (or an adult come to that), but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy them at the time. Matthew definitely remembers his first trip to Disney in 2015 when he was three and a half, and last year as well. He now talks about the next time we go to America.... Anyway, I can't wait to see your layouts from the trip!

Susan - I hope Alex is okay, like Julia said, these things take time to heal. My husband had to have two injections before he started to feel any improvement and even then it wasn't instant. It was several months, if not more, before he felt anything like he did before. I hope Savvy is okay, too.

Julia - kids eh? Always something to worry about. It's so hard to make friends these days particularly with the advent of social media. I didn't have that many close friends when I left school - maybe 2 or 3, none of whom went to the same college as me. At college, I made another 2-3 friends, and now I'm only in touch with one of them. I was also very happy with my own company (and I still am), but I know how you must worry. Even now, I have only a handful of close friends - ones that I make the effort to speak/see on a regular basis. Working helps build your confidence in meeting new people, but it doesn't mean you'll like them! Going to a club where you mix with like minded people is better, I think - at least you have something in common to talk about from the get go! I have a wide circle of acquaintances - more than ever since Matthew started school and I have met all the other mums, but I'm slowly working out those that I will develop long term connections with. Matthew is all about friends at the moment - he wants everyone to be his friend and to be everyone's friend. Good in someways, but not all the kids at school are the sort of people he should be friends with. On the flip side, I've heard from at least three parents in the last week or so that their kids come home every day and say that they didn't play with anyone - heart breaking stuff.

Good news - I have scrapped! Yay me! I've picked up my December Daily album and made good headway with that over the past couple of weeks. I most of the photos printed and notes on IG of the stories for each day, but hardly anything in the album. I'm now up to 17 December so just a few more to go. I really want to get that project finished soon as I'm a bit bored with it now,  but I don't want it to be unfinished as the longer I leave, the less likely I am to finish it. I've also finished a photo-book for our 2016 trip and ordered that from Photobox last night - very excited to get that. This means that I've finally finished going through all 2000 photos that I took and whittled it down to about 700 that I've had printed. Who knows if I'll ever get the all scrapped??!


Kathleen- Dapper Days sounds like so much fun! We have been twice while it has been going on but never participated. It's so awesome seeing everyone all dressed up and dapper! May have to put that on the bucket list!
Susan- Glad to hear Savvy is going to be OK and nothing was broken! Poor little guy.

So Sunday ended up being an Epcot day instead of checking out resorts. I ended up getting reservations at Akershus for dinner which I have always wanted to dine with the princesses! The food was pretty good but oh my goodness the people next to us. Talk about the world revolving around someone. I swear none of them are anything and she kept sending her coffee back for various reasons. Finally she found a cup that was ok to drink only to knock that one and another cup of coffee all over the place. And of course didn't do anything to try and clean it up. They were there celebrating their little girl's birthday but she did not look like she was enjoying herself.
Monday was a Magic Kingdom and wasn't as crowded as it was the other day. Was able to score a fast pass for Mine Train that evening. It was a fun ride but not worth the insane wait times for stand by. While I was walking the pathway to exit I found a black cat just hanging out!
Tuesday was Hollywood Studios day. With all the construction going on it is now a very congested park and was difficult to get around. But the Star Wars fireworks were awesome! And poor Sebastian was not a fan of Kylo Ren. He reached out to try to give him a hug like he does with all the characters. But I told him I don't think Kylo Ren likes hugs and his response was No. So Sebastian got a little upset about being denied and Kylo said Good. I'm glad he stays in character even for little ones.
Wednesday we did Blizzard Beach and was suppose to be the day we went to Kennedy Space Center but they delayed the launch till next week :( So we opted to down Down Town Disney instead in the evening. Sebastian was at first a little hesitant at Blizzard Beach but in the end he had fun. I think he more hated the life jacket because once we took that off he was fine. The Lazy River was probably his favorite and even almost fell asleep! I think a couple more minutes and he would of crashed
Today is Animal Kingdom day! Don't have fast pass for River of Lights so probably won't get to see it again. But I did see that they added a second showing so that is a good thing!

Quick question for those that watch scrapbooking videos on You Tube - is there anyone who does a lot of Disney scrapbooking?

Natalie - I was wondering that myself. Most ive seen do some pages. Tina Gale I found probably has the most videos of Disney pages

Natalie - so sweet to hear about Charlie, hes a little cutie! I am so glad you scrapped and I LOVE that page, I totally want to copy it. I have given up on scrapping all of my trips but I want a good selection of each scrapped so I can give a digital folder of each trip to the boys.

Casey - your trip looks so magical and I am so glad you got to Blizzard Beach! Too funny about Kylo Ren. I am not sure I would like him either. You just get the urge to hurt him. You don't get to be loved when you kill Han, most especially when its your dad.

That is a good question Natalie. I don't watch them but I would like to check it out if you find some who do alot of disney.

Update: First Alex - his foot still really burns and to be honest we have spent ALOT of money and I am not quite ready to just try out another injection, maybe later in the year. He is going to start physical therapy to get him familiar with a exercises that will strengthen his back and help out. And they perscribed Lyrica for the foot and it may or may not work so I haven't really decided on that one, that is one pricey perscription and so far insurance won't approve it. This back stuff is nothing to mess with. I am grateful I haven't had these problems. Overall I have seen improvement so I am hopeful that time will fix this.

Savvy is a bad bad cat! ugghhh! Seriously driving me crazy and making me very frustrated. I love that cat so much but omg, he is stubborn and so food motivated that he can not be controlled. oh good grief. He is supposed to be sleeping and I am upstairs so I can go thru emails on my pc. I can hear him right now with a toy in his mouth downstairs walking around meowing! ................ok I am back. He is trying to jump up on the counter again, going upstairs, and all kinds of bad things! He is basically not able to use that leg and is dragging it and he still wont behave. Its just upsetting to see and know that this is going to happen again because I can not stop him even if I am right next to him.

Ok today is grocery store and errands day so I have to run but I have a bunch of photos on my desk ready to look for papers. Also I just made a big order for some fun new papers from Maggie Holmes 2 new collections Oasis...and I cant remember the other one. I also got a few sheets of other new collections. If you need patriotic, there is a new collection from Pink Paislee that is gorgeous! I got a couple pieces of it.

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