Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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OMG Casey those photos are so so cute!  My son (age 2) was little more standoffish when we went last year but he did hug Chip and Dale, so I called that a victory! (He refused to hug Mickey and Minnie but did boop Mickey on the nose, lol.)

I can't stand when people say "Why bother? He's too young, he won't remember", etc etc. I say phooey! He will only be this age once and so this is the only opportunity to see it through his eyes at this age. My sister in law waited until her kids were all over 5 to take them so they would be out of strollers and remember it better. We went with them and the kids were already jaded (not into meeting characters, etc.). They liked it but it wasn't the same as going with a younger kid. Glad I didn't wait.

Happy Birthday to Sebastian! What a great way to spend his 1st birthday.

So today I went to the scrapbook expo. It's become tradition for me. I take the day off from work &I spend it shopping. Though I have to say, I was really disappointed. All they were selling were page kits, lots of metal dies and allot of stuff for card making. Not allot of papers, really not much. Easier to shop on line these days but sometimes I want to actually see the stuff in person. Oh well, not like I really need more.
Thanks everyone for Sebastians birthday wishes! We had a fantastic day at Magic Kingdom. It was a little crowded but there is a dance competition going on this weekend so really not surprised. The weather was perfect today and suppose to remain this way the next couple days. Sebastian is such a little ham when it comes to meeting characters. He could spend hours hanging out with them! Thank goodness because I have quite a few character meals and that would of been some awkward meals if he freaked out!
Crystal Palace was a successful lunch! Tigger and Piglet were by far his favorites. Afterwards the waitress brought out a cupcake and card signed by Pooh and friends. Sebastian loved the cupcake and was in heaven! He ate almost the whole thing!
And meeting Mickey made him star struck. He couldn't believe the real Mickey Mouse was right there in front of him!
Tomorrow I'll go through and upload some more pictures to Instagram. Anyone want to follow its caseyl44

Orlanda, I am pretty sad about so many people backing away from scrapbooking and the industry following. I am happy that DCWV is still around and some of the mfgs. Not that I have to have more, but I NEED MORE!!! LOL!

Valerie - I agree. I also think there are two reasons to take little ones. First, its for the parents and that is cool, but looking at Casey's photos, the photos are a memory for him. He will look back and say, I had my first birthday at MK and a haircut and I am taking my kids. Having photos of him with those characters will be so sweet when he is older.

Casey - those photos are amazing!!! The one of him with Tigger just killed me! He is in love with those characters and it is so adorable. Glad you are having fun and no one is sick yet. I will text your mom about taking something like daytime sinus / daytime mucinex sinus. This damp tropical weather and the massive amounts of pollen, most especially pine pollen are going to kick some butt. You may notice cars and the ground covered in yellow...that is what it is. I imagine if its bad here, its bad there.

Casey, those photos are just so lovely!!!

Merrick, I always wanted to be in the airforce and I would love to have flown Harriers, I think they are English planes, but they are my fave!!

Susan, wow that's one powerful power hose!! I didn't know they could take skin off!

Michael is away for the weekend on Bath at a MUN Conference (Model United Nations), it's a sort of elaborate debating thing:-). So abby is having some fun having the telly and parents to herself. She's been having a hard time recently and began to real worry me as she was saying she was having these terrible episodes of anxiety where she feels like she is in a nightmare!! She got very stressed about a few things and a First Aid course sent her over the edge, but I think I need to keep an eye on her and try more to get her to talk about her feelings. She doesn't have any friends either as she is the one left behind when everyone has gone to university, it's not good to be a lone all the time, even though she likes her own company. It's hard to go out and join things even though she wants to. She says she gets very anxious in social settings, I've never seen this and even though she's not overly confident she is always quite chatty and smiley and friendly to people. I wonder how much of this is her age and not necessarily reality. I don't know. I want to get her away from her phone and do something real. It's all a bit overwhelming:-(.

Julia - good for Michael! We have Model UN here too. I am so glad Abby is having some time with you guys. Alex has had a tough time and is a bit upset, thankfully he has a girlfriend, but he called in tears last night. He doesn't have more than 2 friends either and the social stress is so much worse now than when we were kids so it really is something we have to try to help the kids with. Depression is a major problem in this generation. With Alex, we had really hoped that the burning feeling of his toes like the nerve is pinched, would go away and it hasn't. Its just so hard to help them when they are miserable and feeling down.  My friend always says, you are only as happy as your least happy kid and that is soooo very true. I truly hope that things turn around for your girl, shes a sweetie and clearly has a fun character.

Anyone scrapping today???

I scrapped a bit yesterday and Friday but not Disney. They were photos of me from years back (childhood)

One of them will be the start of my 1986 US trip album as it was when my parent's friends from Florida invited me to stay for the summer the following year. Happy and sad memories as he died a couple of years ago :(

Julia I hope you can find some help for Abby. DS1 is in his last year at college and I worry for him next year when he goes out to work. He spends a lot of time gaming online but hasn't got many friends IRL. Does she meet up with her friends when they are back from Uni for holidays etc?

I'm the same Orlanda - I like to see things IRL sometimes. I hardly go to the craft fairs any more because it's nearly all stamps and dies

Cris, she really only has two friends, and both struggle with depression, one of them she hugely relies on and thinks she knows everything, she was her Mum substitute at school. It's so hard. But I'm aware I don't have many friends really, but then I have my hubby who is my best friend and a lovely Mum. Oh dear, life can be a bit challenging sometimes:-).

Susan, steve has had problems with a disc in his back and numb feet etc. He is seeing an osteopath at the moment which is helping but actually it just takes time. The swelling could be sitting on a nerve and once that swelling goes down the sensation will go away. Steve's was bad for ages and then all of a sudden it just got better!
Susan- surprisingly there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of pollen. But we stocked up on some medicine because hubby has been battling a couple different illnesses the last couple weeks. It has definitely been a lot cooler out then it was the last March trip we made. Yesterday hubby wore jeans to Animal Kingdom and really never got too hot in them.
Julia- Model UN Conference would be so much fun! Hugs for Abby. I remember going through a phase when I was younger that social settings gave me anxiety. While I'm still not the best in social situations I did learn to adapt and now it's not so bad.
Yesterday was our Animal Kingdom day. We booked the River of Lights dining package and oh my goodness it was worth it! River of Lights was such an amazing show! I would say it is definitely one of my favorite night time shows. I highly recommend getting the dining package or fast pass it but because people were lining up hours before the show even started. I had to take Sebastian for a diaper change right before the show started and just at our entrance there was another 200 people hoping to get in to see the show but were denied. It wasn't a crowded day at all yesterday and posted times were way overestimated for many of the rides. We also got to see them work on a bird while at Rafikis Watch so that is also checked off my bucket list! It was really cool be able to watch them and they explain what they are doing and why. Really neat experience. And I know some people aren't thrilled of Doc McStuffins meeting there now but it was awesome to meet her and she really is a perfect fit. I sang "Time for Your Check Up" and her and Sebastian danced. He is having so much fun meeting characters!
Today is just a down day. We are doing breakfast at Ohana and dropping my mom off at the airport. Before breakfast we might check out resorts on the monorail loop and then afterwards go check out the Epcot ones. We haven't ever really checked out the other resorts so it should be fun!
Tomorrow is another Magic Kingdom day! The other day making fast passes was able to score one for Mine Train in the evening so yay!! Was sad we weren't able to ride it the other day. Not to keep trying for one for the Frozen ride because Sebastian gets very antsy waiting in lines. He wants to explore but since he doesn't walk yet I really don't want him crawling around all over the ground. I also got us a Mickey Mouse fast pass because Sebastian wasn't wearing his shoes that day (they are too big so kept falling off) so he wasn't able to give Mickey real hugs.

DS1 is the same Julia - only 2 close friends. I hope you can help her sort something out

Sounds like you're having a great time Casey and fitting lots of things in to your days

thank you Julia - I really appreciate you telling me that. I will let alex know because he is very hopeless at the moment. We see the neurosurgeon again Thursday.

About not having friends. I don't have more than 4 locally and it is my fault for not getting out and getting involved but when you don't work, you just don't meet many people. I have girls I have met at water aerobics but we haven't clicked in a way that would make us want to spend much time outside the pool. I wish I could meet more local scrappers but there aren't many anymore. I have several very close friends and family members but they live several states away. I made so many friends that I wish I could spend time with, when I was a designer and working at shows, so online and phone communication is a big thing for me. I just love you guys and wish you would just all move to Texas. LOL!

Casey - the photos your mom shared with me are so sweet and just priceless. I was sorry to hear Ohana didn't seat you in time for you mom to enjoy it. I just love that place and we have always had good luck there.

I am off to the post office to mail a couple of disney pins to people i have traded with in the online community at PinPics.com . I know it is a risk to just trust that people will send the pins but I have only had one person not send and that was years ago. I don't trade all the time. Just now and then I get the urge to trade. I have a stash of traders that are kind of lame and no one wants, but now and then I will find a set of pins at my outlet and I will get a deal so they are perfect to trade. Spending $2.50 to trade for a pin that I really want is not bad when you consider that its not just a pin, but its fun to get in the mail. People sometimes share a bonus pin or disney stickers and things. I traded a pin last week that was flat with Mulan on it, nothing special but person really wanted it for their mulan collection and I don't collect Mulan ,  but I got a wdw 40th anniversary limited edition Mad Tea Party pin with the sign, hatter, and a 4oth icon on it. I like that kind of trade :)

I have been scrapping like crazy for Calvinball but I don't want to do Disney for that -- I've kind of decided Calvinball and LOAD and such are for getting the other stuff done.

I understand the struggle with friends! I am a pretty lonely lady... I hang out with my bunco girls once a month and there are people I see at choir but friends to go hang out with? Not really. The two people who might fall into that category are both CRAZY busy and almost never available for anything.

Sherlock, despite being involved in Scouts, our homeschool Co-op/Karate and having a sleepover with his best friend at least once a month... has been complaining of feeling isolated. ~sigh~ We added a tumbling class to his schedule  - I think he really needs more physical activity as much as he needs more people. ;)

Speaking of Sherlock, he has requested a trip to the brand new Great Wolf Lodge in lieu of birthday party/presents so we've scheduled that for the day before his birthday... his best friend is taking the day off school to go with us and Muppet Boy's best friend (who lives in NH) is actually coming to spend that week with us, too! So it should be interesting. Who has Great Wolf experience? We've been to a different indoor waterpark once... I know GWL is geared for a little younger mostly (which should save us some CASH because holy moly do they charge for EVERYTHING???)

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