Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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omgosh I am in tears from watching that, Tanya - hilarious!!!

and apparently I am still mad that Matthew left Downton the way he did. ... but I do love him

OMG that was sooo funny Tanya

Natalie - I still haven't finished scrapping our trips from 2005 or 2011

Susan - your nails look lovely. The rose is so pretty. I don't know how they do such detailed designs

Happy St Patty's Day! We have a big corned beef, carrot, and potato lunch every year at work, so looking forward to some merriment at lunch today. I'm annually in charge of cooking the carrots and helping out during the lunch, so I'm wearing my pressed shamrock necklace again this year, and the head coordinator has hats for us. 

I just did a big reorganization of my scrap stuff to prep for my next themes to tackle. I'm finished Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, and Frozen, although I still have the Mine Train page to do (totally going to scraplift Orlanda's awesome page!), and our dinner at Ariel's Grotto in DCA, but that falls under my "food" theme. I am loving this approach, as it seems I can do things a bit faster.

Tonight is scrapbooking, tomorrow morning is Beauty and the Beast, and then Tom is going to another show with his friend, so I have an entire evening to myself to scrap. I am ready for some creative time! :D

omg, the sidewalk theater... HILARIOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

I got through the bulk of tax season as well Jaimee's birthday (party with the little girlfriends was yesterday, actual b-day and family celebration was Tuesday) and how I can exhale! Going to have fun with the Project Mouse FANniversary celebration this weekend. If you want to come check out the challenges and chats going on this weekend including "Watch Cheryl Scrap Live" you can check out the celebration forum at the Lilypad here:


I just posted my layout using the Project Mouse bundle just released today. I look forward to getting caught up in the gallery soon! Off to my DT duties! :)

Tanya - that sounds yummy! I cant wait to see all of these pages!

Nice to see you again, Kathleen!!! I cant scrap this weekend but I did go check out the challenges over there and I sooooo want to scrap now! I am not digi but I have some of those bundles for printing my own and I could totally do all those challenges. The gorgeous example pages and pages people have finished are killing me. I want to be at disney and scrap disney now!  I also am pretty jealous of those people's photo skills. My photos are just not that beautiful. I need to set my camera back to factory settings and resolve a couple of issues before we go to Disneyland. I had a serious issue with the camera during parades last time and I need to find out if it was due to the giant size of my memory card, number of photos on the camera, camera itself, or lens. I would try to take alot of photos in a row and it would stop letting me just click and click. There was a huge delay for each photo and I was getting really frustrated at how many photos I missed.

So first if you haven't seen Beauty and the Beast GO NOW!!!  omgosh, I will admit to being a bit worried at how they would change it. Yes there is a bit of backstory thrown in and 2 extra songs but everything else is just the same and word for word for almost the whole movie. I highly recommend that you see it in IMAX 3D for the incredible epic-ness of it but also for the sound quality as it is a musical. Its a gorgeous movie and far better than we expected. I am totally ready to go again!

I will be stuck in my house for 5 - 8 days starting monday because of interior painters and the new door and all. I am currently trying to take everything off walls, put breakables in tubs and pile everything in the center of rooms. Its like moving and I am not a fan. They aren't doing my scraproom. I will be moving with the cats from downstairs to upstairs as they finish an area so I will be able to scrap when we are moved to the upstairs. Anyway, I just dread putting all this stuff back after its done. What a mess! I am purging a bit and its nice to clean everything.

Thank you! It feels sooooooooooooo good to scrap after months of not. I'm having an awesome weekend! So nice to not be at work!! I LOVE SCRAPPING!! Especially Disney scrapping!

Having work done on the inside of the house is a PAIN. But you're right to look at it as an opportunity to purge & organize and when it's all done you are going to feel so good!! Hang in there!

Susan- I am so excited for your Disneyland trip! You are going to have so much fun!

So at AC Moore I ended up getting DCWV Minty Lace, Copper Blues and Modern Metallics and also the small Burlap Printed small stack. I have already ordered Toybox and Once Upon a Time Prince. Still on the fence about Say Cheese III and Magic and Wonder but I will probably end up ordering both of them. Any other lines you ladies have seen lately that would be perfect for Disney?
I finished phase one of photos which was at least get them all in albums and posted onto Facebook. Still need to go through and decide which ones to get printed for scrapping. I think this time I am going to order each park at a time vs jumping all over the place because I ended up forgetting what photos I had ordered and what needed scrapped.
Hubby and I are seeing Beauty and the Beast Tuesday! I am so excited!!
Other exciting news that my sister just texted me thisorning asking me if I would be interested in a Disney trip during her Fall Break. And for that trip we will be staying on property! Yay!! I really wanted to go in October because I have a feeling the September trip with the inlaws isn't going to go well. So yay!!

I just got the urge to post a new Challenge and please forgive the examples as I have not scrapped Pirates in a very long time. I will get a page done soon I hope. LOL!



Casey, that Minty lace has some cool papers and so does Copper Blues, not that I would just make a page with those alone, but they are good to mix in with other papers. Do you have that tropical looking stack called Watercolor with the pineapples? because I think it will work for some of your GF beach or Ohana photos. If you didn't get that Graphic 45 Safari collection you may want it. Those are the two that I thought of with your photos. I wish there were collections with actual Disney colors but they just don't make that kind of blue with red and green and stuff anymore. Just teal, aqua, pink, mustard. LOL! yes, have a printing strategy for sure! its tricky. YAY For an on property trip with Megan!!! that will be so fun

It was a fun scrappy weekend with the Project Mouse FANniversary. I posted another layout today (sorry for the flood in the gallery!) and I really love how it turned out. Very happy with two of the three layouts I posted this weekend.

The house is still a complete wreck (there's no way I can work 100 hours in two weeks and take the kids to & from school and feed them enough to keep them alive AND keep the house clean in the meantime, lol). Ron is a saint for being nice about me scrapping and not cleaning this weekend. It was really fun though!

Back to work tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure it will be back to the 3-day-a-week schedule and only for 6 hours at a time from now till May. We'll see.

I don't know why I did get that Graphic 45 collection when it first came out. I shall hunt it down because your right Susan it would be perfect. I will have to check out that Watercolor stack as well!

I had a coupon for a free book from Shutterfly so I made a little book for Sebastian with all pictures of all of his friends that he met! I think today during his nap I will start the process of figuring out what photos I want to order to scrap. Also want to go through and figure out what scrap supplies I need to leave out for these layouts!

Still in the process of putting things away from vacation but should finish that today. Pretty much it's just laundry left to put away.

For those of you who love We R Memory Keepers, there are a number of kits for a great price on Steals.com!

I had printed all of the photos relating to Disneyland's 60th birthday to put in a 60th album I bought while there on my birthday in June 2015, and I started the journaling and such last night. I am glad that I waited to do the journalling, as having that 'afterwards' perspective is amazing. What a celebration! It makes me want to go to DW for it's big birthday celebration coming up!

I know that most of us weren't keen on the Say Cheese lines once we tried to use them, but if you were wanting Say Cheese III, it is on Steals.com today for a good price. I used a lot of my Say Cheese doing 6x8 albums of a friend's bday trip, and in that smaller size, and in pocket pages, the lines worked out fairly well.

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