Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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The weekend was a tad chaotic, but I did manage to get all of our Frozen themed photos scrapped from various trips. I am absolutely loving the theme approach - more layouts seem to get done that way! I will take photos and post them soon, as a few were inspired by the challenges.

Hearing about your crazy weeks, Kathleen, made me think of my previous job where my days were often 12-16 hours long, plus working weekends sometimes. Not fun. Thankfully, where I'm at now (9.5 years now!) is 40 hour weeks, although I tend to do stuff outside of the office when needed. I have way more scrap time now!

Casey - sounds like you are having a great trip! You'll have a blast scrapping all those memories!

Susan - good to hear that Alex is better, and I think I love your cat from the IG photos and how mischevious he is, even though he should be behaving himself! He has such expressive eyes! I am very excited for the movie too! Great idea to get themed nails. We're planning on going Saturday morning, as Tom works until 7pm most nights, and that makes it difficult for evening movies. I am interested to hear what everyone thinks of it!

Oh, and before I forget: some of you were expressing interest in the Carta Bella line Toy Box. It is on Steals.com today at a good price!

Natalie- I can't wait to see what videos you come up with! Universal is going to be fun because it is really hard to find inspiration layout for those pictures.

Kathleen- holy hours! Hope you get to enjoy your break once you are done!

Chris- Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is so much fun! We did it our last trip as well and that's all hubby kept talking about the last couple years lol. It's something fun to do I. The middle of the day when the lines start to get way too long of wait lines. But it's free to play and there is the option to buy packs as well. Every day you go to the Magic Kingdom you can check into the Fire Station and get a free pack of cards per person in your group.

Just finished breakfast at Chef Mickey's and getting ready to hit the road. That was our first time actually going to the Contemporary and it's on our list to stay here sometime! Hopefully once we get settled we can plan some smaller trips and at one point stay here.
We have to stop in Virginia for the next couple days because hubby is opening up a new store. We are leaving 75-85 degree weather and arriving in the 30s and they are expecting a foot of snow starting tonight. But can't wait to start sorting through photos and start scrapping some of this trip!

Thanks for the info Casey. Hope you get to Virginia OK and hope you've got some warm clothes with you :)

Looking forward to seeing your layouts Tanya

Susan, I can't wait to see your Beauty & The Beast manicure! And I can't wait to see the film, I'm not too sure when it comes out over, I had better check!

Natalie, I am looking forward to watching your videos:-).

I am planning a National Scrapbooking Day event, it's a bit scary, as I would like to have new people come and to have an all inclusive price for about three classes and lunch, but I'm not sure how much people would be willing to pay for all that. I think it will be about £40-£45, what do Uk people think?
I think that's a bargain - I would suggest more in the region of £50-60 myself, if you are providing lunch. I assume the classes include all the materials and they would have use of other tools etc?

GoGo do an away day weekend (or two days but they don't provide accommodation) which is £150 for the weekend and they only provide tea, coffee and biscuits.

I would agree with Natalie - if you're providing three classes and lunch, I would charge a bit more, especially if the classes are a bit more in-depth.

Natalie - glad to hear it! Looking forward to your first video but I am terrible with titles and even worse with names.... hence CreativelySavvy and SketchSavvy. LOL!

Tanya - yes, savvy is a character! He is super expressive. Today he hasn't been as bad though so that is good. I was gone most of the day running errands with Perry. We ordered our door and things like that. I forgot primer for the house number board that I am putting together so I cant work on it and must scrap instead. :)

Julia - Good luck and thanks for reminding me to start on plans for our online crop weekend (week) here. I also think you are a bit light on the cost of your class with all of that included.

had wine at lunch with Perry and I am wondering if a nap would be a better idea than scrapping. LOL!

Would any of the following names work for a channel?

Come scrap with me

Come craft with me

The Disney Scrapper (and a bit of Universal!) - rather long and a total rip off of the name from this site! Lol

Disney Scrapbooking

Just keep Scrapbooking

Magical Memories

Dream, Live, Scrapbook.

Choosing something more generic will make it easier to do non-Disney pages, but I don't really plan on that, to be honest. I just want to stick with Disney ad Universal. I think that I could get away with using Disney in the name and include a bit of Universal - it's all theme parks after all. I'd rather have the name say exactly what it is than not.

What about Just keep Scrapping?

I like Dream, Live, Scrapbook (or scrap)

Julia I think cost should depend on how big a kit you are having for each class and what sort of lunch you're doing.

I am hoping the classes to be self led, so I won't take people through them, but I will be on hand to help in whatever way they need, I will have all my tools available as well. I don't want people to be put off by the price if they have never scrap booked before. I would like to make a bit of money as well;-). It's so difficult! I think I'm just going to have to go for it and see what happens. Any ideas of what is a good app or program to make a cool looking poster?
Scrap As Dreamers Do

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