Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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Oh I feel much better now, Merrick! Lol

Your album system is intriguing. I have my layouts in albums in chronological order - one for each year (except 2012). I have separate Disney/Florida albums for 2015 and 2016. Previous trips are all in my special Disney leather albums as I just don't have enough photos for individual albums. My eldest son, Matthew, has four volumes documenting his first year which was 2012 - basically we didn't do nothing that didn't revolve around him so I didn't bother with a separate album for that year!

Charlie will have his own album for his first year, but I'm trying to keep that smaller with longer stories about him. We will have a 207 album that will cover the rest of the stuff we do this year.

I love hearing about other peoples album systems.

Thanks for sharing your album process Merrick. I think it's interesting to see how other people sort their albums.

Did you do Shimelle's Cover to Cover class?

I've done my boys a school album and a scout album each (mix of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) but they may need expanding eventually as I'm not that up to date on them

Susan - Hope Alex and Savvy are doing better. It's so annoying when you're waiting and don't get given correct information. And cats just don't want to be told what to do even when it's for their own good :)

Natalie - 5 pages a week - you're whizzing along. Let us know if you do make a video

Janeen enjoy your concert (or if you've already been, hope you enjoyed it :) )

Casey it's been lovely hearing your updates each day. I'm not on IG so haven't seen the photos. Enjoy your last day. You've fitted so much into your trip

I've just been finishing off a page from years ago that I found half done (not in an album!! ;) ) and its Junkitz Cousins papers. My boys are 4 and 1 in the photos and it's them with their cousins :) Finished now so it can go in an album

Started working on an AK tiger page last night but I need 1 more sheet of paper to make it work.

Off to my Mum's for lunch today

Sebastian got his first kiss last night! Ariel loved Sebastian and his face was priceless! We got to see Wishes last night so yay! I am going to miss it but can't wait to see what the new show will be.
Today is our last park day which will be spent in Magic Kingdom. I have fast passes to meet the rest of the princesses and I promised hubby plenty of time to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.
Tomorrow is breakfast at Chef Mickey's before we leave. We are staying in Virginia for a couple days because hubby has a store he has to help open this week.

That is so cute Casey. Remember that to tease him when he's older :)

Let me know how Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdome goes. The boys were asking how it worked today and I don't know so any information would be great :)

Thanks ladies. The concert was really awesome last night. It was with some Christian bands...Hawk Nelson and Jeremy Camp and I had a blast!

Now today is more scrapping and hoping to finish up another Disney layout and share my latest creations. :)

I organize my albums chronologically too Natalie with trip albums interspersed between. I also have a "holding album" where I put any layouts that I was inspired to scrap out of order. Since I typically scrap in order it works for me. :)

oh Natalie I would love for you to do process videos! I would totally like to have you share them here too. I am not good with video at all so I would really appreciate if you did. I love your style and I do think there is a gap for that kind of thing from a good disney scrapper. PLEASE :)

Merrick - I want to come over and put together your albums! I love the way you have them divided because I have thought I should re-organize all of ours. Then I decided that although the boys love their albums, they don't want them, so I would like to take photos of all of the oldest albums and that way I can make digital folders by date and they can all have  a copy. Then I will give them each ONE album that is from when they were very little with like birthdays and stuff, and then Alex and Christopher will each get their band albums. oh and alex has a scout album.  Your layouts and journaling of the boys things really impress me. I was good with it til I started design work and then it went south.

Cris - I had to laugh when you mentioned old Junkitz products. Kathleen and I worked with the owners, Stacey and Kenny at Inque Boutique and I always hated how they lost their company in dealings with a very bad man who was involved in taking down several small mfgs. They were very creative and sweet people with fun characters because they were from New Jersey.

Casey that is priceless!!!! You are going to have to have someone make mr Sebastian a shirt with sebastian and one of his phrases on it for one of his next visits. Enjoy the last day! and good luck house hunting

Janeen - the concert sounds so fun! I used to listen to Christian bands when I was a teen and 20 something. Imperials, Amy Grant, Steve Chapman era. Those concerts were so clean and not stinky at all, people were way more polite. LOL! And since I had gone to others, that was something that stood out for me.  Silly thing to remember but I remember all my friends had fun and no drama.

I am about to start scrapping. I ran into a problem with my pc and didn't get anything done yesterday. Also I am on the paper issues facebook group and hadn't really noticed their challenges til today. They have some really good ones! Its nice for me to do a challenge that isn't mine now and then.

So much fun talk about WDW (loving your trip reports, Casey!) and scrapbooking! I'm almost able to participate, lol. With March 15th being the major deadline that my kind of work involves, I'm almost done with "crazy time". I've put in 100 hours these last two weeks and I'm ready to go back to my part-time 3-days-a-week schedule!

I finally scrapped something I like last night. It was a layout for a new Project Mouse bundle coming out next week. We saw the Tangled show at the Royal Theatre in Fantasyland at Disneyland in April 2014 and I used pics from that for the layout. I'll post it in the gallery when the kit releases. 

The weather in finally GORGEOUS and Ron and I are about to do our 5-mile walk. It will be nice to get outside after weeks of 6-days-a-week inside at work! Orlanda, did I ever ask  you where you live? I'm in the Sacramento area.

Kathleen, wow! 100 hours in two weeks! That's pretty impressive! I hope it settles down for you again soon.

omgosh, 100 hours! That sounds exhausting! I hope you are eating and sleeping correctly. Thats how you get sick! Looking forward to seeing your page and the new bundle. Have a nice time on your walk!

I just finished a layout for the March inspiration challenge. I am going to scrap another Flower and Garden page because I scrapped it a long time ago and gave it to my sister for her book. I was just thinking I could scrap all day tomorrow, but then I remembered I have 2 errands to run and I HAVE to go have a Beauty and the Beast manicure! LOL! Perry and I got IMAX 3D tickets for Friday with my friend and her daughter. I can not even wait. I may go again with another friend too. I went to Kohls and got a tshirt too :)  I wanted to go Thursday night but the IMAX 3D was kind of full and the seats weren't great.

Kathleen - I'm in Livermore. Not too far from Sac. It has been nice weather finally. 100 hrs, that's allot of work. Hope you get to do something fun afterwards.
So I've looked into it a bit more and had a think and I'm definitely going to do a video. I thought that I would film it and then do a voice over cutting the video down to about 10-15 mins max. The thing that will take the longest is the editing as I've never done that before but I've got some apps and software that look easy enough to use.

What I do need is a name for my YT channel - any ideas? I'm not sure if I want Disney in the name as I may do some Universal stuff as well. I'm scratching my head on this so if anyone wants to throw out an idea.... I'm all ears as the Mouse would say. Lol

Kathleen - I hope you a nice break to look forward after clocking up those hours! My husband is an accountant and tax season is awful for him too - ours is end Jan.

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