Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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I don't really youtube so I'm  no help.

I've been scrapping like CRAZY for Calvinball. I've made more than 50 pages IN MARCH.

Merrick, I've seen your pages on IG - you are doing so well! I've made two this month and that's a r cord for about the last six!
Merrick, have you got albums to put them all in?
Natalie- Charlie sounds like such a little cutie! That's a good question about YouTube videos. I get a lot of Disney inspiration layouts off of Pinterest (which I am pretty sure 99% of them end up being layouts Susan has done) but YouTube would be fun to watch!
Susan- poor Alex and Savvy! At least for Alex you have seen some sort of improvement. Hopefully it keeps going in a positive direction. And hopefully Savvy can figure out he needs to take it easy a little bit so he can heal properly!

Thursday was Animal Kingdom and it was a hot one that day! Sebastian though is apparently a huge Doc McStuffins fan. Michael would put him on the ground and he would take off towards her even from the opposite side of the room. So they spent a lot of time together and it made everyone's day.
Friday was our third anniversary so the morning we spent it in Magic Kingdom and I swear it was the day where if it could go wrong it will. First the monorail was down so it took forever to get on the ferry. And of course by the time we were on the ferry the monorail was back up and running. We rushed over to Buzz since we had a fast pass that was now expired. While we were in the first room it broke down and we were stuck for about 10 minutes. They did finally manage to get it up and running again though. We did lunch at BOG and it was delicious! And I got my Rose Cup from there so yay! We had a couple other fast passes so we did those real quick and then got ready to head off to Epcot for our Behind the Seeds tour. We stopped and did photos of Sebastian on the ground at Magic Kingdom where he was almost stepped on (again). Then we stopped to pick up a birthstone Mickey statue for Sebastian and holy cow was this lady slow. It took at least 5 minutes to check out and we were the only people there. We finally made it to the Epcot monorail only for him to announce that he needed to restart to the monorail so that was another 10 minutes. We ended up missing our tour but fortunately was able to go on the later one. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot of new things. We did dinner at San Angel inside Mexico and it was OK. We had a fantastic table right next to the water though. Sebastian had fun waving to everyone.
Today is Epcot day to finish eating at the different booths and get pictures of the topiaries. I believe hubby said we are going to swing Magic Kingdom later tonight to watch Wishes because we haven't done that yet. Tomorrow is our last full day and we are spending it in Magic Kingdom.
Whoa way to go Merrick with the layouts! I have seen them them on Instagram and you are going to town!

Good day everyone! Anyone scrapping today? Its a nice day here in Northern California but I'd rather be scrapping of course. I've completed a Moana page and am set to start my Tink page so thats what I have planned, hope everyone has a chance to have some fun scrapping or whatever you might be doing this weekend.

Merrick - loving the pages and that photo of the EP 6x6 that you killed. Great job! You have us all beat here on our LOAD thread. I thought it was funny that Julia asked if you had them all in an album. LOL!  I am bad about only putting them away every couple of months but since I am so far behind on scrapping its ok. You would have an avalanche!

Casey - Happy Anniversary again!!! I am super excited that you were able to get me that Beauty and the Beast Flower and Garden pin. Thanks so much. Also that video of sebastian and Doc Mc Stuffins is hilarious! omgosh, he is too much. So glad you did the BOG lunch, it is so amazing and I am happy to hear you got the cup. I know its a hard one to find.  LOVE that tour so I am glad you did it. Was it just you guys or were other people with you? When we went it was just us and we got to ask lots of questions. I hope you do get to do Wishes since it is going away for good soon. I mean I am sure the new show will be amazing but I will miss Wishes. Have fun!

Today started out really annoying. I drove over by alex's apartment to get his very expensive pills at the pharmacy that he uses which is at a walmart. Well... it was supposed to open at 9. I was there and they kept telling us we were waiting for the pharmacist to arrive and I waited an hour and a half only to find out that the pharmacist had an accident and this whole time they were trying to call in someone from another location and hadn't found anyone who could yet so they didn't even know if anyone would be coming. oh I was mad. So I am home now and will have to try again tomorrow but I am totally calling first. The good news is that its an icky rainy day, Perry is working, Savvy is asleep, and I get to scrap all afternoon!

Anyone else scrapping? And have you gone to comment in the gallery lately? so many really fun layouts to make you want to scrap and to make you want to go to the parks!

Ughhh I never put things in albums...I have literally hundreds of layouts to put away lol

Wow it sounds like everyone has been super busy! I'm scrapping for awhile this afternoon but heading to a concert tonight so I only have a few hours. I really want to get my Mission Space layout finished and maybe get started on another one. But I have all day to scrap tomorrow so I will hopefully get a few layouts done and be able to upload too. :)

I put my layouts away in albums as soon as I get them done. My Disney ones I don't actually organize until I have them all done and then I organize by parks. But the rest of my layouts are all organized in my albums. I put post-its inside the album to tell me where my layouts go because I usually have planned out what pages I am going to make ahead of time and if they will be single or double. I sometimes have to rearrange but at least I have a home for my layouts when they are finished. 

Merrick - I'm crying into my hands at this lol - I can't bear layouts not in albums. All those beautiful pages just in stacks. I need to lie down in a dark room.

Merrick D said:

Ughhh I never put things in albums...I have literally hundreds of layouts to put away lol

What an annoying day, Susan. I hate it when things like that happen, but at least there's a silver lining to those rain clouds! lol  My husband had Lyrica as well - he might still be taking it - he takes a lot of pills it seems. We have to pay for prescriptions in the UK as well, but it is a fixed price on the NHS. I can't remember the last time I had to take a prescription drug (other than meds after having surgery with Charlie, of course).

I scrapped again tonight - I'm definitely on a roll and enjoying myself. I'm targeting five pages a week which is just about doable for me at the moment. I've got photos in page protectors and sketches chosen, so I just flip to a page that I feel like doing and find some papers. There are papers everywhere at the moment, so I tend to just grab a box and see what I can make work. 

Casey, sounds like your last few days have had some ups and downs - enjoy MK and the fireworks and have a safe journey home. 

I'm thinking about doing a process video for YouTube - it seems there is a gap for a Disney scrapper so I might actually acquire some subscribers! I'll have to think about it. I quite like the idea of doing it, but I'm not sure I can commit to any regular schedule. I also have very limited experience editing video so I'd need some really intuitive software! I do like to watch other scrapbookers in their process and hear how they make their choices. I don't want to have a blog or anything, but I quite fancy a YouTube channel. I'll give it some thought.

Natalie -- they're not all in stacks -- I have 12x12 file folders where they get stored LOL

Because I scrap in a very non-chornological fashion AND I don't organize albums 'by year' ... letting them stack up actually results in them in a more sensible order IN the album (eventually).  I have scrapped pics from 2012 -2016 this week.

I organize my albums like this:

*Oldest (all pages that are just about him -- his activities, his events, his sports, etc.)

*Oldest Scouts (3 albums - Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Eagle Scout - - these are actually finished albums ~~weep~~)

*Muppet Boy (all pages that are just about him -- his activities, his events, his sports, etc.)

*Muppet Boy Scouts (3 albums - Cub Scout, Boy Scout and eventually there will be an Eagle Scout album)

*Sherlock (all pages that are just about him -- his activities, his events, his sports, etc.)

*Sherlock Scouts (3 albums - Cub Scout, Boy Scout and eventually Eagle Scout)

*Christmas -- all Christmas layouts

*Halloween -- all Halloween layouts

*Family  - everything that doesn't go in one of the above (this sounds like not much but is really a significant portion of layouts)

 *Specific Albums for Specific Trips and Vacations

*Project 12/Project Life -- since 2007 I've been doing some form of Monthly documentation -- fist with P12 and monthly PageMaps sketches for 2 page layouts, and more recently with pocket pages.

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