Hi everyone and HAPPY SPRING!!!

This is the spot to say hi and introduce yourself. We do not have a chat box yet so we just chat here and catch up

Who is going to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival this spring?

Anyone have a fun trip planned this month?

Maybe you are just spring cleaning or scrapping and wishing you were at a park?

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Hey everyone! We are at Epcot today and having so much fun! Sebastian has been loving every moment of it! If anyone is ever on the fence about taking a little one to Disney because they are "too young" do it! It is such a different trip watching him experience everything. Here is his new girlfriend.
And his new buddy Donald!

These are super adorable photos!!!!!  Wow!!!
Casey Lane said:

Hey everyone! We are at Epcot today and having so much fun! Sebastian has been loving every moment of it! If anyone is ever on the fence about taking a little one to Disney because they are "too young" do it! It is such a different trip watching him experience everything. Here is his new girlfriend.
Oh Casey he is so precious. Those are going to be so fun for you to scrapbook. How's the weather this time of year?

How's Alex doing, Sus?

Julia - we wont' know til he completes training what planes he will pilot but his dream is AC-130s.

Like this:


Casey -- you're right on (and he's ADORABLE!)  -- that's what I tell people when they talk about their kids being too little or "waiting until they'll remember it" Ummm they may not remember it but *I WILL*.

Morning all

Great Photos Casey. Sebastian looks like he's having a fun time with his new friends

Hope Alex is feeling better today Susan

Orlanda- yesterday was about 85 degrees so a little hot walking around Epcot. The next few days are suppose to be low to mid 70s before it goes back. So overall the weather isn't too bad.
Merrick- I agree. They may not remember but I certainly will. And when they are old enough it will just be another whole new experience.
Thanks everyone! It's official, I now I have a one year old (happy tears). Today we are celebrating by going to Magic Kingdom. Crystal Palace for lunch and then first hair cut today!

Happy Birthday Sebastian :)

Have a great day at MK Casey and hope the haircut goes well

I had so much fun seeing the photos yesterday, Casey! Thanks so much for lugging around the flower pot for me :) He is so excited this morning. I hope he has a magical Birthday! Cant wait to see the haircut photos. I will be keeping an eye on the weather because I really want to go this time of year next time. I am just afraid of overlapping spring breaks and I want it to be warm enough to swim.

Alex said this morning that his back feels noticeably better but his toes are still very uncomfortable which worries me. He has been in pain for a month and really ready for it to be over. Thank goodness his girlfriend is helping him out or his mood would be bad too. She is very sweet and I am hoping she sticks around

ok so somehow the rest of my reply got lost yesterday so I will tell you guys again in short.... Last weekend Perry powerwashed the landscaping bricks, porch, part of the driveway, and the back patio and since I live in a tropical zone in houston, we get black and green mold so it looks like new now. Its a new powerwasher so he accidentally scraped the skin off part of his leg by letting the water hit it, luckily not too terribly bad, just like a badly skinned knee on his shin. Anyway, then he "washed" my door... that didn't go well. He took off the black mold, the varnish and large sections of wood...and water came in past the entry tile onto my carpet but that is no biggie. Well, we are getting a new door. Turns out people at home depot/lowes type places do not want to sell wood doors "because it's houston" um, no I have had a heavy wooden door everywhere I have lived and I am not having a fiberglass or metal front door. So we are having one made. It has to be in a somewhat colonial style, but perry wants a bit of leaded glass in the top. I was voting for the half circle with wooden spokes up top, but we settled for half circle with leaded design that is kind of spoke like. I want a white front door this time after looking around. So yesterday I got the hardware and I am trying to figure out what to do about the threshold. Its a brass piece that folds over a concrete step to look like a brass step. Well its built into and under the frame and all and all of the houses in this section of our subdivision have it in brass. But brass is apparently OUT and brushed nickel or black is the thing. I don't want black so I picked brushed nickel... going to look dumb with that threshold. TIRED of having to replace one thing after another.

So today our crew started tearing out the old decking that runs between the left side of the house and the missing fence and they are going to build a new one and a fence. So I cant leave the house and that means SCRAPPING ALL DAY! yay! I have posted 2 new challenges but I have a couple more to add soon.

Anyone else scrapping this weekend?

Oh and by the way I have Casey's mom shopping for me at Epcot F&G and Nancy shopping for me in Aulani. I feel like I have personal shoppers :) I have issues with disney shopping

 *** I have the March Challenges posted. I hope you like them and that they will inspire some layouts ***

if you haven't looked at the LOAD challenges this year, I have added a few prompts :)


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