March April LOAD (Layout a day) Challenge

Don't worry - most of us do not expect to get a layout finished every day but last year it really helped to motivate some of us to get some pages finished.

Feel free to post links to your disney layouts from other load challenges here as well. We just want to finish pages and inspire each other.

Create a layout each day and get some of those trips finished!

To help you get started here are some prompts for this month, feel free to use them several times if you like or not at all:

1. Use flowers on your layout (paper, embellishment)

2. DUCKS and Bunnies :Include a Disney duck or bunny in your layout (photos of a real or character duck or bunny)

3. Photos of Disney landscaping topiaries or flowers or Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival

4. Use the colors Pink and Green on your page somewhere

5. Include a fairy somewhere on your layout

6. Two words: Pixie Dust

7. Zip a dee doo dah!....

Try this:

I used the watercolor butterflies that I created to make some embellishments using some of the punches in my stash. #marthastewartpunches #eksucess #fiskarspunch #diyembellishments #handmadeembellishments #snailmailidea #snailmail #paperembellishments:



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ok I am REALLY hopeful about getting pages finished this month! LOL! My goal is 10 layouts per month. I have one sort of started.

I am hoping to get lots of layouts done since I have a week and a half of spring break to scrap. :) My total for March-April is 4 so far....and they are all Disney. I just posted them in my gallery.  This one here uses the pink and green challenge...I did add in some other colors but I really tried to use these colors in multiple places on my layout. 

I am very impressed Janeen! All of these are great and you are really making me want to keep scrapping and try to catch up. I just finished one. I will take photos of some pages tomorrow. I think this next week is going to be very scrappy.

I need to work out how many I've done this month. Finished the Junkitz one and I've got a couple on the go.

Love your teacups layout Janeen. Lovely colours

I've done 7 layouts the last couple of days including one double + the Junkitz one. All of them are old (2005) and none of them are Disney :(

2 are from my Uncle's 60th birthday and the rest are from a Scout Group family camp with a medieval theme. They are only simple but I'm quite pleased with them. Some of the colours were tricky

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