Happy New Year Everyone and I hope you are ready for some new challenges!

This sketch will feature a special photo or main photo. I left room in the lower part of the sketch in case you would like to add a second smaller photo like a 2" or 3" square where I have the date.

Think about turning the sketch or flipping it, you can do snowflakes if you have holiday park photos or maybe circles, hearts, stars, or mickey icons.

Have fun, share your layout in the gallery, and come back here to share a link to inspire the rest of us.

I hope to have an example to share soon :)



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Love this! And I have the perfect snowflake embellishments. I may be doing this one a few times!

Ok here's my take on the sketch. It was perfect for my photos at Christmas in 2012. I ended up using a photo collage because I had so many good pictures I wanted to use. :)

YAY!!!! What a perfect example of how to make a sketch your own. I love your snowflakes and  that photo collage is so perfect to replace any photos in a sketch but more so here. Thanks so much for sharing.

Funny thing is that I am doing a snowflake page and tried to use the sketch and it just looked terrible and I had to change gears. I am starting over.

I'm working on this one.  I hope it doesn't have to be snowflakes.  My photo is from the Animal Kingdom.  ;-)

Janeen:  This is beautiful and very inspiring!  Thank you for sharing your layout!!!

oh no, adapt it however you like

Janeen-That is amazing!  I love that!

I love your sketches Susan!

Here is my layout I did based on the sketch


Donna, your layout is so much fun!!!

I'm hoping I did this right.  I really am so very backwards when it comes to posting my photos onto websites besides Facebook.  

This is my attempt at this sketch.  I had a lot of fun with it.  The photo is from our WDW trip back in 2011.  This is hubby!  


thank you Wendy, yours is fabulous. The layout is perfect for the pic!

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