Don't worry - most of us do not expect to get a layout finished every day but last year it really helped to motivate some of us to get some pages finished.

Feel free to post links to your disney layouts from other load challenges here as well. We just want to finish pages and inspire each other.

Create a layout each day and get some of those trips finished!

To help you get started here are some prompts for this month, feel free to use them several times if you like or not at all:

1. My Happy Place


3. Couples

4. Layout  - look for an element of inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83246293084302525/

5. Minnie 

6. Polka dots

7. Castle

8. Sweets

9. You make me smile

10. Worth the Wait

11. Tag inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83246293086295289/

12. Sweet!

13. "Cats and Rabbits would reside in fancy little houses" (alice)

14. Red

15. Fluffy

valentine garland:

Strung-paper curtain:

Now I am not suggesting you rush your pages at all, because I want you to be able to open those albums and really love every page.

So what are your goals for January - February?

and do you have a plan?

What would help us here at Disney Scrappers to get more people to play along with LOAD?


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OMG I've just done another 2 pages - 10 this month

I didn't actually use photos for these 2 as they are for theatre shows I've been to see, so I used the flyer for the show but it's worked ok. They are only simple but they're in the album now :)

I'm up to 5 layouts this month. I just posted my latest 4 Disney ones in the gallery, plus I did one non-Disney layout. I'm hoping to spend more time this weekend and get a few more finished!

Nice Cris! How many have you done now?

Loving the pages Janeen!

I am cleaning my scraproom and plan to start a page but my printer is being a problem the black ink seems to be clogged - like the print head or something. I may have to have perry take it apart and see if he can fix it. The problem is that he really really doesn't like doing that. I wanted to do a page non-disney for my sister. One of her 2 aging dogs is not doing well and they will lose him to cancer soon so I wanted to do a page with her dogs now because I know she would love it.

That's a lovely thing to do for your sister Susan. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Hope you sort out your printer problem

I haven't done any pages in February :(. I've been off all week but haven't done any. Have done some sorting of supplies though.

Well.....I spent hours trying to fix the printer. Took out the actual mechanism and cleaned it according to what they recommend online and nothing worked. Here is the strange part, today I really just wanted to print those photos so I  tried it and I can print photos! Just no text! LOL! It's the normal black that isn't working so I am going to use Perrys printer for that kind of thing. Just happy to be able to print photos at this point. I am now cleaning off the desk and picking papers to scrap her photos. I stole them off her facebook page so they aren't great resolution but a couple printed really well. And I am totally using the inspiration above for the page because the dogs birthday hats have polka dots. LOL!

Look forward to seeing the finished page Susan

I posted the disney one but here is the birthday one


Now that my scraproom is cleaned up I am looking forward to scrapping tomorrow

Those photos are lovely. Great colours in the papers

thanks Cris. I had fun with it

I am bummed that I didn't get to scrap this weekend. We had alot to do in the yard and I am not finished but I may squeeze some scrapping time in today.

I completed another 5 layouts this weekend including 2 new Disney ones I completed and they are in the gallery. I might try to get down in my scrap room tomorrow. If not it won't be until the weekend.

5?! wow, thats so cool and I am jealous! I will have the new March April LOAD thread up in a little while so watch for it


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