Don't worry - most of us do not expect to get a layout finished every day but last year it really helped to motivate some of us to get some pages finished.

Feel free to post links to your disney layouts from other load challenges here as well. We just want to finish pages and inspire each other.

Create a layout each day and get some of those trips finished!

To help you get started here are some prompts for this month, feel free to use them several times if you like or not at all:

1. My Happy Place


3. Couples

4. Layout  - look for an element of inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83246293084302525/

5. Minnie 

6. Polka dots

7. Castle

8. Sweets

9. You make me smile

10. Worth the Wait

11. Tag inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/83246293086295289/

12. Sweet!

13. "Cats and Rabbits would reside in fancy little houses" (alice)

14. Red

15. Fluffy

valentine garland:

Strung-paper curtain:

Now I am not suggesting you rush your pages at all, because I want you to be able to open those albums and really love every page.

So what are your goals for January - February?

and do you have a plan?

What would help us here at Disney Scrappers to get more people to play along with LOAD?


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My goal is to finish up some valentines that I am making for a friend to give to her friends and then start scrapping for me again. I have not really gotten started on my december daily yet and I would like to work on those as well as just scrapping my disney trips.

I haven't been up here in my scraproom much at all for months and I really just want to create every day to get back into the groove so my pages aren't so forced. I don't have a goal number or plan for this month except that I would like to do all of the January and February Challenges like the Sketches and inspiration, and hopefully some of the prompts here because some sound fun.

I love some of these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

I am hoping to get back into the swing of layouts as well. I love my Book of Gratitude from November and my Holiday Daily, but that format takes more time than you realize! Plus, those months were crazy busy with everything going on. I am hoping February is a bit calmer and more scrapping can happen!

I am hoping to play along some more as well. The beginning of the month I may not be able to get much scrapping done but I am hoping to at least get some layouts done.  I just want to work on more of my December 2012 trip and catch up on my January and February 2012 everyday layouts. I'm trying to scrap those as the year goes so I don't end up scrapping only Disney this year...which will happen if I don't make myself do other scrapping. 

I am determined to get some scrapping done this month! My goal will be to finish my Halloween scrapbook.
I also need to figure out what kind of projects I want to make for our Disney trip.

See Janeen I was rarely scrapping non disney and finally I decided its ok. I may do a page here and there that arent disney but I am mostly scrapping because its fun and disney pages are the most fun.

I still working on these valentines but at least I am creating. Looking forward to finishing :)

Tanya - that format is WAY harder for me and takes me a long time so I totally understand

I can't scrap an entire trip. I love the freedom of just scrapping whatever I want based on what inspires me at any given time.

However! Recently I sat down and made a tally of the layouts in each of my albums here on Disney Scrappers.
I realized I had MANY Epcot layouts.
Quite a few Magic Kingdom layouts.
But other parks, resorts, or destinations were really coming up short. So my goal is to increase my Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, the resort hotels, Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney layouts this year.

Morning all

Well I didn't have a goal for January but have done 8 pages which is great for me. Only 1 is Disney but I'm pleased to have them done. I'll try for a couple more in January and then aim for the same in February I think. I have got a week off work in February as the kids have a week off school (half term holiday)

My friend and I were just talking about having a regular scrapbooking evening and also doing some Christmas card making throughout the year

I need to get some more Disney done as we might be going back this summer. Still haven't finished 2005 or 2011 :)

oh laurie, that is a great goal!!! I need to get myself to scrap more DHS and AK, mostly DHS because I am really bad about that. I think I need to try to scrap some more DLR this year since we are going in the fall. My last two trips were with Nancy and I didn't scrap much at all so I need to do more of our pages.

Cris - 8 is awesome! Last year my best month was 14 I think so I would like to beat that this year at some point. You are lucky to have a scrappy friend near by! I want to scrap with you guys.

Well today I am actually about to make a sketch and scrap! At least that is my plan. I have most of the day and a fairly empty desk.

Anyone else scrapping?

I tend to skip DAK because there's only so many pages you can do that are green and brown!

And yes, more sketches please!! Lots and lots of them!!

my goal is to finish our March trip. we went twice last year, which was crazy. Not going this year, my son is a senior and cant miss that much school.

Good Luck Donna - hopefully you don't take thousands of photos like I do. LOL!

Laurie - I actually cheated and made a sketch from a layout that I already had finished, but I am about to start a second sketch for Feb.

I finished a layout for the inspiration challenge for Feb but I screwed it up totally with some bad hand stitching. I think if I change the color of the stitching it might help. I cant think of a way to hide the mistakes so I just have to improve them.

I do always,  I have to come up with new ways to scrap t h e same pictures! Lol

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