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Whether you are getting ready for a Disney Park trip, needing to get fit AFTER a Disney trip with that meal plan, or just wanting to get healthy, this is the place!

We all need a bit of encouragement and sometimes need to be held accountable.

Check in here, talk, vent, keep track, whatever helps

Do you have goals? a plan?

a great recipe???

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Here's an evening snack that is very helpful.  I can't recall where I learned of it but it works.  1 to 2 rice cakes and hot tea.  The rice cakes bloat in your tummy from the hot tea.  I only drink herbal teas so it doesn't keep me up.  I can't go to bed with an empty stomach.   I can't fall asleep.  This trick really works!  Rice cakes are any where from 30 to 50 calories each.  

My goals this week are to go to the gym 3 times and to Spin on my bike 5 times.  My youngest son and I went to Planet Fitness this morning.  I did 30 minutes cardio on the Arc Trainer.  Its my favorite machine!  I was totally getting into the playlist I was listening to!  Then I did the 2 leg machines that are a MUST for my knees.  I did 2 sets of 20.  I did them VERY slowly and my legs BURNED!!!  Sometime this afternoon I need to spin and do a good stretch before helping a friend this evening.  So I'm staying in my workout clothes while I scrap a bit.  ;-)  Working on a BAT layout from the Maharajah Jungle Trek.  

Tomorrow morning I'm going to the gym with my 2nd youngest son.  I'll do the arc trainer again for cardio and arms & back machines.  

Oh!  PS:  I'm not allowed to walk, run, jog, jump or anything that causes impact.  My youngest and I want to go to WDW in April next year so I need to get this knee in good shape.  We will have to plan a rest day every other day and NO sitting down on the ground!!!  Getting up from sitting in front of the castle while waiting for fireworks was how I hurt my (already injured) knee in the first place.  

Wendy that is fantastic news! I am glad you are seeing results so quickly.

Julia - I would kill for a green smoothie right now! I am not able to have them very often. I crave things in the evening too and it is so hard.

I stalled out on my weight loss and not being able to get real exercise is part of the problem and also I was sneaking in carbs without thinking. I had several salads with like nuts and cranberries. My gummy vitamins are too many carbs. Then I had actual Caesar dressing at a restaurant... sounds like nothing but when you have several of those cheats a day on a low carb diet it really adds up. So I am taking note now and trying to remember that the last time I lost weight was before full on menopause and life is not the same now. Today for lunch I am having a salad mix with 3 cherry tomatoes and a chicken breast cut up, but rather than my normal yogurt dressing I put a bit of lime juice and a spicy seasoning that gives it a kick. Not as bad as I thought.  The other major fail is my water intake. I keep falling back into bad habits. The big jug wasn't inspiring me so I filled my glass pitcher today and I am trying to finish it. Its pretty with limes in the water and it might be in my head but it tastes better.

Losing weight is just tough.  I often times wish it would fall right off.  But studies, and the Biggest Loser Show, have proved slow is best for keeping it off.  But that requires patience.  UGH!  And diligence AND perseverance!!!

I didn't need my chair at work on Friday so I'm going to leave it in the car today.  That's progress.  I see my orthopedic doctor tomorrow.  :)

I stepped on the scale and I've lost a pound since I came home from my vacation where I gained 4 pounds.  So, I'm still 3 in the hole from the vacation.  It goes on so fast and easy and takes forever to come back off!!!

I'm getting ready to spin on my bike.  Then off to work and then to the gym where my son is going to meet me.  Knowing someone is going to be meeting me there helps me to get there after 5 hours of folding towels.  Because the folding has to be done so quickly and each towel put away and some ladder climbing as well...that turns into a bit of a workout. :)  The past 2 weeks I haven't had the energy to go to the gym after a towel day.  Also my knee has ached.  However, I'm determined to go today.  I'm totally off my pain killers, too!!

I don't worry about vegetable carbs at all.  Its the breads and sugars I need to stay FAR FAR FAR away from.  I was at an event on Saturday and there was dark chocolate cake.  I went with my friend Lisa who is also "Sugar Dumping" and she stayed strong so I did, too.  I would not have had she not been there for support.  Generally, I don't go to church events anymore because of the high volume of white rolls and sweets.  But I feel I need to get out there and make new friends, etc.  It was difficult with people eating that cake at the same table as me and some of them left some on their plate (I was drooling inside) and I really about died!  Lisa kept asking me if I wanted to leave early but I pushed through.  I feel like I made some huge progress on my commitment.  I know I wouldn't have had that pound loss on the scale this morning if I had indulged.  

I just came back from seeing my orthopedic doctor again.  Its my last visit unless the problem gets worse or a new problem arises.  Over all it was really good.  He told me what leg machines I can and cannot use.  Sadly, the ones I've been concentrating on are on the NEVER use them list.  

He was happy with my muscle development and how the swelling is going down.  He said that as long as I work out steadily and consistently between now and next April that he sees no reason why I can't go to WDW with my son.  :)   He also gave me a list of restrictions for work that are indefinite.  I'll have to sit down with my store manager about them.  I think its something he will be okay with.  Hopefully I won't be saying I'm looking for a new job soon.  

The one thing that makes me sad is that I'm not allowed to do my aerobic exercise videos EVER again.  As in NEVER.  He was adamant about that.  He said to throw them away or give them away.  I've handed them to one of my sons and asked him to check them out and see which ones he wants and will do.  Otherwise, I'll give them to friends.  I have some I really LOVE so I'll be sad to see them go.  Really sad.  I might not be able to give them up.  Hopefully my son will like those ones and they can stay in the family.  They're like good friends.  I know...that's a little crazy.  

Wendy, how come you can't do the aerobic videos? Surely as you lose weight your knee will improve more and more and then you will be able to do more and more.

My doctor is adamant about no impact.  He believes the cardio videos have done a lot of the damage I now have with my right knee.  I have to do cardio on machines from now on.  I will always need to ride my spinning bike daily AND belong to a gym to have workout variety for my leg muscles.  

When I was a young I seriously wanted to be a ballerina.  I took classes 6 and even 7 days a week (during Nutcracker) in San Francisco and had Ford Foundation Scholarships through New York City Ballet Company and was on target to join SF ballet or move to NYC like others I knew and join a major US ballet company.  Ballet ruined my knees!!!  And my feet...but that's another story.  I've had 2 surgeries on my left knee and one on my right...all while I was a teen.  Because of the surgeries...my knees have been permanently altered. The way I understand it is that they moved my ligaments around.   I have large screws in my knees and I get swiped at airports and other security locations.  Not Disney though.  They say their security towers are not as intense as the airport ones.  Anyway, because of the surgeries, my knees cannot handle impact any more without continually damaging them.  Oh...if I want to be crippled later in life and ride a scooter...I can keep it up.  But I don't want that.  I'm not even allowed to walk more than is necessary and I have to be careful on Disney vacations.  

I get really good workouts on these machines and my muscles are super sore these days.  The scale is moving too, which is a happy thing!!!  The doctor is very happy with my muscle strength and says to keep it up.  

My cousin and I are doing 5 squats every time we go to the bathroom.  I have to do them with my back against the wall.  Its amazing how challenging that is.  In time, my doctor wants me to do one leg squats holding a kettle bell.  I'll have to work up to that.  

Oh my ortho dr said that over 50 no one should do any impact exercises ever! Like no running unless you have trained all your life and have a diet that has strengthened your bones and no arthritis or bone issues in the family. That includes much of aerobic exercise. He is a strong believer in a recumbant bike and swimming for older people if they don't want to have surgeries and pain.

I am very glad you are doing better! love the squats idea!

I am sore as can be from all the moving things and lifting things in the house for the painting. I am not happy about the weight loss but it's temporary. I was seriously 1 ounce from my first 10 lb goal and then we couldn't eat at home much for 4 days and I am up 2 lbs! Even just having super light salads with chicken or grilled chicken and veggies at some places. Its that they have a light sauce that I am sure has not only carbs but salt. Plus I am so hungry and have had 3 meals a day. I feel like once the house is in order, I will drop a couple of lbs.

Well I'm back on ANOTHER diet & exercise regimen. I always gain weight over the winter because of not being able to get out and walk. I'm hurting a bit now because my walking has been sporadic since we came back from our Macy's Parade trip 4 MONTHS AGO! Yep, doesn't take much time to pack on weight! I just got back from a 4 mile walk and I'm SORE! We have all decided to start eating healthier so that will be easier for me to stick with a diet. Nik likes fruit so we usually have a bunch cut up in the fridge. He bought a pineapple corer/slicer/peeler 3 in 1 gadget from Amazon. That thing is amazing! Here it is in case anyone is interested in buying one.


It's about 65 degrees right now so I had to take advantage of the nice weather & walk. Tomorrow calls for 100% chance of rain & a high of 40. Yuck! I don't think I'll be walking tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone with their diets & exercise programs!

I think that sounds like really sound advice.  Its nice to know that other doctors feel the same way as mine.  
susan stringfellow said:

Oh my ortho dr said that over 50 no one should do any impact exercises ever! Like no running unless you have trained all your life and have a diet that has strengthened your bones and no arthritis or bone issues in the family. That includes much of aerobic exercise. He is a strong believer in a recumbant bike and swimming for older people if they don't want to have surgeries and pain.

Glad you joined us, Beth! You are so right about packing on the lbs in winter. And thanks for that link! Very cool. Perry may want one. He loves pineapple and can eat it now and then. I wish I could but its no where near my normal diet.

Also I am terribly jealous of your cool weather! I would kill for 65 degrees! We have rain today so its a bit cooler but normally our days are in the upper 80s, lower 90s. About to hit summertime.

I am doing better with water today so I am hopeful that I will feel better soon. Its amazing how much healthier you feel when you drink tons of water and cut carbs and reduce salt. I will say that I feel a bit icky because of smelling paint for a week. I feel bad for the cats.

ok I was doing so well and I hit my 10 lbs off mark and then freaking antiquing in a field kicked my butt. They have all kinds of bad foods and when we drive home, we always stop for fried chicken strips at a place half way home because they are so good and they are served with country gravy. ugghh. BOTH DAYS we did that and worst of all, I split a funnel cake with a friend and now I feel gross. Gotta get back on track today and not have days like that. ick.

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