Welcome Everyone!!!

Whether you are getting ready for a Disney Park trip, needing to get fit AFTER a Disney trip with that meal plan, or just wanting to get healthy, this is the place!

We all need a bit of encouragement and sometimes need to be held accountable.

Check in here, talk, vent, keep track, whatever helps

Do you have goals? a plan?

a great recipe???

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And when they want to go out to eat with friends its terrible. I have to learn self control. I have done it before! I feel I need to force myself into a reset starting tomorrow. I am hopeful it will stick this time. We went out last night for mexican food and I felt so uncomfortable that it really made me want to get serious about changing what I eat and what I order when I go out.

Hows it going guys? 

Tomorrow is the end of 2 weeks on my diet and I have lost 5 lbs. My goal is 2 a week so thats ok but I expect more at the beginning. Still the good news is that I am not cheating so I am on track. I am not drinking enough water and I could eat more veggies, but I am getting the protein no matter how difficult it is.

I've gone of the rails again, I find it so hard! You have to put so much effort in to lose even the tiniest amount of weight, sometimes the effort doesn't seem worth it. But I'm glad to hear you have lost some weight in the last couple of weeks, Susan.

Julia, I have often felt exactly like you.  We work so hard at this and it comes off so slowly!!  Its infuriating!!!

Way to go, Susan!!!

Well, I just had a total  physical intervention.  I've been having trouble with my right knee for a while.  I had massive surgery when I was a teen due to ballet.  Who knew something so pretty could be so brutal???!!!  Anyway, on day 2 of our vacation, I sat on the concrete in front of the Castle waiting for fireworks.  I had a hard time getting up and hubby tried to help.  I ended up wrenching my knee but good. Ugh!  We still had 5 more park days left!!!   However, as long as I kept walking and hitting the jacuzzi at night, I was good.  Jack says he had trouble keeping up with me some times. Thankfully, I had little to no pain!!!

It wasn't until I got home and really not until I went back to work that the crisis happened.  I work at Bed Bath and Beyond and I was cashiering for a full 5 hours, no breaks. My leg was aching something awful at the end of my shift and I knew it was swollen.  The next morning I couldn't bend it at all.  I mean it!!!  I was scared out of my mind!  Since this leg had been acting up for several months before this, I had already cleared a list of doctors in my area with our new insurance.  (I rarely go to the doctor.)  

Anyway, turns out when I finally stopped and stood in one spot for so long, all the added fluid in my body went directly to my injured knee.  I was given 2 shots.  One was anti-inflammatory and the other a steroid.  It took 4 days of sitting with my leg elevated and iced constantly before the swelling started to noticeably go down.  

This past Monday I saw an orthopedic surgeon.  He mostly had good news.  This injury stems from the surgery I had over 4 decades ago!  He told me if I take off between 30 and 40 pounds and start working to strengthen my knees, I may never need surgery for this problem.  I'm not allowed to do any impact exercise like all my MANY exercise videos and even walking.  I must use zero impact machines.  So, I went straight from the doctor to Planet Fitness and joined.  Planet Fitness is 30 minutes from my home but only 10 minutes from work.  So my plan is to go there after work.  I work 3 to 4 days a week.  

On top of that, the orthopedic surgeon wants me to ride my spinning bike 30 minutes daily. So, I'll do that in the mornings. He was impressed that I've lost so much weight so far and kept most of it off.  He said slow is REALLY good.  He also said that the process was more important than the end results.  He said if I get close to the weight I need to be but never really get there its fine since it means I will then need to continue to work at it for...well...forever.   I need to take this life long lifestyle change seriously!

I'm definitely motivated.  My cousin pointed out  to me that this process is not just to look good.  Its for survival.  I really need to look at food differently.  I don't want to end up in a wheel chair or in constant and terrible pain.  I want to be able to hike for a week at Yellowstone in August 2018.  The orthopedic surgeon said that was a really good goal and should keep me going to the gym so I can reach it.  

When I go to the gym, I not only do cardio on the Arc Trainer, but also do some machines for my arms and legs.  My oldest son is a body builder and he gave me some good suggestions when we Skyped today.  He mentioned if I work a pushing muscle, I also have to work the opposite, pulling muscle or I'm not really doing my body justice.  I'll be lop sided in a way. That makes total sense.  

So, this coming week, I plan to spin on my bike for 5 mornings (M-F) and go to the gym 3 evenings, including Saturday.  I work a long shift on Saturday.  I'm doing a cleanse today and I'm making a pact with myself to stick with my 21 Day Fix diet.  That's a container diet.  I lost 25 pounds with it in 2016.  I hope to lose 10 pounds this year...starting here and now.  I weighed myself and I'm 2 pounds heavier than that 25 pounds lost.  Not terrible after all that's happened.  But those pounds are going DOWN! Bwahahahahhahaa!   Slow and steady wins the race!  


That all sounds great Wendy, if you can avoid surgery that will be brilliant! I so need to do more exercise, I'm rubbish at it though. It's something I would like to encourage abby to do as well, it would help her too.

I think i was just in a funk the other day, I also think totally restricting my sugar to nothing, doesn't sit emotionally well with me, sad but true. It made me feel a bit like a spring being coiled really tightly and when I had enough, I boinged back but worse than before. So I'm going to do what I have always done and my choices will be healthy sugar free food, but family time may not be, but with a sensible edge. I really don't eat anywhere near as much sugar as I used to, and my body is rebelling against me as chocolate is giving me migraines so that's enough to put me off it completely. Anyhow, so I'm not totally off the rails just getting a bit frustrated,

Wendy that is very good news because that is a plan that will help you in so many ways. I will not be going to a gym but my neighborhood athletic center is pretty good and I also have to do those zero resistant things and I will tell you now it is not easy and you feel pretty stupid. I have a set of 3 that I am supposed to be doing and just haven't gone because I don't like going alone. Trying to find a time when Perry can go with me. The hardest one is the recumbent bike, I can not do zero resistance without my feet flying off. LOL! I have to put like a 3 on it to be able to manage. Also you did great if you only gained 2 lbs during that pain

About the diet Julia, at my age I have to really cut back to get results so what I am doing is reducing my sugar back as far as I can, cutting fat back some,  and pushing the protein. I can not imagine doing that if I was a vegetarian. I spent most of my life eating very little meat because I cant stand it for the most part but it is a terrible diet for your body and the weight piles on so you just almost have to have the meat unless you can force the meatless options which I can not do.

Here is my day and you will see where the carbs are. They are in a few things that I flat out refuse to cut.

Morning: HUGE mug of hot tea with only one tsp of honey and heavy cream - the heavy cream is fat but no carbs so it is a healthier option than half and half

Sometimes a 2 egg white scramble with spinach and maybe mushrooms, feta or avocado for flavor

Lunch: big salad with a chopped salad mix of greens and cabbage like you get in a bag. Chicken (I buy rotisserie at my store to speed it up), and a couple other things like tomatoes (carbs), avocado, feta, pumpkin seeds, cucumber  and I use a low carb Greek Yogurt dressing in a small amount. I have found I prefer less dressing now because you can taste your food and it is more refreshing.

snack: cucumber and greek dressing or sugar snap peas (carb) or 1/4 of a protein bar - now here is the thing, they are very high in carbs but I searched and found one that only has 16 carbs and it has 20 g protein. so if I cut it into quarters its like a chocolate treat but only 4 carbs and you get the protein. Honestly I usually cut it smaller. It only takes a little to satisfy me as it is super chewy and lasts longer . I will have it with my second cup of tea and I usually try to have a tea that doesn't need sugar like a cinnamon tea or herbal tea that is very flavorful

Then for dinner its hard for me. I make myself eat a cell phone sized portion of chicken or fish and that is very heavy. And I have to eat a decent sized amount of veggies with it, usually brocolli and cauliflower and sometimes I will have a bit of carrot but again...that is a carb.

Followed by my choice of snacks which is a small glass of cabernet. I know you should never end with a carb so I also have alot of water after. I read that that helps.

Bread, grains, pasta... they are not ok. After losing 43 lbs to go to WDW and coming back and gaining exactly all of that back, I have realized that those are a never food. Maybe once a week when maintaining, but I can not eat those things on a daily basis in any form and expect to not gain all the weight back. Now on vacation... I eat whatever I want, holidays too, but you have to really focus and immediately go back to your normal routine and that is where I failed.

I will not do sugar substitutes because I just can not stand the taste and the whole point of my hot tea in the morning is taste so I slowly cut back to 1 spoon of honey in my giant mug. honey or agave processes in your body way better than any substitute. I am not a believer that you can cut carbs and eat tons of bacon and ham... that is salt and saturated fat that will kill you no matter how thin you are. I mean a piece of bacon once a week maybe but some people look at carbs only and not at the salt and bad fat.

I don't know if any of that will help but that is kind of what I do. I will make a light soup now and then to have for lunch or dinner but the key is plenty of veg for the fiber to keep things going and get those vitamins, tons of protein, and water water water!!!

Susan, I'm with you about those sugar substitutes.  I use a bit of honey in my tea. I like Celestial Seasons Bengal Spice herbal tea best.  Its very cinnamon!  YUM!  

I did have a Dole whip at the Magic Kingdom and found it too sweet after cutting way back on sugar.  That was disappointing.  I want to cut sugar out entirely.  Well, its in so much I guess I mean cookies, cakes and ice cream.  I also have to stay FAR away from breads.  I'm a bread-a-holic!  So...the best thing is to just say NO!  

This is hard!  GADS!  I heard someone say his doctor said, "You know all that yummy food?  You can't eat any of it."  Sigh!  

Which protein bar where you talking about?  I'd like to try it.  

I got H&S (harney and sons) brand Hot Cinnamon Sunset and it seriously cinnamon , like a red hot over the top taste so I don't leave it steeping long.
The protein bar is NuGo Stronger real dark chocolate with caramel. But someone told me yesterday there are bars with.ess sugar even so I need to look more.
I have now lost 7 so I'm happy because I went 5 days stuck at 5 and then dropped 2 suddenly. Might be stress of taking care of savvy so it could be temporary but I will take it.

Susan, congrats on the weight loss!  Every ounce counts!  Thanks for the tea and protein bar information!  I'll have to keep my eye out for them.  I hope Savvy gets well soon.  

thank you. He is a very bad cat right now. He is not really running but if I catch him doing something and yell at him, he tries to do it faster and that is bad so I have had to try stopping him without yelling at him. He is jumping and going upstairs....still dragging that leg in sort of a limp but sooo bad!

I am still at 7 lbs but thats ok. I have been so busy with Savvy and also Alex that I am glad I have just stayed focused on dieting. I had a big chunk of salmon and veggies for lunch and I am stuffed. Its a little fattening, but I have salmon every now and then as it is good for you. I get sick of tilapia. 

Salmon is so much better for you than chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache...which is what I'm craving right now but not giving into it.  

I have been going to the gym as well as working out at home.  My leg is getting stronger and I was able to work without sitting on my stool for 3 hours in the towel room yesterday.  That included going up and down stairs a lot.  I couldn't get to the gym last night.  My leg had had it.  Still...I'm thrilled to be getting stronger.  

Steve and I are out walking again so that's good, I got so unfit! Once the evenings are lighter we will go out twice in a day which really mounts the steps up!

I'm back on green smoothies and just trying to be just sensible, I am trying to eat more fish and smaller portions. The problem with me eating smaller portions is that everyone else eats more, which doesn't help them!

The one thing I must stop is eating in an evening, that's such a bad habit, and one I struggle to break. Now the kids are up later they are getting used to a little evening treat too. Oh dear, I'm teaching them bad habits.

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