Welcome Everyone!!!

Whether you are getting ready for a Disney Park trip, needing to get fit AFTER a Disney trip with that meal plan, or just wanting to get healthy, this is the place!

We all need a bit of encouragement and sometimes need to be held accountable.

Check in here, talk, vent, keep track, whatever helps

Do you have goals? a plan?

a great recipe???

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I like honey in my tea as well.  There are people who sell it locally here but I get it at the store.  I see signs for local honey but no real place to buy it.  

I'm feeling better, though I'm now grumpy.  I know this is all part of sugar withdrawals.   Well, the tummy bug wasn't part of it, I don't think.  Not sure what that was.  Just one of those things.   I've gone through these withdrawals before.  Why oh why did I give up and go back to sugar????  Maybe this time I'll have a better memory or resolve.  This is no fun.  My cousin is doing it too and she says every day gets better once I get past this first hurdle.  Sigh!  This makes me think of how weird some of the people on the Biggest Loser got.  Starved and going through multiple addiction withdrawals.  Yeah!  I'd be plotting against other contestants, too.  LOL!  

I agree with both of you about choosing our foods wisely.  I know that junk food brings on all kinds of disease.  Processed sugar is a killer. It killed my dad.  He was just 2.5 years older than I am now when it took him.   I've going more and more to a CLEAN diet over the past 7 years. I started out as a total junk food junkie and now I'm really getting close.  Its a process.  


I'm now on day 10 of sugar detox.  Sunday was by far the worst day.  I'm now really thinking that flu-ish thing was part of the detox. I've done a lot of reading about a healthy gut as well as the negative effects of sugar and I think that "bug" was actually toxins being flushed out.  I was so irritable on Sunday I could barely live with myself.  But I was so much better yesterday and even feeling MORE better today.  I'm sleeping more than usual.  I did read that  being tired and needing more sleep is all part of the process.  

I eat a few rice cakes a day instead of bread.  I like the apple cinnamon ones the best.  I like them because they don't taste too sweet.  Well,  they taste too sweet now!!!  So, I'll give them to Ben who also loves them and stick with the non-sweet ones.   I don't want to have to keep going through what I went through this past weekend for cinnamon rice cakes!  Also, I can eat more of the non-sweet ones for the same amount of calories!  Win!  Win!! 

I hope you have a lovely day!  I'm getting ready to exercise on my spinning bike and then get in some scrapping before I have to close the store tonight.  

Sugar detox is quite shocking! I came of it completely a little while ago and I was fine in some ways, my head didn't want to eat it, nor did my mouth (if you know what I mean), but something in me was shouting for it, not even like a craving, but almost like a voice. I know that sounds strange, but that's how it felt. I fell of the wagon over Valentine's Day and haven't quite got back on again. But I'm trying again now, maybe not a total ban of sugar as I find I'm not good with that restriction, but I have pulled back again.

That just sounds terrible! I never had that, but I still have a tsp of honey in my tea and I also sometimes have a smoothie for lunch and it has 3 strawberries and about 15 blueberries for sweetener. Oh and tomatoes. I probably didn't suffer any effects because I still have that sugar. When I cut the sugars I got more energy but I think that is from adding all the protein. I am not a fan of meat so I never ate that much before. I used to have alot of salads. I only get a couple a week now. They were slowing me down big time.

RICE CAKES, oh that sounds wonderful! Like popcorn! Those are how I gained. I cant have any at all. oh I want one so badly now. My diet is based on cutting out carbs and alot of bad fats so I would kill for popcorn or rice cakes. That is my craving big time.

I have had a few good days where I have not even had a snack of any kind. Sometimes I will have a few nuts or something but I have resisted. I am still stuck at 17 lbs down, but I feel like there will be movement soon. I have started back with my pitcher of water. I put cucumber and a citrus of some kind in it to infuse it and I finish the pitcher each day. Makes me feel like I am doing well.

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