Welcome Everyone!!!

Whether you are getting ready for a Disney Park trip, needing to get fit AFTER a Disney trip with that meal plan, or just wanting to get healthy, this is the place!

We all need a bit of encouragement and sometimes need to be held accountable.

Check in here, talk, vent, keep track, whatever helps

Do you have goals? a plan?

a great recipe???

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I know several people who have been thru that sort of thing with their mothers. Its a sad thing. Luckily you are much more realistic now and are taking a healthy path.

I did badly yesterday. I ended up being asked by my guys to make a sudden Doctor Who last episode of the season watching party with the traditional foods. I had to buy premade fish fingers since I didn't have time to make any. I got coconut shrimp too because I knew the fish was just tilapia and frozen and stuff. They loved it. Anyway, there were also a certain cookie - Jammie Dodger, and custard (tapioca pudding actually), and drinks that were sweet. I was smart and ate a salad first that was very light, but I did eat one shrimp, one fish finger with custard (tradition of the show), and one cookie, plus half a drink. omg, gained a whole lb!!! so annoyed. Today there will be alot of water with lime, eating celery, cucumbers, and chicken.  It was NOT worth it. Worst yet I know that we are having alex and maddie over tuesday and I have to make lots and lots of bad foods. I have got to try to resist!

And tomorrow is another day.  I think we have to enjoy life a little...especially when important events occur like the end of a Doctor Who season!  ;-)  Just get back on that diet the next day.  I get in trouble when I fall off my diet for a few years.  Then I'm in real trouble.  ;-)  Susan, you are doing AWESOME!  Keep up the good work!!!  

Susan, you're doing really well! Don't beat yourself up over 1lb! Dr Who parties are part of life, as are trips to the seaside and holidays/vacations. We work hard so we are entitled to a bit of fun now and again, otherwise life would be dull.

I had a good week this week and lost 3lbs - I've now lost 9lbs over four weeks which smashes my first mini goal of losing 7lbs before Disney. I now want to lose the rest of the stone before the end of July so 5lbs to go, but we have five days at Disney in between... I'm really need to move more now though, it's just difficult finding the time with two kids and fitting in Scrapbooking! Every evening I think I should go for a walk, but then there is the lure of pretty paper and it always wins! Lol
Susan, the pound gain won't be real weight, it will just be water. I read somewhere that for every gram of sugar you eat your body takes on 5g of water, so it will disappear pretty quickly:-).

I can't lose a thing! Something is going on with my body and I don't like it, my hormones are our of whack and my monthly cycle is all over the place! It's a bit worrying, it should just be hormones but my brain keeps flicking to terrible scenarios! I've been to the Doctor, just waiting for a blood test.

I went for a walk last night with DS1 (DH was sorting out our visas) and I'm hoping to go again tonight just to add a bit of extra exercise in . It was only for half an hour but over time it might make a difference.

Hope the blood test is OK Julia. It's not nice if you don't feel right in yourself

Susan I'm sure you'll lose it again. Everyone needs a treat every now and then  

Welcome to my world, Julia! LOL. Even the kind of bad things aren't too bad. Fingers crossed! For me, first it was thyroid, got that resolved simply with synthroid but it slows down weight loss and then lovely menopause, weight loss hits a brick wall. I don't take any other meds except the necessary synthroid, so I just have to work with my new 50 something metabolism. It's not pretty but it's what I have. It happens to everyone and everyone is different but it's not so bad.

I have officially hit my 20 lb off goal time to go for the real goal of 40. Actually if I can hit 30 by mid September I will be happy. I feel I should celebrate with some scrappy shopping so I may get those oxide inks from Natalie's video. They are calling my name big time. Or maybe a trip to the outlet mall

I shouldn't say it but the stress with savvy will keep me from wanting to eat so I feel like I won't cheat for a while. I can't even believe we are going thru this with him. Hoping for a miracle in the results of his biopsy and blood work. Because I just feel sick

Wendy I am so sorry you had to go through that kind treatment as a child growing up, and so glad that you have come to terms with it now. BRAVO to you! Having your personal image messed with as a child can really play havoc with you as an adult.

Susan, I always say I am not going to go the rest of my life avoiding food. I just choose less often now to have dessert, but I still have them.

Please know that Savvy and you are in my thoughts and sending lots of good thought your way

Michelle that is so sweet. Thanks. I got his bloodwork results today and they were good so I am feeling alot better. I just have to wait for the Oncology report.

I have done very well today but it helps that the snacks that are left from the 4th are brownies and jello - not my faves.

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