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Whether you are getting ready for a Disney Park trip, needing to get fit AFTER a Disney trip with that meal plan, or just wanting to get healthy, this is the place!

We all need a bit of encouragement and sometimes need to be held accountable.

Check in here, talk, vent, keep track, whatever helps

Do you have goals? a plan?

a great recipe???

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Steve is finally on board with eating well, he had his blood pressure taken and it was a bit high so he wants to change that and the best way is by losing some weight. We have cut a few things out which are just bad habits, like eating in an evening and having a dessert of some description after dinner. He has cut out biscuits (cookies) and I am cutting the carbs and portion sizes down in our meals. It doesn't sound like a huge amount but he's lost 2lb and I'm down 1lb (why do men always lose weight faster than women!) It seems to work ok for us at the mo, if we need to do more we will. I am thinking about going back to Slimmers World as it really works well but we shall see. I need to up my exercise as well too.

Susan:  I hear ya about going to the gym alone.  I've had to do it a few times since my boys are working longer hours right now.  I might as well begin to get used to it since they leave in September to go back to school.  I live out in the sticks so its a 30 minute drive each way to the gym. I just hate making that drive!  I own my own Spinning bike and I stream classes most days and try to go to the gym twice a week.  I have to plan those gym days.  I also have to plan my workouts.  I sit down and plan on Sunday for the whole week and also tweak my plans each evening before bed.  Basically, I have to go to bed early enough to wake up early enough to get a good workout in each morning.  I just won't do it in the evening.  

For me, icing and stretching are essential.  I am in considerable more pain if I neglect them.  And I neglect them when I am feeling little to no pain.  But then the pain comes back!!!!  So, I'm trying to be consistent and do it daily because I must.  I've had a pain in my left foot that has been terrible for about a year now. I'm sure it developed as compensation for my bad right knee.  However, the stretching and icing has all but cleared it up.  I'm amazed at how such simple things make such a huge difference!  

I also have to change the way I do Disney.  I think 9 miles may be a modest estimate.  I take it at a fast pace and go go go!!!  But my doctor has been right so far so, I will take a day off in between, walk more leisurely and rest when I can.  I'm scrapping our 2011 WDW trip and we went all out all day every day for 8 days straight!  Sigh!  Those days are over for me.  :(

Julia, men lose weight faster because they naturally have more muscle mass.  Developing muscle mass is important but it can make you feel like you aren't doing anything because the scale won't budge or may even go up as you gain more muscle mass than the amount of fat you lose.   However, giving up desserts is really effective.  YAY you!!!  I'm glad your husband is being supportive.  I think I'm going to have to tell mine to treat himself while he's out trucking and plan for clean eating only at home.  

My 2 closest cousins and I are working on giving up our sugar addiction.  I realize I haven't really wanted to do it until now.  See...once you fully give it up and are over it, sugar no longer tastes good.  I've gotten to that point before and got really sad that my fun food tasted so bad that I worked hard at getting sugar addicted again.  How DUMB is that???  But now I know what to expect when that time arrives again.   I've just barely made this total commitment a few days ago.  Weekends are my difficult times.  I already don't eat sugar during the week.  So this first weekend will probably be difficult.  I've made a plan to combat that though.  I hope it works.  Wish me luck! 

Sugar is tough because its in everything. The distinction between sugar and carbs is the big thing. I never ate  much sugar on a regular basis but I had alot of carbs in things like popcorn, plantain chips, sweet potatoes, tortillas, tomatoes, carrots ... basically that is all straight sugar. The tomatoes are tricky. There are some good acids for digestion so I keep that in my diet even though I have to remember they are sugars.  Alot of things with sugar in them, taste too sweet for me now but I have no problem enjoying a cupcake or cookie at holiday time or on vacation. The trick is to go back to eating carbless afterward because something like a crepe last weekend, can really pack on a couple of lbs fast!

I have been having my smoothie to replace breakfast and lunch about every 3rd day and it makes me feel better. If I don't cheat, I think I am on the right track right now.

Okay...when I say sugar, I mean cake, ice cream, cookies, candy...etc.  I know that potatoes, carrots, etc., all have a lot of natural sugar in them as do all the fruits. Its also in other things I will keep eating like yogurt and my protein bars.  I'm just trying to give up junk food sugars.   I gave up Diet Cherry Coke back in January 2016.  I slipped and fell a few times that year but I now don't have any desire for it.  I can be around people drinking it and not be fazed at all.   I'm hoping to have similar success with junk food sugar.  

The past several Fridays, as I've driven home from work, it has been like the Cookie Monster has taken over my mind and body.  It was crazy and completely out of control.  There was nothing sensible about that overwhelming reaction to my addiction.   I want and need to get that completely out of my system!  I didn't have that happen today.   :)  So, I'm glad for that.  

Wendy, have you tried probiotics? I am so interested in alll the research that is happening at the moment on gut health and gut bacteria. We eat something called Kefir which is a type of yoghurt but it is really dense in probiotics. The reason you, or we all, want to eat sugar is that there are some bacteria in our stomach that need it to survive and the more you feed them, the more they want it, and when you stop feeding them it they really cry out for it! So there is an imbalance. You will need good quality pro biotic or make your own kefir. I buy Biokult probiotics for the kids, things like Yakult just don't have enough probiotics in them. Have a google:-).

Julia, I'll have to check that out!  The cravings are causing depression right now.  :(

I so wish I had junk sugars or sodas to give up. It sux when you have to give up everything. I live on chicken and broccoli and I am not a fan. I will say that we started probiotics recently and the idea that it will help with cravings, is sounding awesome to me!!!

I found this on line about Probiotics:  

10 ways you're hurting your gut bacteria

Our modern Western society has adopted unhealthy activities and lifestyles that affect our microbes in a variety of ways. Most are difficult –– if not impossible–– to avoid, but it's critical to spread awareness if we want to protect our microbiome

  1. Sweets. Processed sugars can feed potentially unhealthy bacteria
  2. Wine and beer. Alcohol consumption can alter your microbial balance.
  3. Poor sleep. This can lead to subtle changes in your microbial makeup.
  4. Antibiotics. These kill both good and bad bacteria.
  5. Not enough fiber. It serves as food for helpful microbes. 
  6. Living in the city. Pollution can affect the number of good bacteria.
  7. Water containing chlorine. Chlorine can kill both good and bad bacteria.
  8. Foods with artificial coloring. These are antibacterial and antifungal.
  9. Antibacterial soaps. Any antibacterial products can destroy healthy microbes.
  10. NSAID pain relievers. They disrupt digestive flora and intestinal mucus.

I found that really interesting about Probiotics.  #1 on the list is just one more reason to give up processed sugars.   I suppose that's the word I should use instead of just calling what I'm giving up just plain old sugar.  I found out our tap  water has chlorine added to it but I've been filtering my water for some time now.  I did it because I don't like the taste of the water here.  ;-)   The 2 areas on on that list that I need to change are #9 and #10.  When I read this I was happy that my pain level is to the point that I rarely take pain killers any more. I used to live on them and the one that was most effective is an NSAID.  Those are going in the garbage.  I'll get some non-antibacterial soap at work tomorrow and toss that as well.  :)  

I also did a bit of research into whether Shakeology, which I drink daily, has natural probiotics in it...and it does!!  Happy dance!!  

Today is day 8 of NO processed sugars!  I think I've got a bit of a flu bug.  I don't think this illness has to do with my addiction.  If it does...then I seriously don't ever want to go back to eating that stuff!  But I'm just laying low and planning on going back to bed in a bit. I just got up to eat.  Maybe later I'll scrap.  I could use a good stretch and icing, too, if my body is feeling up to it later.  

I will say that getting rid of drinking the chlorine means not drinking tap water, but not drinking tap water and only having highly filtered water can cause tooth issues. Its all just a catch 22 really. I think adding in probiotics in one form or another can not do anything but help and monitoring things like processed sugar and artificial anything, is a great thing to do as well. I am all about local raw honey if the honey doesn't suck. I mean, we have so much from all over texas, but some in my exact area can be icky if there isn't enough clover. I am not sure it helps with pollen allergies but its worth a try, it helps local business, and its way tastier in my tea than sugar.

Sorry you are feeling badly. I hope its just a bug and it hasn't anything to do with your nutrition of late. I will say that when I am dieting I feel stronger because my diet is super high in whole foods...chicken and spinach or broccoli. LOL! Well just veg and chicken or fish, along with tons and tons of water. So even though I am almost eating nothing, what I am eating is very healthy

They are finding links to dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's to bad gut health, and lots of other things. Have a look at Kefir it is the best way to get good quality probiotics into you and it makes you feel so well!

that's interesting, sad but interesting.  I take a daily probiotic and have a plain greek yogurt in my smoothie a couple of times a week so I know those are good sources.

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