Welcome Everyone!!!

Whether you are getting ready for a Disney Park trip, needing to get fit AFTER a Disney trip with that meal plan, or just wanting to get healthy, this is the place!

We all need a bit of encouragement and sometimes need to be held accountable.

Check in here, talk, vent, keep track, whatever helps

Do you have goals? a plan?

a great recipe???

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Me first! I have GOT to get fit. I have a Disney trip planned with lots of walking in the fall and right now I can not walk much at all. I have serious plantar fasciitis and in addition to getting serious about the physical therapy I need for that, I am going to loose a bunch of weight that I have let build up. I feel like if I get back down to the weight I was 2 years ago (in my avatar photo), I might have less pain and I can do what is needed for the heel problem. So that is my goal.

My plan is to spend the next week easing into what I believe is the right diet plan for me. TONS of veggies and as much protein as I can stand. I don't like meat at all but it is necessary if I want to lose. I will eat chicken and fish and I will make low carb protein shakes. I have got to cut like almost all carbs because of the way my body responds. Its not going to be fun. I have to drink massive amounts of water which I am ok with, but I forget.

Now we all need water and one tip from Kristin is to get a 1 gallon jug and fill it each morning and make sure you finish it. After time you can increase if desired, but we need a gallon a day when we are working on health and fitness, and you know it will make you feel better.

I have thrown out most of the holiday snacks but since I have a boy moving home soon, I have kept a little - only things he likes that I don't like. I have kept a little bit of the bad things like a big loaf of asiago bread to go with the soup I made today. I realize that bread is a never food for me but I am easing into this plan this time because I am kind of thinking it will give me the best chance.

Major inspiration - 4 days at Disneyland from rope drop to the kiss goodnight. And standing next to Kathleen in photos! If that doesn't inspire you to get in shape, nothing will. LOL!  (mwah! love you kathleen)

I have got to get fit and lose weight! I am back walking again, but it's dark and yuck weather here so it's not very enticing to get out there, but I am walking Abby to the station whilst it is so dark in the morning so that gets me out and getting steps in. We still have loads of Christmas food, but it's mainly hidden away so not too tempting. I am going to try and reduce my carbs too, that's easier said than done:-).

Susan, I also have Plantar Fasciitis and I have found a DVD set that has really really helped me with that.  Its a Beachbody program called Tai Cheng.  Dr. Mark Cheng is the trainer.  Its not your typical Insanity or P90X  type of Beachbody program. Its all about stretching and foam rolling your legs.  Dr Cheng talks about how all the muscles and ligaments are connected and rolling and stretching one area can help relieve pain in other areas.  It has literally changed my life and my feet.  I have found that if I don't keep up with it at least 3 days a week that the pain returns.  After 6 months of daily doing these DVDs faithfully, my pain was gone and I stopped.  And then the pain came back. So...I'm highly motivated to keep it up.  ;-)
susan stringfellow said:

Me first! I have GOT to get fit. I have a Disney trip planned with lots of walking in the fall and right now I can not walk much at all. I have serious plantar fasciitis 

Susan, thank you for mentioning to me that you are starting this thread.  I have found having other people to talk to during this never ending weight loss process is very helpful.  It helps me to remember I'm not alone. Feeling alone can really mess with my head.  I've also found having some support from others going through a similar journey is really valuable!  

So, I've lost 25+ pounds since my last WDW trip, which was October 2015.  My next trip is less than 30 days away!!!  Wee haw!  But I have about 40 more pounds to lose to get to where my doctor wants me to be.  (Its a marathon...not a sprint) Some of you may remember that I started this journey back in July 2010.  Its been a roller coaster ride where I've taken weight off and put it back on and I'm taking it off again.  But as of today I'm 45 pounds lighter than I was in July 2010.  

I have a Clean diet that is working for me.  Its a hybrid of several diets out there.  They all say similar things.  I am a vegetarian.  My goal right now is to change my proteins to eating less dairy and more beans, legumes, seeds and nuts.  My first area to work on is to cut back on cheese.  I won't eliminate it completely but I don't want to eat it daily.  My mother used to call me a mouse because I ate so much cheese.  ;-)  Maybe one day I can be a MINI- mouse.  Haha!!!

I also do not want to go to WDW and eat my way through the place.  I'm nervous about this.  I'm upset that I had a gain over the past month rather than a loss.  I know I need to be careful and choose my treats wisely.  At this point I KNOW I will have at least 1 Dole Whip...probably 2 since we're going to MK twice.  I also like the desserts at the bakery at the Norway Pavilion. I know I'll have ONE there.  I can't think of any other "treats" I really want though I know there will be some cheese pizza in my forecast since being a vegetarian can be problematic at some of the theme parks.  I will probably allow myself a Mickey pretzel if I get queasy from some of the rides.  My husband and I will be bringing our shaker bottles and packets of protein shake to eat as snacks daily in the parks.  There is also an almond and cinnamon Kind bar I really like that I'll bring along to the parks.

Another trip plan is to be sure to do my feet, leg and back stretches as well as spend time in the jacuzzi at our resort to keep my feet and legs as pain free as possible.  I WILL pack my yoga mat! 

Thanks Wendy! Good info. I will be doing a program that my physical therapist suggested and then maybe add that. At this point I literally cant do much more than go to the grocery store before the pain stops me. Really makes me angry. At DisneyWorld I was averaging 13 - 15 miles a day. Its just crazy to hurt this bad.

I totally understand because I have rollercoastered big time and gained almost all that I lost. I know I had a couple of injuries but I just stopped trying and that is the real reason. I can't do that anymore. I am very impressed that you have 25 off and have a steady pace because I know how hard it is. I dont like meat so I can completely relate to the huge hurdle of being a vegetarian! Its just the worst struggle as far as weight. That is how I got in the boat I am in. I revert to avoiding meat and add those evil grainy carbs and things like cheese. I am off grains when I am on my diet but I do have nuts here and there in small amounts and occasionally feta or a dry cheese in my salad or eggs.

I don't think you will be having as hard a time as the last time you went to Disney - there are many more veggie options. See if you can go thru lots of menus and pick out the foods now because having a plan really helps.  You know I fully intend to eat my way round the world because it is one of my favorite parts , but I will tell you that if you are a rope drop til close kind of person who is always on the go - that is close to 15 miles. You MUST drink a ton of water and you have to eat more than normal. After 8 days of that pace and eating every single thing I could eat and drink, I only gained 3 lbs and it was sooooo totally worth it. Thats with lots of cocktails and desserts at every meal.  So just make sure you are getting enough based on the amount of heat and exercize. It will be HOT and humid for certain.

LOVE the stretching plan but when we go, I am in so much pain that I just can not possibly add any more. By the time we get back to the resort at like midnight, theres nothing but falling into the bed. LOL!

Norway - Schoolbread ***swoon*** or is it the viking mousse dome thing?  We loved both.

I forgot to add that I did a terrible job eating yesterday but today has gone very well. Eating a very veggie salad with lots of smoked turkey on it right now. And I got a tea that is a strong cinnamon tea. Works well for hot or cold and it tastes sweet all on its own because of the cinnamon.

another thing that helped me alot was to start making my eggs in a mug in the microwave. I am much less likely to skip breakfast. I just toss 3 egg whites, spinach, and then something like: salsa, feta, pico de gallo, parmesan,  or mushrooms, ... just for a bit of flavor. Cook one minute, stir, cook another minute. Done.

And I have to share this tip from Kristin - she saw this online and shared it. Great way to keep track of your daily water:

I love this gallon jug idea!  

I love both the school bread and the viking chocolate yumminess.  I usually get that but since we are only in EPCOT one day...maybe I'll get one of each at different times of the day.  Hubby always gets the school bread.  THAT one thing keeps him coming back to WDW with me.  Hey!  Whatever works!!!

Susan!  I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I've had pain like that a couple of times.  Both times I worried that I'd end up in a wheel chair or something. Then something happened to make the pain lessen (it never totally goes away for me) and I am able to go on.  I'm not sure what it is that helps so much when I do the Tai Cheng workouts...probably a combination of everything.  There are foot stretches as well as the foam rolling...and other stretches.  Dr. Cheng keeps saying that everything is connected.  The other day I was foam rolling my legs and I hit a "trigger point" has he calls them.  Its a knot of some sort.  I know from a personal trainer I used to go to that foam rolling releases built up lactic acid.  So maybe that's what it was but it hurt like crazy.  Rolling hasn't hurt for a long time.  Its more like a massage now but I found a painful point on the same leg as my hurting foot.  I'm thinking that's connected.  I have some extra time today before work and I'm going to get a good stretch and rolling in before work.  

I also have a foot massager that's also supposed to help with leg circulation.  Our brother in law used to sell them at fairs and expos.  He gave us one when we put him up for a weekend in our home.  It had been his display he used that weekend.  I've used it faithfully now for several years.  It also helps with my foot pain.  

I want to share one more thing before I get on with my day...  Yesterday was my birthday.  My oldest son called and asked if I was going to go out for a yummy treat.  He suggested something not too high in calories.  I told him my treat was to get my craft room back into order after having his family sleep in there over the holidays. He was kind of disappointed in my choice.

I pulled the large fold up table out of my closet and found a photo of hubby from Animal Kingdom and I started on the January sketch challenge.  :)  THAT was my treat.  Zero calories!!!  And it was a wonderful treat that I thoroughly enjoyed and which lasted several hours!!!  I want to make a greater effort to treat myself with wonderful thing that are not food.  Not that I won't treat myself with food from time to time but I want to find other treats to enjoy and celebrate moments with.  

I'm sorry...one more thing.  Something I really enjoy doing is to set some food and workout goals at the beginning of each week.  Just by posting them to a few friends keeps me on track during the week.  On Sundays, I take time to figure out my work schedule and decide just how many workouts I can get in, etc.  Do either of you mind that I do that here each week?  

Finding treats that aren't food is really important, my first thought is always food, but equally having some time to myself is a real treat.

I'm struggling a bit at the moment as I think my hormones are changing and at certain times of the month, like just before ovulation, I am getting migraines, not necessarily headaches but the visual disturbances and foggy head, it goes on for about a week and makes it hard to think straight. I keep thinking it is chocolate doing it but I haven't eaten any since Saturday evening and I still have the odd things going on, it also makes me want to eat and when I do eat I feel better but only for a little while. I'm probably going to have to go to the doctors but I hate going, but I might just hate this feeling more!

On another note, I keep hearing about HIIT and thought it sounded quite good, so I gave it a go for the last couple of days and it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. So it's high intensity interval training, so you do something like run on the spot as hard as you can for 20 seconds (doesn't sound a lot does it), then you rest for 40 seconds and then repeat for 20 mins, I gave up at 10 as I was literally dying on my feet!! I'm going to do it again but I have to give my body as rest as it hurts in odd places:-).

Wendy, please post your goals here, goals and great and really help me too. I shall try to think of some myself and do the same.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WENDY!!! I am glad you got to do something so fun! I would enjoy that too.  I don't mind at all if you want to share your goals or diet plan here. Do whatever will help you be successful please! I sometimes find that listing what I have had helps or maybe just admitting to my cheats because I don't like telling people and if I know I have to admit it, then I will do it less. LOL!

Yesterday I did really well except for a piece of marzipan and a 8 oz iced mocha. I was soooo tired and I had no time to nap. Oh and I had a piece of toast with my soup. I just wanted to finish that gorgeous asiago loaf of bread. I won't buy more and I am not tempted by sandwich bread at all! So far today I am good. Tea (cream and honey but limited) and my eggs in a mug. this morning I did three egg whites with avocado, pico de gallo, and asiago cheese but honestly, it did not need that cheese. Lunch will be a salad with smoked turkey for a few days because dh brought home BBQ the other day and over did it with the turkey.

Julia - I feel for you. My hormones or lack there of, have really changed things over the past 2 years. Its a big hurdle when things start changing. I am past what you are enduring as I am quite a bit older than you, but those are normal things that come and go but definitely check with your doctor from time to time when anything changes. I hope you feel better soon. I am glad you were able to do that HIIT at all, that is a good start. I cant do anything like that with my feet but as soon as the gym settles down from the beginning of the year, I will be going.

Still haven't had any water today and I don't have my jug yet so I have a large pitcher full in the fridge.

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