It's February!

Are you ready for hearts and flowers and Chocolates!

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Wendy - it sounds like you had a great trip. We also found the FP system a bit confusing the first time round but second time, it was quite good. I still preferred the old system for the spontaneity aspect of choosing where to go that morning rather than planning it 30 days in advance but we did get to do all the rides we wanted both times. The thing that annoys me about it is in parks like Epcot where FP has created queues on rides where there were never queues before - like Spaceship Earth - just because they need to have a minimum number of rides on the system.

We love Universal too. They're themeing is great and the rides are good too.

I can't wait to go back in 2020!
I am determined to scrap today but I'm having lunch and then have to do some planting in the front yard. I just had to share this link to a layout on Pinterest. How cute would these jewels be for mine train?! http://pin.it/kP4dOx7
Also Nancy posted an article about resort lobby's and now I want to scrap some of those photos. Check it out and tell me if you think it would be a good challenge to scrap lobby photos. I know that once I started reading and thinking about it, I have tons of photos! http://disneyscrappers.ning.com/forum/topics/top-9-resort-lobbies-a...

Oh, those jewels are so clever and look great!

I'm glad Alex is at least doing a little better. I hope that shot on Wednesday is very effective!

Casey, CUTE pics!! Just a few more days for your trip! So happy for you!

We're back from our Disneyland trip and it was soooooooooooo fun!! It was super crowded for Feb. but we know how to work it pretty well to do what we want to do. And (except for a tiny bit of rain on Sunday) the weather was really great. And everyone felt great! I'm so glad we pulled off this last minute trip.

Finally getting my computer back in shape after the Windows re-install. Including uploading the pics from this last trip. I did some scrap stash organizing (yes, this is a thing with digi scrapping too, heh!) and once tax season is over, I'm going to be scrapping a lot. Mostly regular photos though... I think I'm going to do one album for our Year of Disney trips, so it makes sense to start most of those pages when the year is over. There will be some trip-specific pages though, like AP Days on this last trip. I could scrap that now and will soon.

Kathleen - Yay for great weather and any last minute trip to disney! I agree, I would do one book for this year as well.  Also I have to say that I much prefer organizing my real scrappy supplies way more than dealing with organizing digi elements. That is so hard! And for me out of sight is really out of mind. I lost most of my digi scrapping elements when my pc crashed once but I have alot of designs and cut files that could definitely use some organizational time.

I have too bad a headache to get any scrapping done today. I am not feeling very creative. I will do housework and run errands though so I can do a bit of scrapping tomorrow. I have a wizard of oz page started (Great movie Ride)

Planting... in February? CRAZY!

I think a resort lobby challenge would be awesome! I have pics from all the monorail resorts decorated for the holidays and need inspiration f0r them, especially GF...I have soooo many pics!

I got 2 Disney pages scrapped yesterday including Kilimanjaro Safari.  Hoping to upload later today. 

Yes, Susan, a lobby challenge would be awesome! I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes tons of photos of lobbies. It's all part of the experience!

We were out of town for the weekend - hit some collectible places for Funko Pop's - spent time with family - relaxed. It was one of the best weekends I've had lately, mainly because this ridiculous cough and congestion is almost gone. What a terrible bug! So, no scrapping done, but more memories to put into our year album! :)

I hope to scrap a bit tonight. The challenges are calling to me!

Just checking in to say we are on the road to Disney!! Should be there by around 3pm tomorrow afternoon. After we check in plans are Downtown Disney to activate our passes then Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Will check in when we get there!
Woo hoo - exciting stuff Casey!
We made it! Sebastian kind of had a rough drive because he kept waking up in the mountains due to his ears popping. All settled into our hotel and heading to Downtown Disney
Oh my goodness! I have missed so much! I stopped getting notifications so I thought no one was posting, I should have known better!

Merrick, that's such amazing news about Seamus, what planes will he pilot?
Susan, how are all your poorly people?
Casey, hope you have an amazing time in Disney!

I know lots of you posted lots of other things but that's all the ones I can remember:-).

Sorry to have been missing in action though.

Update - Alex had his injection yesterday and I had no idea it was going to be outpatient surgery and that the price would reflect that! sheesh. Anyway last night he felt terrible but today is about like he has been for a week. He is unhappy because his toes are numb and uncomfortable. We are hopeful that tomorrow will be much better.


I am making a MARCH CHAT THREAD so please go over there and comment so you will be following

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