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Thanks for the comments everyone

The store are trying to sort it and said to stop my direct debit so the money can't be taken but there's some other things they need to do so they're going to back to me. They didn't dispute that I'd been in store to cancel it in December so that's something. They're going to get back to me Thursday. I think they should be responsible for the charges as they obviously didn't put a stop on it when they said they would.

Thanks Natalie, I'll check out those websites

How are you getting on with LOAD Merrick?

I missed signing up :( I really liked the idea of inspiration from Greek Myths. DS1 loves greek myths

I have managed to stay on top of LOAD so far but haven't finished much else beyond those daily pages.

I've never heard of In-N-Out! I'm always up for a new burger though!

I read on the Disney Tourist Blog today that WDW have filed plans for a skyride at Epcot, DHS and a couple of resorts!


And according to the Disney Food Blog - the 'grey stuff' is on its way to DL for a limited time!

We just got back from our WDW vacation.  It was wonderful!!!  The whole thing started out with plans that my youngest and I would go.  He wasn't able to go to the trip in October 2015 because he was in university classes at that time.  Then my second youngest said he had to be allowed to come along since we would be there during his birthday.  Then hubby, who is NOT  a total Disney fan (resistance if futile!) said we had to take him too.  Good thing or I would have been riding everything alone! He's now an 18 wheeler trucker and to take a 10 day vacation meant he had to turn his truck in at a depot in Atlanta.  So our 10 day vacation turned into 2 weeks since we had to drive to Atlanta to pick up and drop off Jack, and stay an added night there each way. We found a Microtel that was reasonably priced and really pretty nice.  Going to Atlanta did add to the drive time but it made each day more manageable.  

We spent 5 days in Disney parks (1 day in each park with the 5th at MK which was my boys' favorite)  and 1 in Universal Studios.   My boys are BIG Star Wars and Harry Potter fans.  

We originally planned to eat one meal each day in the parks but the prices for food was so outrageous that we quickly changed our plans and took time out of each park day to drive to Sweet Tomatoes.  We left around 3pm each day which was when it got so hot we were ready to get out of there anyway.  We'd return to the sun setting and then temps going DOWN!  Hubby and I are old enough to qualify for the senior lunch price and I had coupons for the boys.  Sweet Tomatoes on Vineland is only 13 minutes from the parks.  We even did this on our MK days.  The only day we didn't was our Universal Day since we were doing 2 parks in one day and that park was only open 9am to 7pm.  

Even in early February, the parks felt a bit crowded.  Though, this was their low crowd season.  Universal really felt cramped!!!  Last time Jack and I went to Universal (in 2011 just after the Potter world opened), the Potter shops were so crowded you couldn't get in.  We were able to get in some of the shops this time but they have intentionally made the space cramped to feel like you're really in Diagon Alley.  My boys said they'll shop on line for their Potter gear.  They didn't like how cramped they felt.  

Our last WDW trip was October 2015 and since then they have added a C concourse for Soarin' and another room for Toy Story Midway Mania so those wait times were significantly shorter than before.  YAY!!!!  With the fast pass+ we were able to nearly walk right on to Frozen, Peter Pan and the Seven Dwarves mine train.  We also got a fast pass for Barnstormer, which is a 68 second ride.  Frozen was really amazing but I would never have stood in the 2 hour line for it, or for any ride, for that matter. 

You all may know this but I didn't...when I bought my tickets this time, the Cast Member told me to get on line on my computer, not my phone, right at 7am eastern to sign up for fast passes since we weren't staying on property and only got 30 days out to sign up.  That was ESSENTIAL for getting on Frozen, in particular!!!  I had a total game plan.  Woke up early exactly 30 days out for each park and was ready to nab the fast passes I wanted, knowing ahead of time which lines were the longest because I had been monitoring wait times on my app for an entire month.  All that planning and preparation really paid off!!!  We heard many people standing in line complaining about not understanding the Fast Pass+ system or not even knowing about it.  I enjoyed using it much better this time.  It really does work well if you know what you're doing...even at only 30 days out.  

The added Star Wars elements in DHS were AWESOME!!! I am looking forward to when that park is finished with all their construction!  It will be amazing!!!  We almost chose to do that park twice instead of MK.  The First Order March was so amazing that we watched it twice!  Having Storm Troopers patrol certain areas of the parks was also a LOT of fun!!!  

We LOVE the new changes to Test Track's queue and ride.  Definitely a big improvement!!!  

Sorry I got a bit long winded here.  Now I need to figure out when we can go back.  Hubby has said I will have to wait until Star Wars Land is completed.  Sigh!  


Seamus (my Oldest, United States Air Force ROTC Cadet) just got his orders -- and HE GOT A PILOT SLOT!!!!

It's everything he has ever, ever wanted. It's the most awesome news imaginable. I'm tearing up.

Congrats to your son Merrick!!! That is so awesome!

Wendy- sounds like you guys had a fun vacation! Fast passes so make such a huge difference!

Congrats to your son, Merrick! That is fantastic news!

The cough and cold going around the office that I contracted has mutated into throat and ear infection, I think. Feeling awful and planning to do nothing this weekend - but maybe it will mean some crafting or organizing of craft supplies! 

That's wonderful Merrick!  

Congratulations to your DS Merrick. That sounds great. I'm assuming there aren't many pilot slots available

Tanya. Hope you get to rest this weekend and feel better soon

Wendy that sounds a great trip. I think I need to read up on the new fast pass system :)

Wendy, your trip sounds like it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading about it.

Merrick, that is such great news!

We're packing and getting ready today then we'll leave a 3am. Ron is the driver and loves it when there's no one on the road, so ok, 3am it is! :) It's rainy here and will be almost the whole time we're gone. But the weather at DL is going to be perfect! We got the hotel for such a great price. Only downside with off season is the shorter hours, less entertainment (fireworks only once while we're there), and refurbishments. Pirates of the Caribbean and Matterhorn will be down while we're there. Pirates has its 50th anniversary coming up on March 18th though so we'll see it on our April trip.

Ooh I wish I had a great trip Kathleen... that sounds awesome!

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