It's February!

Are you ready for hearts and flowers and Chocolates!

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! <3

Happy Valentines Day

That is going to look gorgeous Casey

I lost my mobile phone a few months ago and reported it missing a month after I lost it (I thought it was in the house somewhere but couldn't find it) Yesterday my brother said someone's using your phone number on Whats App. Long story short, it had not been barred or whatever the store should have done so someone has been using it for the last month for international calls and made a £600 bill!!! I'm gutted. I feel so sick

That is rough, Cris. If you reported it, they didn't turn it off, and the charges are after you reported it, wouldn't the store/provider be responsible for those charges? 

I would definitely pursue that with the provider -- if you reported it lost I don't think you're responsible for those charges. I mean obviously things differ between US and UK but if your phone provider ever wants to be your phone provider, AFTER you phone has gone missing once, they have to handle things reasonably.

I agree that the store should have responsibility for any usage once you reported it missing.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. First day in the office since last Wednesday (2 snow days and work from home Friday).

It's nice to be dressed in real clothes.

Before work, I made a limoncello ricotta cheesecake for dessert. 


Christi -- sometimes that's the weirdest part of being a homeschooler for me... We all often spend a lot of our days in pajamas LOL

Cris - you should definitely be able to get something done about that. The store is at fault if they failed to turn off the number after you reported it missing. Have a look on the Ofcom website to find out your rights, but to be honest, most companies will write off these things because they want to retain you as a customer. There's also a useful article on the Which website about mobile phone providers and your rights. Google 'mobile phone regulator' and you should find it. Try not to worry too much.

Going back to food for a moment... this place looks nice (even if the review is incredibly pro-Disney!).


And there's this one about the Rose & Crown which we were discussing recently


Oh, Natalie, I LOVE the Rose and Crown. I really need to get to England - it has been a dream vacation my entire life!

So, my friend from Canada who came down to San Diego last summer wants to come down again this summer! That means a day or two at DL, since she is a huge Disney fan too. My 20 year reunion is this summer, but it sounds like just pool time with the kids, then drinks in the evening for the graduates and significant others. I think instead of spending money on flights and such up there, I'd rather do DL!

I am going to use the time between getting off work and Tom being off work to do some scrapping today! I think I might do some 'lovey' layouts, as it is that kind of a day. <3

Tanya - yes, you must come and I will take you out for an authentic fish n chips at the seaside!

Another Disney trip on the list - we are all a busy bunch this year! I'd totally do DL as well - reunions aren't that big over here but I wouldn't go to one anyway. I lost touch with all those people for a reason and those I am still in touch with, I see regularly enough already! Lol

I feel the same, Natalie. There are a few people who I would like to see, but I can likely book something with them when we go up at another time. Others, I don't care if I ever see them again in my life. I don't need their drama and asinine behaviour! 

And I will take you up on the fish n chips someday! If you plan to come to DL, we can share In-N-Out with you - best burgers in California (so I am told)! ;)

I am not a fan of In n Out. Not for me.

I wouldn't say In-N-Out has the best burgers in California, but for the PRICE, they are amazing and everything is fresh not frozen and they don't put icky crap in the meat like McDonald's and other fast food places. I like them. And I like their sauce too.

Merrick, thanks for sharing that ride link! Ordinarily, I'd never want to spoil myself, but I don't think I'll ever be going to Hong Kong, lol. What a cool ride!

Turns out, Ron can go to Disneyland! So we added a day and we're leaving Sunday coming back Thursday. And the weather looks like it's going to be perfect! WOOT!

I'm so so tired from work. Working every day and training a new person. I get sick of the sound of my own voice and for an introvert like me, having to be "on" for all those hours is utterly exhausting for me. Ready for bed at 7pm.

Cris, let us know how the phone thing turns out.

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