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Good ev Ning ladies. Checking in from the hospital. My dad had surgery today to replace his heart valve. I'm happy to report that it went very well and he is off the ventilator and talking to us. It's going to be a long recovery but he is strong and ready to feel better! :)

I'm hoping to get some scrapping in this weekend. I'm currently working on a non-Disney page but hoping to do one of those next. I'm itching to try the new sketch....it looks like a lot of fun.
Thanks Merrick! I will have to order some for him! We have the Lion King and Christmas singalong but I think the Disneyland one will be perfect for him! I don't remember watching that one as a kid but I do remember watching the others! Oh my goodness that sounds like quite the adventure with your tooth! Glad they were able to take care of it right away!

Getting ready to scrap some Halloween photos now. Two nights in a row of scrapping! Go me!

Merrick, you poor thing. I'm glad your dentist could get you in and that your neighbor was able to help out until your DH got home. Take it easy and rest. I totally can empathize, wisdom tooth surgery as a grown up sucks.

Janeen, glad your dad is doing well. 

Susan, is Houston filling up with tourists for the Super Bowl? 

Poor Alex! He is too young to be having back problems! :(

Merrick, I'm sorry about the tooth thing. Sounds horrible! Good luck on LOAD this month.

Janeen, I'm glad your dad's procedure went well. Stuff like that is always scary, but they're getting so good at heart procedures now!

Casey,two nights in a row of scrapping sounds dreamy! I haven't scrapped at all since I finished our Girls Trip book in October. :(

So yeah... so so busy once November and the holidays hit and our Christmas/New Year's DL trip (which was awesome)! And now it's tax season. So I'm just crazed. I've been a terrible member here, sorry! And it's not looking great until I stop working (probably some time in May). But I wanted to check in and at least say hi and I'm thinking of you all!

Our next DL trip in our Year of Disney is planned for the Dapper Day event in April (the actual day is the 23rd). But I just found out Jaimee actually has the whole week of Feb 20th off, so I'm looking into seeing if we can pull off a brief mid-week trip. Even if we can't go, the planning/dreaming is fun!

Jealous of Nancy's Aulani trip!

Evening all

Sorry to hear about your tooth drama Merrick. It sounds horrendous. I hope you are feeling much better now. I've been very lucky and not had any problems with my teeth really

Hope you can get something done to help Alex' back Susan. I do know about back pain :)

Glad to hear your Dad's surgery went well Janine. Hope you get some scrapping time

I've just taken my Mum to see La La Land but wasn't overly impressed I have to say. Anyone else seen it? What did you think?

Hi Kathleen - glad your Christmas trip went well

Janeen - so glad you checked in. Such a frightening surgery! My uncle had that surgery and he was 80 so it was rough. He almost didn't make it. He had 5 hours in surgery, came out and went in for 4 more! But his recovery went remarkably fast and he feels better than ever less than a year after. He is working on his bucket list :)

BUSY busy here. Alex is still miserable and we have an MRI in the morning. I am so worried about his job and apartment contract. ugghh... wish us luck. Poor guy is miserable. I am making his cake and we will have birthday gifts and cake after the MRI.

Kathleen - yay for dapper day! so fun!

I may not be around this weekend. VERY busy and having friends over to watch the game sunday!

Happy scrapping for those who have time

I'm sitting at my computer and wanted to check in here for some inspiration.  I need some Disney magic after the last 2 weeks I've had!

Thanks everyone. He is doing really good, just super tired. It's going to be a slow recovery but he's already showing signs of improvement. 

Spending my morning here at home doing some laundry and a little scrapping before heading back to the hospital. Hoping to get started on the February sketch challenge page. :)

Susan - I hope you find some answers for Alex soon. One of my friends is going through that to and he is absolutely miserable. Spine issues are no fun. :(

Kathleen - No scrapping since October? That's crazy...you need to get into your scrap area pronto!

Are you OK Sally? Hope you find some inspiration (and some Disney Magic :) )

Cris-Yes, I'm fine.  Thank you.  Just over stressed.  

I'm still looking at these pictures from Friday night.  I think I just need to do something with them.  I love the paper, just can't find anything to go with it besides the pictures.  This might just be a boring page lol.

Ok, I am so ready to plan my 2018 trip.

I need suggestions for dining. I want to try new places. We always do the same places because we are comfortable. We don't eat seafood or anything fancy. We are like steak and burger people.

Any suggestions?
Hubby came home early last week so didn't get much scrapping done after those two days.
So I decided on some projects to work on for Sebastians birthday. I'm going to make a banner and some other little decorations to stick on the door and any windows there might be. Also plan on making his first birthday shirt. Never done anything like that before so hopefully it turns out right! I looked on Etsy buy it seemed like a lot ofoney and there were quite a few people who had mixed reviews so that made me a little nervous to go that route.

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