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Hope everyone starts feeling better Susan! Hopefully this treatment plan starts working for Alex so his back can heal up!
Can't wait to see these news paper stacks! I love DCWV so much!

I have a game plan for Sebastians shirt so now I just need to figure out what size to cut out everything. Yay!

Susan - those new stacks sound awesome! Can't wait to see your pages with them.

I'm spending the day in my scraproom and hoping to get several layouts done. I have one on my desk right now half finished...I really liked it until I put the title on, but now I feel that it's not quite right. So gonna try to see what I can do with it.

The other day, Steals.com had the Prince line from Echo Park. Today is Princess. https://scrapbook.steals.com

Susan-I hope you have a better week!  Can't wait to see what you do with the new stacks!

Hopefully this Friday will be more productive than the last 2.  I got 1 layout done each week.  I have a picture that I forgot to put on my last layout so it will have to be it's own page because I do love the picture.

Hey guys, thanks for the well wishes! The other night we had a rough time getting perrys fever down, it was almost 104 for hours but by the next morning it broke and although he still feels sick, the fever is gone for the most part. Its clear that the Tamiflu knocked out the fever so I do recommend it if you have the flu. He is doing way better today. I think the tamiflu made me a little sick because yesterday was a rotten day for me but I feel better today too. Hopefully we are about done with the worst of it.

I am planning to scrap today. I posted 2 videos of DCWV stacks on instagram and I would like to scrap a page with some of these new papers. My desk is almost cleaned off.

Sally, that happens to me all the time and lately I prefer more than one photo on a page so it bugs me.

Tanya - love your dapper dans page so much! Perfect paper. And thanks for the links. I wish I hadn't already preordered it

Gah! Suz, that's so hard. So hard to see him in pain, hard to worry about his work situation, also hard to spend all that money! It's reassuring to hear Natalie's comments that her husband went through the same treatment and at least it worked the 2nd time. Is Perry feeling any better?

So the Windows on my computer got corrupted somehow and even a Windows repair wouldn't work so I had to have a total reinstall done. Not that I had much time to miss not having my computer for a few days... it's tax season and even though I've been only part time at the firm since September, I worked 5 days this week and will probably do 6 next week. Good news is, I had already let them know I couldn't work the week of the 20th since the kids are out that whole week. I booked a room across the street from the entrance at Disneyland for cheap for Mon-Thurs and as long as there isn't a lot of rain in the forecast, I'm taking the two little kids to Disneyland a week from tomorrow! Ron has to work (he works from home and most of his time is spent on the phone and I'm trying to convince him to come, but we'll see) so it would just be the three of us and possibly Holly. Gotta take advantage of those annual passes now that we have them!

Still no scrapping for me since October. Maybe when tax season is over.

(I was typing mine while you were typing yours, Suz - I'm so glad that fever came down!)

So glad Perry is starting to recover Susan. Does the Tamiflu give you a mild dose of the flu? That might explain why you were feeling rough.

1 layout a week is better than none Sally. They all add up over time :)

I felt terrible over the weekend. Everyone at work has been coming down with a bad cold/chest infection type bug and it finally got me Thursday evening. I just slept on and off all day Friday  and was so tired Saturday, but luckily I'm feeling better today. I might get some scrapping done this week as I'm off work but need to help DS2 revise for his GCSE exams this summer.

Kathleen hope you get your trip next week and the weather is good for you

Looking forward to seeing Sebastian's shirt when it's done Casey

If you've never watched a Mystic Manor ride through -- Go do it right now!!!


I'll wait. You watch.....



That is amazing Merrick! And thanks again for the idea about showing Sebastian the characters how they are in the park. I haven't ordered the singalong yet but I have been showing him videos on YouTube and he stares at the screen in awe. And he loves the castle show because he starts dancing along!

Susan- Good to hear that Perry is starting to feel a little better.

I'm going to cut out the fabrics tonight for Sebastians shirt but here is kind of what it is going to look like. Have little tweaks in some of the sizing of stuff I want to do.
That's going to look so cool, Casey!

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