It's February!

Are you ready for hearts and flowers and Chocolates!

This is the spot for chatting since we do not yet have a chat box for our site.

Please stop in and say hello!

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Hey guys, check out the photos/Gallery when you get a minute, it is gorgeous!

Also I just added 2 of the February Challenges and I hope to add two more within about a week. I am going to take photos of my layout example for one of them right now. I might actually get to scrap today!

rough week here with my youngest...who is turning 25 saturday!!!..........he has done something to his back, possibly disc, and is in alot of pain and missing work. I am very concerned about his job and how we are going to resolve this. He is not getting me his insurance info and I think he just expects it to get better. poor guy has never had these kinds of major issues before. Its hard to see him so miserable.

Happy Birthday to Alex! I hope his back feels better soon. 

Happy Birthday to Alex! Hope he heals up quickly! An injury is no fun.

Christi- it said I needed to send you a friend request first so I did that and will send you my address. Thank you so much!!

It's settled Sebastian is getting an autograph book! Sebastian does a good job sharing to so I think with a little help he will be able to hand his book to the characters. I need to sit him down to watch more Disney movies so he recognize more characters! He already has Mickey and friends down! He even has started to say "Duck" whenever he is holding his Donald Duck!

Oh I can officially say that technically we are leaving for Disney this month because we are leaving the night of the 28th! Yay!!

thanks guys. I just called to get info about scheduling an MRI for Alex so hopefully we will be able to get that done soon.

oh don't you love it when your trip is so soon that its "this month"!  I am happy to be saying "this year" :) but freaking Nancy is going to Aulani in a month so I'm jealous of many people right now.

Aulani is maybe the key reason I would ever go to Hawaii. I can't wait to see her photos!

Susan - sending healing vibes for Alex's back. That is one part of the body that is the absolute worst to hurt, as it is so essential. Poor guy.

I ended up having to go in for emergency surgery on that Wisdom Tooth yesterday -- the infection was massive, people. I was in soooo much pain -- and when I called the dentist to say "hey I'm in a lot of pain again and can't make it to Thursday without something different (stronger meds?)" they said come in at 2:00. I tried to call DH but he was on site (on base in a secure zone, not reachable) . I tried to call my folks (who live nearby) and it was the one day that they drove to Denver (1.5 hours away). I tried to call my brother -- he couldn't get out of work. Meanwhile I'm sobbing on the floor and mostly DS is actually making these calls. I called one of DH's coworkers (who I didn't realize was actually in California on business!)
 and set into effect a panic in his team as they all tried to reach him. Finally I saw my neighbor's car in her driveway (She had been out earlier). We pet sit and house sit for her, the kids shovel her driveway, etc... I sent DS over to ask her to take me. She did and meanwhile DH's team finally reached him. We went to our dentist -- they gave me a local which helped but did NOT stop the pain ... they made a flurry of calls and got me in with a surgeon across town. DH arrived and sent our neighbor home (who waited with me, the sweet thing!) and then we headed to the surgeon's office. People I was writhing on the floor, crying in pain. And then the local wore off and I was basically screaming in pain. They finally got me back and under anesthesia and took care of it. AWFUL.

But doing much better now. Tired and on lots of meds.

Starting LOAD today.

Woohoo on your trip Casey!

Aulani is AMAZING.

Susan I hope Alex's back heels quickly and nothing to major is wrong, back pain is the worst! Hope he's able to celebrate his birthday!

Casey, how exciting, not too much longer now!

Ok I'm jealous of Nancy now too!  I would love to see Aulani!

We had no plans of going to WDW this year, but hubby was talking about a motorbike trip he and a bunch of friends are planning for june, so I've been thinking about maybe planning a mother daughter trip to WDW the end of August for my bday.  I know its super hot then, but I love the heat, so that don't bother me, going in August means I don't have to pull my daughter out of school, I'm still thinking about it though, wait and see alittle longer budget wise with how we are doing with the house remodel.  For now I keep dreaming! haha

Casey -- get your hands on (or find on youtube) the Disneyland Sing A Long songs videos... especially the Disneyland one.


Seeing the characters the size they actually are in the parks really helps! The Disney planning video has some but these are good.  We also liked the Halloween one (I like the Paris one, I've only seen it on youtube!)


Merrick that's so awful, I'm sorry to hear you had to go through all that.  Hopefully your on the mend now.  Wishing you a speedy recovery, rest up.

oh Merrick I am soooo sooo sorry! I just went thru a bad infection like that with a root in a tooth that had already had a root canal. I totally understand how bad it is and that nothing helps and you just can not even think. And it is amazing how fast they can resolve it once they take out the infection. Such a massive relief. I am sorry no one was there to help you get to the dr.  I will not let it get that bad again. I cant imagine a wisdom tooth infection because all of mine were impacted and came out at like 18.

Michelle - being from houston I do not like heat and I just could not do August. I have in the past but now I get heat rash so no. Heat and humidity together can be very very hard if you are not used to it. But going to disney is worth a little discomfort :)

Thanks for those links Merrick. The disneyland fun one was one of the boys faves growing up and it was the #1 reason they wanted to go.

I still love those DVDs and sing those songs in my head. The Paris one is FAB! So many views of that park.

Also -- I signed up today for another round of A Walk in the Park - their new Self Paced Class is for California Adventure!


I never finished the last one but hope to eventually -- maybe this will motivate me!

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