there is always something new and exciting going on at the parks. This is a spot to share a LINK to that information and discuss. 

***Please do not post the actual information here unless it is a short paragraph of information.

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Susan, that sounds fantastic. And hey, the fee includes the tax and tip and valet. LOL Plus park admission. 

omgosh, check out the fun for the Pirates 50th! I know its only temporary but I would love a gold dusted beignet and all that merchandise!


My mom is getting her lemon gold dusted beignet today. I may end up missing out because I won't be there until next week for the 5th annual Eggstravaganza Egg hunt.

Currently they have all the stuff in Fantasyland for Beauty and the Beast. Nothing close to Beasts Castle, BOG dining or Storytime with Belle, but some delightful temporary little changes in Fantasyland right now. I tried all the new food and the grey stuff. My favorite part was the onersction between Gaston, Belle and Beast as they wandered around Fantasyland.

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