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I'm hoping its okay for me to post a question about DLR here.  I have seen the video about closing Tower of Terror and changing it to Guardians of the Galaxy but I'm wondering if anyone knows WHY???  Has ToT dropped off in popularity?  I just don't understand.  

The Twilight Zone license expired, so the theme of the ride had to change. I heard that the TZ people didn't want to renew, but I'm not sure of the real reason, as so many theories are being bantered about! I would suggest enjoying the DW ToT, as its license is up in a few years! ;)

I know a lot of people are nostalgic about ToT, but TZ is no longer relevant to a lot of us, as we didn't grow up with it. I think the change could be a good one (please don't pelt me with tomatoes!), as they are doing a lot with Guardians now, and I would say that if you did a random survey, most of the people in the park know Guardians more than Twilight Zone. It has Chris Pratt, and who can resist how adorably funny he is? ;)

Okay...thank you Tanya.  That makes sense.  I couldn't wrap my head around why a popular ride would be closed just to change the theming of it.  I love Guardians of the Galaxy so changing the theme doesn't bother me one bit.  Now that I live on the east coast, I hope they also change the ToT here. I can see the way the Orlando one could be so much better with new tech, etc.  The Orlando ToT came first.  I think its interesting the CA license is up first.  

Here is some news! Chef Oscar celebrates 60 years as a Disneyland cast member!

I love the ride how it was, not excited about Guardians of the Galaxy.  I didn't think that movie was much of a hit, I think they could have changed it to something better if it had to change.  Just my 2 cents.

Oh my goodness!  That's really wonderful.  

Tami - Disneyland Diva said:

Here is some news! Chef Oscar celebrates 60 years as a Disneyland cast member!

Wow. That's a long while to work for one employer.

Love his award

I just love that. I hope I get to meet chef oscar when I go

I haven't been to DL and look forward to going one year, hopefully soon. When I look at videos, I love the old Hollywood feel of the area so I hate that I've already missed this. Changing to Galaxy makes sense because they own it and I really liked the movie. I'm going to hold out hope that the Disney magic will make the retheming seamless.

It seems like all kind of changes are on the horizon. I'm not sure if this is a good one: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/01/additional-disney-fa...

ok, WE HAVE TO DO THIS!!!! I just need 12 people and either one has to be a millionaire or someone is going to have to win a lottery.


yeah, not sure about that one Tanya. I just really really had hoped they would add magic bands for DLR. I am so sad that I cant get a new fancy DLR magic band for my trip.  So that is my wishlist for this year. Magic bands before October please!!!

That sounds amazing Susan. Sorry I can't help on the millionaire/lottery winner front :)

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