there is always something new and exciting going on at the parks. This is a spot to share a LINK to that information and discuss. 

***Please do not post the actual information here unless it is a short paragraph of information.

For example I just read about New Animal Encounters coming to Animal Kingdom here: http://www.disneydining.com/new-animal-encounters-at-walt-disney-wo...

I think that is super cool! Wonder what types of animals could do this. I know there were monkeys in parts of the parks that were free roaming but stayed up in the trees.

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oh! Last week or so I read about new  park hopping busses at WDW and how you can hop from one park to another without rechecking bags if you have a park hopper? I think that is super cool and would save tons of time, has anyone seen a link for that? I am pretty excited to do that. I will always use the monorail from EP to MK because its fastest and the most fun, but other parks are tricky if you are in a hurry


WElcome show at MK is moved to the castle stage!


Ok, first that article also talks about the new tequilla bar outside the pavillion at Epcot which I am all for, just saying

but I am very not ok with them moving that welcome show. They say you can get into the main street area up to an hour early and you can shop and go to the bakery. All sounds good til you start asking if that means that Resort guests who have an hour early admission get an hour before their time? so does that mean if you aren't a resort guest you don't get to see the castle show? and what about people who get in early for breakfast? does that mean that we don't get the park all to ourselves for amazing photos if we book the first reservation of the morning anymore??? I have a feeling some of these answers are going to be sad. And at the same time I want to shop early so that part is nice. Its a tricky one for sure.

WOW! big news - what do you think??? would you do it? Perry and I would totally do it. I mean it takes two days out of your vacation, but it sounds so fun. I know its too pricey for my boys but they would want to do it. I also imagine the waiting list would be very very long.


Wow! That looks incredible! I know a few people in this house who would love that! It's mad money, but it would be worth it for the novelty factor,

oh I am super excited about this breaking news! The gondola system has been confirmed. I love CBR so I know we will stay there again at some point.


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