Happy Holidays Everyone!

For all of you who do December Daily or JYC (Journal Your Christmas) albums, this is the place to talk, share, and get ideas.

I am starting this discussion now because I know some people scrap last years photos during this holiday time and many have unfinished albums that need to be finished before more December photos start happening.

Don't feel like you can't play along unless you have small kids for photos or don't follow these formats, we want everyone to come play along. I know we have people who have done a Disney at Christmas album using all photos of the parks during the holidays. Casey does a Halloween Daily :) I don't have kid photos and I do one every year.

So who is playing along this year?

Do you need to finish last year's album?

Do you have a kit that you purchased, a class to participate in, or are you making your own kit? (Share photos or links to the products you plan to use )

Do you put the album together before December and then just add the photos?


***Feel free to share links to your progress or finished pages or share them here in this thread, but only Disney projects and albums in our gallery please.

Here are two December Daily Pinterest boards that you might like to browse for printables and inspiration





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Janeen, your album is so lovely. I especially love how many photos of you are in the album - that's so awesome! The Simple Stories collection works so well with all your photos. 

Susan, I'll be working on 2015 and 2016 in January. Going to a weekend retreat at the end of the month and hope to have them all done then!

oh thats fun! I wish I was. Kristin just told me about a crop on the 14th so I am going to try to go that day. 

Thanks ladies! I worked on the album for most of my Christmas break, doing 4-5 pages a day. But the 6x8 size made it very doable paired with the photo collages I use. I really just wanted to get it done so I wouldn't be finishing it in July like I did last year. :) I always try to have a theme going throughout the album to cut down on some of the design time and make the album look more uniform. This year I went with the holly because of the one patterned paper in the collection. 

I might be heading to a weekend crop with some friends in March. If that happens I will hopefully get a ton of pages done! :)

I will take mine if I go to a crop saturday, but I haven't even printed photos yet. So sad.

There are officially TEN COMPLETED Christmas Journals on my shelf tonight.

I am so EXCITED!

See it here:


Yay, Merrick! I finished my third year last night! :)

I need to take pics, then will share.

Merrick - I really like this one you just did. I think it flows really well due to the OA that you chose. Now take a photo of the shelf with the 10 journals! :)  I packed mine away with the christmas stuff but I only have 3 plus one which is Bretts Elf album.

I did start printing my photos yesterday and after I got 4 days printed I realized that I didn't measure the pockets correctly!!! I like to seal the pockets with that little thing that heats up so they have to have a gap at the top. Very annoyed I stopped. I think I need to sit down at the PC and copy and paste the photos I know I want to use into a folder so they are the only ones I see and I need to label them with the date. I keep getting confused and you have to make sure that whatever configuration of pockets you are using is the same when you do the day behind it. That is really the hardest part of the whole thing

My DD is essentially done and put away. I was wanting to go back and add some extra touches here and there but that didn't really happen. It was filled with photos of my red doxie, Lily, and my black doxie, Trax. I had only adopted Trax in late July but he quickly became and essential part of my heart. But to my despair, Trax had to be put to sleep on January 7. Devastated, I just put the DD away and decided to call it done. I just couldn't go through and look at all those photos of him. I may be able to go back through it another day. But for now my heart is just too raw.

So sorry to hear your sad news Laurie. Not a good end to the holidays. I'm not surprised you couldn't do any more. Thinking of you and make sure you take care of yourself

I hope the memories of little Trax are happy soon. I am so glad you did as much as you did so quickly. You will be happy to have it.

So I was in my scrap room awhile yesterday and instead of printing my photos and starting my DD, I painted some chipboard and wood pieces white and glittered them up like I did for my DD last year. So yeah, more embellishments...still haven't started. Oh and I don't know if any of you got the wood deer veneers in the $ spot at target, but I painted those white and sanded them to look shabby and they are cute too. I tried covering a wood tree with washi but it kind of looks stupid.

so sorry Laurie

I'm about halfway through my 2015 DD. I love how it's turning out.

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