MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidays, Happy New Years and most importantly...

HAPPY Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party to everyone lucky enough to be going!!!

So tell me what is going on with you and your family, and what are your plans for the holidays

Also who is lucky enough to make it to the parks over the holidays! I am missing it so badly when I see the holiday decor and there seems to be so much more than when I was there 2 years ago.

Is everyone taking lots of photos for scrapping and for December Daily or Journal your Christmas??? Pull out that phone and camera

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I will catch up later. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a magical day with family or friends and maybe some Disney or scrappy gifts :)
Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you have an amazing day. Xx

Merry Christmas Julia

Hope Abby is feeling better and that you all have a great day

Merry Christmas every one!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic day full of family and memories and fun! :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  I have an unexpected extra 2 days off so I hope to scrap a little the next 2 days.  I am also making a plan to craft each week in 2017.  LOL  I know that is a big expectation.  I can't start it until like week 3 though lol.  I want to craft every Friday night unless I am off and should be doing something else.  Hopefully then I can still adult on the weekends lol.

Our spring Disney trip is being postponed til Feb 2018.  It is for the better.  It will be a week instead of a weekend this way.  I'm still bummed though.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday - from Instagram and FB photos, it seems as though everyone did. :)

I didn't get to start my Holiday Daily (I go Dec 1 - Jan 7 due to Ukrainian Christmas) until the 26th, but am now caught up until the 28th. Keeping it rather simple and focusing on the stories and photos because this month has been rather difficult, and I am SO ready for this year to be over. So very ready.

Once the Holiday Daily is done, it is back to Disney scrapbooking, so looking forward to that!

Sally - great plan to have dedicated scrap time! Scheduling it in will likely really help ensure you get that time. I wish there were Disney scrappers in my area - I'd love to do crops, but the ones I've attended didn't have the nicest attendees (if you didn't wear expensive yoga clothes, take Zumba, and have at least four kids, they figured you were useless). I can't wait to see some of your finished pages!

Who has seen Moana? We still haven't gone, but I would like to. Maybe this weekend!


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