MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidays, Happy New Years and most importantly...

HAPPY Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party to everyone lucky enough to be going!!!

So tell me what is going on with you and your family, and what are your plans for the holidays

Also who is lucky enough to make it to the parks over the holidays! I am missing it so badly when I see the holiday decor and there seems to be so much more than when I was there 2 years ago.

Is everyone taking lots of photos for scrapping and for December Daily or Journal your Christmas??? Pull out that phone and camera

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I am sorry to be so missing this month. Things are smoothing out a bit for a few days and I am playing catch up. With the loss of my mother in law, things have been a bit hectic for Perry and its been very very hard on him. Because of out of town family the actual service will be delayed til January and that is best but also delays the healing. The good news here is that we had a nice but too short visit with our oldest son at the beginning of the month and on monday our middle son flies in to do interviewing and testing and we are very hopeful that he will get the job and be moving back to houston. Still we get to see him in the evenings for a few days next week and that is a nice holiday bonus.  We have 3 holiday gatherings, 2 here and one at my moms so it will get busy again real fast

I haven't had time to play with my december daily at all and I still hope to find a few hours to at least print some photos. I am just glad I have remembered to take alot of photos with my phone for instagram. I am bad about taking the big camera out so that is my saving grace when I am super busy. I have seen alot of designers sharing their albums and planner versions of a december daily and they are really inspiring. I also have so much new holiday paper that I want to do some WDW Christmas pages and I am totally in the mood with no time. Its really annoying. I believe the holiday music may stay in my scraproom thru January so I can be in holiday mode for one more month but just for scrapping.

Who is baking and cooking already??? I only bake the cookies and things the day I serve them so I will spend this next 4 or 5 days making dough and test batches of cookies and things like pumpkin bread. I have the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough frozen in balls ready to bake when people are here. Today I am planning to bake the pumpkin bread loaf for my use and some cupcake size for my mom. It freezes really well and she asked me for a bread or something like that so she could take out one in the mornings to have with her coffee. 

now... my disney tree is really really battling me. before I even decorated it, one section went out and I know I could fix it but the darn light fixer tool has a spot for attaching the strand where the problem is and it doesn't fit the ones on the disney tree. I am soooo annoyed. I bought a strand and put it over those lights where they were burned out. Of course now another whole section has gone. It flaired and all went black and burned out at once. Why is it so hard to make a prelit tree with quality products?! sorry.... had to vent. I love my disney tree but it just doesn't love me back.

oh Tanya F- how are you feeling? is it healing properly?

Lets Talk movie tickets... Who has theirs and when are you going?

I am seriously uncomfortable about not going to see it in IMAX 3D tomorrow but my brother's company is doing a private showing for families and it was so sweet of him to invite us so we are going on the evening of the 21st. BUT its not imax!!! and its all the way into next week when everyone on the planet will have already been! sorry... had to vent. I have missed seeing lots of amazing movies over the last month including two I know I will love - Doctor Strange and Moana so its really bugging me to not go opening day of Rogue one. It's almost as bad as not being at the first showing of a pirates movie or a Toy Story movie - and I worry about that because Alex doesn't live here anymore and works a big boy job. He does those with me every single time.

The leg hurts, but is doing well. :)

We have tickets for Rogue One on Saturday morning due to Tom's work schedule, my work party tomorrow night, and wanting to go with our nephews (one of which will fall asleep if the movie is after 7pm). We are going to stay off FB for a few days until we see it. ;)

We also have tickets for Assassin's Creed, which looks interesting to me. I remember watching my brother play the games when they first came out and he lived with me. Michael Fassbender is a good looking man, so there's that as well! ;)

I think I might do some cookies this weekend, and that will finish off the baking for this year. Good idea to freeze the balls and cook them later, Susan! I might have to do that next year...although I have a feeling a bunch would go missing, as Tom loves raw cookie dough!

I was honestly really struggling with the Christmas spirit this year - I had it before Thanksgiving, then totally lost it at the start of December. Health issues were a major reason, but after decorating my desk, I feel so much happier. It's the twinkle lights, I swear! My schedule and list is totally off, but enjoying things as much as possible, as the time is flying by!

Hey everyone. I'm in Disneyland right now for 3 days. It's busy as usual. I'm so excited because I got my photos with Moana, Anna & Elisa, & jack & sally. It's overcast right now & about to rain but I at least got the photos I wanted. Didn't get to see much of the Christmas parade but of what I saw, it looks amazing. There's no Christmas party this year at least not during my stay & they changed the security entrances. They now start from the beginning of downtown Disney (way better). Anyway just relaxing a bit so I can head back out.
I finished Christmas shopping last week AND I wrapped all of the presents so I'm ahead of my usual schedule!

I'm in the mood to do something Crafty that's Christmasy & Disney, but not scrapping. I really love the felt Disney ornaments at the Disney store online. I'd love to do some felt Disney character ornaments for a mini Disney tree. Our main tree is all blown glass ornaments which I love, but I'd like another theme tree. Last year I made Nik a Doctor Who tree for his basement lair. Now it's my turn for a theme tree! The problem is that I can't seem to find any patterns or drawings that I can use. Has anyone seen patterns? I'm sure if I could draw it would be much easier! Too bad I can't draw to save my life!

I'm also considering doing a gnome themed tree because I love gnomes. I also love Russian nesting dolls and I've found lots of patterns on Pinterest, but I don't know if I want an entire tree dedicated to that theme. Hmmmm...I guess I'll keep looking.

Hellllllllllooooooooo everyone!! Boy have I been missing forEVer!  So Sorry! I logged onto my desktop computer this morning to purchase some tickets for a Disney Studio tour in January and decided to check in here. 

Sorry to hear you have had some health issues Tanya. I hope you continue to heal and that you get some Christmas spirit back.  I know how that is.  For the first time in years we actually had our tree up three weeks before Christmas, and I have this whole week to clean and decorate.  The last few years we have been throwing some decor up a day or two before Christmas and even after Christmas since my husband's family usually doesn't come over until a few days after.

So happy that you have gotten to see your boys Susan. I hope things work out for Brett. I'm sure having them around has helped Perry during this difficult time.

So glad you got to enjoy Christmas at Disneyland Orlanda!  Disneyland has never had a MVMCP that I know of. I noticed quite a few cut corners and things around the parks this year.  When discussing one of them with a cast member, they mentioned budget cuts....still.....You can really see the impact of the Shanghai Disney overages here at DLR. So sad!  But despite that I hope you had a great time.  I know we still really enjoyed out trip at the beginning of the month.

Beth, those felt Christmas ornaments were all over the parks!  We still have to put up our Jingle Cruise inspired Christmas Tree and this year we are adding a Frontierland inspired Christmas Tree.  That one we are not too sure about, but we know it will be heavily influence by Davy Crockett as per Matt's request.  We're starting those today when he gets home from work.

I'm so excited about having this week off from work!  My first order of business has been completed while I was working on this post.  I didn't get the tickets.  I got waitlisted.  I refreshed and typed as fast as I could right at 10am on the dot, but spots sold out faster than I could type.  I did get waitlisted though for the tour so all I can do is hope someone has to cancel. Those Disney fans are fast!! Sold out in like 2 minutes!

My second order of business today is to try and mail out the first wave of Christmas Cards.  I have some I made last year and never go them mailed, so I need to make envelopes for them today, add photos and a ditty about what's going on with us and then get the in the mail.  Although I hear our local post office was so backed up all the mail boxes and bins and surfaces had letters and boxes falling out of them and onto the floor this morning. :-0  Figures! The year I finally decide to actually mail some Christmas cards and the POst Office is broken down. LOLOLOL!

Beth, I used patterns from Disney Family to make Frozen ornaments for my BFF's kids in 2014. (Olaf, Sven and Anna's Nordic Flower)

I used the adhesive back flocked cardstock from EK Success and cut them out with my Silhouette.


I'm done shopping. I haven't started wrapping. I just barely started making our Christmas cards. The house isn't clean.

But we've done a ton of fun Christmas-y things this month and I'd rather be out making memories with my loved ones. 

I'm off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday so I have time to get the rest done.

Evening all

Hope Abby is feeling better now Julia. That must have been scary for her

Tanya hope your leg is on the mend and your Christmas preparations are getting back on track

Orlanda hope you enjoyed your Disney trip

Those decorations are fun Christi

Tami hope you get some tickets

I thought I was doing quite well with Christmas prep but seem to have fallen behind somewhere along the way. We went to see Fantastic Beasts the other week but haven't seen Rogue One yet (Will see it over the holidays now the boys have finished school/college) Need to do some wrapping tonight and tidying :)

Three hours left of work, and then I am on holidays for 4.5 days! Bring it on! ;)

My brother arrived Wednesday, and it is so nice to have him here! Tonight we are going to see Christmas lights with him and my MIL. It shall be fun! Tomorrow we are hitting a few movies (Rogue One again, and Assassin's Creed), then a quiet Christmas at home until dinner at my MIL's with her side of the family. Bring on the merry!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with love and laughter! <3

I am all done now until the 3rd Jan, so it's a lovely long break! The kids have just been to see Rogue One again whilst I did my last bit of cleaning for the week. The presents are all wrapped and the cupboards are stuffed so bring on the festivities, it is my hubbys birthday tomorrow as well so it's all go here!!

I'm so jealous you all have seen Rogue One...hoping to see it on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Been busy with December Daily...I'm mostly caught up to the 13th but I still have quite a few pages to go. 

My dad had a heart cath today and he found out he is going to need a valve replacement after the first of the year. He has a birth defect and it needs replaced. So we spent most of today at the hospital but he's home resting now.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I am planning on scrapping all next week and I'm hoping to finally get to my Disney pages. I have a friend coming to scrap on Monday so I should get lots done then. :) 

Eek I missed the switch to the new post!
Just about done with Christmas stuff! Finishibg up as we speak wrapping the last couple presents that were bought as last minute stuff. Cookies got baked this morning and the last of the groceries I'm picking up tonight after work. Have been taking lots of pictures because I would love to make a December Daily! Next week I have off because hubby is out of town and daycare is closed for the week so we shall see what I can get done. Sebastian has so many new toys coming his way that he should be able to stay entertained!

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