The ladies at the Scrap Gals group are starting a round of the 100 days project (technically they started yesterday on Aug 1). I attempted the last one -- while I didn't complete 100 days I did over 50 sketches and it was super fun while it lasted but life got in the way ... so I wanted a different type of project this round, something a bit more flexible... I thought about it and remembered when we did the 30 days of Disney photo challenge on instagram and how much fun it was!

So drawing on that I've decided to do 100 days of Disney. I will post a Disney related photo on Instagram everyday and hashtag it #100DisneyDays Then at the end I can print a Chatbook of those 100 photos dedicated to my Disney side! It could be anything -- the cover of a book I'm reading or an album I'm listening to, something I'm wearing, something I cooked from a Disney recipe, a Disney page I scrapped, a Disney drawing or sketch I do in my Art Journal.... a picture AT DISNEYLAND since I'll be going during the project... I am trying for variety so I can have a fun Disneyside book at the end.

If you want to play along just start posting on IG and use the #100DisneyDays hashtag!

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This sounds super fun Merrick! :)

oh that sounds fun! I hope we can get several people to play along. I will try hard to take one today. Maybe seeing yours will keep me going. I need to stay disney focussed right now :)

This sounds like a lot of fun! Me and my trusty Disney side kick Sebastian are in!
I'm so excited that you guys think it will be fun!! Yay!
Day 1
A week late, but I just joined in on both Instagram accounts.
Woohoo Tami!

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